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Women's Center of Jacksonville

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Women's Center of Jacksonville Reviews


Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Donia lester
5 11/12/2017 Donia lester

A true lifesavor!

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Aracelicrios2014@gmail.com camarena2013
5 02/10/2017 Aracelicrios2014@gmail.com camarena2013

Excellent help .

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Donna Taylor
5 25/05/2017 Donna Taylor

This place is great. Dr Thompson is awesome!!

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Bri Smith
5 20/12/2016 Bri Smith

These people are doing great things. Making an important difference in the lives of women in need.

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Sarah Wiese
5 11/07/2016 Sarah Wiese

Incredible services for women (and men too). Advocacy, counseling, support groups, community education.

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Sherry Marie Oswald Ramirez
5 Sherry Marie Oswald Ramirez

Took a tour today! Fantastic services for all women of our community! :)

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Florence Haridan
5 Florence Haridan

Compassionate patient support!
I am blessed to be supported by them.

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Thank you so much for having us at your event last night. I am Chris Thomas and I was the singer with Sam Rodriguez Band. It was a true joy. I enjoyed meeting a lot of you, and I hope we were able to add to your event. Cheers and congrats on a great event! :)

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Sol Angel Wynter
5 Sol Angel Wynter

It is not only women that this center offers help to, it's 24 hours crisis helpline is there for the victim who has been assaulted, women,men, transgender because sexual assault happens to people.

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Eileen Rodden
5 Eileen Rodden

The Women's Center of Jacksonville is an extraordinary organization. Serving people age 12 and up for sexual assault/violence/abuse, counseling, and a special program for those 50+ for may be survivors of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation, Women's Center of Jacksonville is celebrating 20 years of service to this community.

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Jennifer A Puhl
5 Jennifer A Puhl

My daughter attended there and she loved it! She started college recently and doesn't have the time between school and her son but she misses it so much. They are awsome there!

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Jayson Bland
5 Jayson Bland

A phenomenal organization and amazing folks that work there

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Christine Zechow Sipe
5 Christine Zechow Sipe

The Women's Center is a place of help, support and knowledge. It's here for the community to stand with you in a time of crisis or pain...
After having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Bosom Buddies was and still is there to help!

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Dunia Jaid
5 Dunia Jaid

I'm so proud of the work my amazing sister Zina does each and everyday for survivors ! The Rape Recover Team is so compassionate and hard working ! Thank you so much for all you do RRT❤️❤️

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Melvin E. Hooper
5 Melvin E. Hooper

This organization fills a long-ignored gap in our society, and improves the quality of life for women on a daily basis. I applaud everyone in this center for their diligence, dedication and sacrifice in the name of serving others.

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Elizabeth Daniels
5 Elizabeth Daniels

The Women's Center is an awesome place to go! They are a great help in getting you established with jobs, & education at all levels. They are supportive for all your needs! I loved the Women's Center!

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Lily Fernandez
1 Lily Fernandez

I have been going to the woman Center for years and it's been a great place for me. I got my GED there and also got free counseling that helped me tremendously. This was years ago. yesterday I went back due to some very serious circumstances I was met by a very nice lady at the front desk and she was very sweet and helpful. Things took a really bad turn when I was meeted with my counselor to do a screening .she was an older lady wouldn't look me in the eyes and was very very rude. She immediately judged me didn't want to give me help and pretty much attacked me in my situation. If I were to walk out of there feeling suicidal I probably would have drove off a bridge .She shouldn't be working at the woman Center her name is Jan and she is as far as I'm concerned heartless. What I've been through these past couple of months has not been easy. I walked into the Women's Center feeling happy feeling like it was my second home everyone there has always been great and treated me kindly and with respect . This time though they turned me away and Jan wouldn't even look me in the eyes . She basically said get out of my office. She didn't bother to at least help me say these are some counseling places that you can go to these are some numbers you can call if you feel bad I'm still here to talk to you right now nothing just showed me the door. At this point I was in tears and shocked. so I came back in the front door and talk to the receptionist the receptionist then led me to speak to the main manager and Main representative she looked at me and talk to me with respect and was almost in tears I just feel like if you guys ever go to the woman Center never meet a lady named Jan never talk to her never associate yourself with her because you will only get bad results of judgment. She told me quote because I smoke cannabis at night that I need to go to a rehab Treatment Center. I wasn't there to talk about what I do or any types of recreational things I might use to go to sleep I was there to talk about my marriage and my family my marriage Etc but she didn't want to hear any of that .She was just focused on the negative. A word of advice please do not speak to this lady I hope she gets fired and I hope she realize that if she talked to the wrong person yesterday that person could have committed suicide .She needs to get fired and I hope she does please please please never go and talk to a lady named Jan. Everyone else at the woman Center is incredibly kind and nice and sweet and I have nothing but amazing words to say about then if you need help go there but just please this lady has short gray dark hair is skinny and tall when she met me she didn't shake my hand she didn't look me in the eyes she looked at me with disgust with judgement with hate and that is not the type of people that should be working at the women's center. They turned me away after years of me considering them a second family a place that I can feel safe at a place that I've gotten so much help at and it just honestly put me in a shock and into a rage I feel like this lady was so judgemental and hurt me so much and like I said if I was in a horrible horrible place and walked out of there I would have done bad bad things because of this lady in the way that she treated me no one should be treated this way. And as the woman Center Jacksonville I feel like you should be ashamed of yourself that you would even let a lady like her work there she didn't look me in the eye once shake my hand she was just focused on the negative and that's not what I was there for I was there for someone to talk to you to feel uplifted to feel like there's hope but I didn't feel that from her I wanted to share my experience with you guys and like I said everyone else that the woman said her is kind and incredibly wonderful but please do not ever go to counseling with Jan thank you.....

Review of Women's Center of Jacksonville by Al Bagocius
5 Al Bagocius

At the recent retirement party for Bobbi De Cordova-Hanks I had the opportunity to take a tour and meet all the people associated with the Women's Center of Jacksonville.What a fine, dedicated organization to the cause of women with a staff, volunteers and supporters second to none.

Women's Center of Jacksonville

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