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Wolfe's Investigations

West Hills, CA, Los Angeles County

2 hires on Bark
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Wolfe's Investigations

West Hills, CA, Los Angeles County

2 hires on Bark


Wolfe's Investigations is a full-service licensed and insured investigative company dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and professional investigation services available. We primarily serve the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County (Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu), and Orange County (Newport Beach, Irvine, Dana Point, Yorba Linda).


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29 September 2019

Quality PI ... A little talkative though... That cost him a star... Also, seems a little paranoid... Asked me to get in his truck and thought I was someone else. Not cool bro...

23 September 2019

He is a decent private investigator. 4 stars because he is a little talkative.

30 July 2019

All kidding aside, this guy is a really nice guy and helped my best friend find his run away daughter after she had been gone 5 weeks and we all thought the worst.

24 April 2019

Brian Wolfe is an amazing investigator.  I lost one of my friends in Thailand, and Brian flew out to Phuket in a seaplane.  He found my friend past out on the set of "The Beach" with a plethora of models and a certain unnamed star of the movie.  After cleaning up trash from the surrounding area and ridding the beach of harmful plastic, he saved a sea turtle.  There's a twist.  I was doing hand stands in front of low flying airplanes and was arrested and subsequently put on death row.  Minutes before my execution he used a laser to cut me out of my inhumane jail cell and flew me back the United States. He is also really good at football and pornography,  5 stars. More...

5 March 2019

Brian is a man of confidence. He is a man of power. Brian will look you in the eye and say I can help you, and help you he will. I came in because my friend bailed on me for the 5th time in a row. He said he had to visit family. I had enough. I called Brian and he assured me that he would get the job done. He did and it turns out my friend was just sitting around at home. Thank you Brian! More...

25 January 2018

Wolfe helped investigate for my mom and help us get closure on my brother's death. He is a man of conviction, but is genuine and honest. If you need a good PI, I suggest Wolfe. He is willing to do all he can for his answers and yours. More...

30 March 2017

I asked him to find my missing baby sister. Having been charged with indecent exposure to children I knew if I contacted the authorities I would be their first suspect. After 3 years he called me back to his very masculine house with what he called "great news". This news was he discovered that I was still a goober. After asking him what a goober was he said it was like a nerd. I tried standing up for myself but it was too hard around his motorcycles and raging biceps. He even threw a football at me. More...

8 November 2012

I learned an important lesson that day. That no matter where I was, or how long I stayed in one place, I'd always be running. I'd always have no home. I couldn't depend on strangers to take me in. I was a lone man. Always looking over my shoulder while Brian hunted me down. But the most important thing I learned of all is that Brian S. Wolfe is an amazing private investigator. More...

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Child custody cases are among the most important and sensitive that we conduct. Wolfe's Investigations is the most qualified and capable private investigator in the greater Los Angeles area working with concerned parents and child custody attorneys to provide professional and effective investigative services. As a parent, your primary concern is the well-being of your child. In cases of divorce, it's natural to worry about your child's well-being, especially if you suspect that your ex spouse is an unfit parent. But, it can be extremely difficult to collect real evidence that can be presented in family law court to support your case.

There is nothing more painful than feeling that your spouse is cheating on you. You think you're just imagining it, that it can't be true. You feel silly even thinking such a thing, and you're embarassed to bring it up to your friends or family. We understand that it's awkward and scary to call a private investigator about something so personal and potentially devastating. The idea of having a private investigator following your husband or wife feels like its own betrayal. In over 25 years of experience, we've learned that gut feelings about infidelity are usually, and sadly, true. While infidelity is heart-breaking and personally devistating, you need to protect yourself, especially if you have children.

Being accused of a crime and getting caught up in the legal system can be one of the most difficult and intimating challenges anyone can go through. Often you may feel steamrolled into accepting a one-sided plea deal while facing prison time. You may have a attorney who is dealing with multiple cases at a time and not always able to give you their full attention. Or, you may not know what to do to prove your innocence and gather the evidence needed to reduce the charges against you and to be exonerated in court.