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Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis

Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis locationBeaverton, Oregon, United States

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I am constantly taking classes and learning new methodologies which will benefit my clients.

I currently offer hypnosis, NLP and coaching in the following areas:
IBS - digestive issues
Pain - letting go of old pain that is no longer serving a purpose
Habits - anything that is getting in the way of your life
Weight - using proven techniques to help you with your goal toward a healthy body
Relationship Issues - we all have past stuff that gets in the way of our relationships with others - let's end it
Grief - when it's time to let it go, hypnosis works
Cult and Religious Doctrine - if it gets in the way with the life you want to live
Anxiety/Stress/Depression - hypnosis helps you deal with these issues
Spiritual Journeys, Soul Work and Past Life Regression - this work goes deep into your inner self

I have 2 masters degrees, MA, MAIS, as well as several certifications.
I offer a free 30-Minute Discovery Session to see if hypnosis is right for you. I look forward to meeting with you.

Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis Reviews


Review of Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis by Michael Smith
5 01/12/2018 Michael Smith

When I first met Judith, I knew instantly we had a wonderful connection. Amazing experience and transformation. The space is warm and inviting Miss. Riley is a gem. I highly recommend Judith.

Review of Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis by Jan Duncan
5 21/10/2018 Jan Duncan

Judith, it's been just over a year now, but lately, I find you are often in my thoughts. Through your hypnosis and coaching I learned to heal from past family issues, ignore the politics at work and come to terms with weight issues. I have been able to let go of and forgive past family issues that were keeping me stuck. Even though I am still working at the same job I have been able to let go of the politics and remember what a blessing it is to be able to work with my clients. As for my diet (I smile as I am writing this) I am still abstaining from soda pop and have lost over 30 lbs.
So, it is with love and light I writer this recommendation. Our work together has truly changed the course of my life. For those of you who are considering Judith's services, do not Hesitate! I am here to testify that her techniques are long lasting and effective. Additional high praise goes out to Ms. Riley who knew just when I needed the extra snuggles. So to Judith I give five stars and to Ms Riley I give five paws!

Review of Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis by Kaile Grevious
5 11/06/2018 Kaile Grevious

I first met with Judith when I first moved to Oregon — at the time of the consultation, I knew Judith was the person that would help guide me on my path of healing. She has such a great energy!

After the consultation I didn’t see Judith until 6 months later (due to financial setbacks); but let me tell you, the work that she does is 100% worth every bit!

I saw Judith for 5 sessions, and through hypnotherapy and her guidance, I have learned to let go of past memories and feelings that were hindering me today. I was able to change my perspective; see myself in a new light with this, now, glowing confidence. I also have a greater understanding of myself and the experiences I had causing the pain in my life. It’s truly remarkable. Judith is incredible!! I would also love to do other session with Judith to further my spiritual grow!

Lots of love to Judith and the amazing work that she does!

Review of Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis by Eric Ufer
5 08/06/2018 Eric Ufer

Judith and her results are terrific. She deeply cares about her clients. She has made a hugely positive impact on people that I care about and those that love them. Eating disorders, anxiety, childhood trauma, addiction issues are some of the topics she has helped people with whom I love. Judith has earned my highest recommendation and I am grateful to know her and her abilities.

Review of Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis by Valerie Ouellet
5 07/05/2018 Valerie Ouellet

I originally sought out Judith for career counseling. After our free initial consultation, she recommended that I see her for hypnosis first, since I was carrying around quite a large amount of emotional baggage. Depressed, physically ill for going on month 7, and feeling devoid of hope, I eventually agreed to try it out.

If I had known then what I now know about hypnosis, I would have found Judith much earlier in my life. I have about 20 years of experience with all sorts of counseling. 5 hypnosis sessions later, I had gone from feeling hopeless and full of anhedonia to feeling interested in life, excited for the future, and much more at peace with my issues and who I am. I would have originally told you that hypnosis couldn’t possibly be effective for more severe mental illnesses and existential crises—and I’m so happy to tell you that I would have been wrong. I can’t believe the lifelong work that Judith guided me through in a total of 11 hours. I initially thought her prices were expensive, but now that I’ve realized what she does in that time, I know she drastically undercharges because she is passionate about helping people heal.

Judith is such an understanding, compassionate, insightful person, and she will tell you exactly what she thinks she can help with, and what behaviors you have that don’t seem to be working for you. She offers more opinions and suggestions than a therapist might, and as someone who wants to problem-solve and think through issues, that worked really well for me. I haven’t ever specifically been a dog person, but I’m definitely a Riley person, because that sweet little dog of hers is definitely part of the magic of Judith.

Whether you’re a pragmatist, a cynic, religious/spiritual, or a full-on hippie, Judith has something great to offer everyone, and a very versatile and eclectic approach. You don’t have to believe me. Take her up on the free consultation. It has had more of an impact on me than decades of counseling, and I’d love for everyone reading this review to get to feel as happy, healthy, and hopeful as I do now.

Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis

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Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

When my client witnesses the changes in his/her life. That Oh My! moment of change. I help people get on with their life quickly and efficiently

What inspired you to start your own business?

Counseling was too slow for me. I am an action-oriented person. I like how quickly hypnosis and coaching work to create change.

Why should our clients choose you?

Education, experience and wisdom of a long full life.

Services provided by Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnosis



Help with life disrupting digestive issues.


When pain no longer indicates cellular damage or danger, then it is just a recurring brain message which can be deleted.

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