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#WinfluentialSocial is a Data Driven Social Marketing firm.

We help small to medium sized businesses with Website Development & Logo design, develop their Social Media Strategy, run Facebook ads for Lead Generation, Manage and Grow our clients Social Media channels, and do Reputation Management.


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Alan Joseoph

7 February 2019

We are a small car dealership in Dallas Tx and they have been managing our Social Media for some time now. We are really pleased with their work. We recommend them. They always have good ideas. More...


Bibi W.

7 February 2019

Created great design for our logo. Will hire again for my next project which will be Facebook Ads.


Norman J.

7 February 2019

Got our website made. Very quick and quality work.


Allie S.

7 February 2019

Helped me get more followers very quickly on my Instagram account by running engagement Ads. spent $100 on ads and got 500 new followers.


tabatha S.

7 February 2019

Helped me grow my Facebook page very quickly. Hired them for a mini project and they delivered.!!


Amy S.

7 February 2019

Very knowledgeable at Social Media Marketing. Had a consulting session with them and they helped my business grow. Thank you guys.


Amanda R.

7 February 2019

They are a great group of people. I needed to generate some business and i heard him speak at our local meetup class. He set me up with their lead generation system and I was able to get new appointments right away. I am planning on hiring them to do lead generation. More...


Fateema S.

7 February 2019

Did a great job for my Spa business. We use Winfluential to generate lead for us every month. The leads have been working great for us so far. Thank you Farrukh.


Mary Ray

7 February 2019

We hired Winfluential Social to do lead generation for our Restaurant. They did a 1 week trial where they created Facebook and Insta ads and generated a huge amount of engagement and reach or our business. We got 50 new customers from the ads he ran. I was impressed. More...


Kevin O.

7 February 2019

We hired Winfluential Social Marketing for managing our Social Media and Lead Generation for our restaurant and we are very happy with the results.

Our social engagement have gone drastically higher and with the FB ads, we are generating new leads every month.

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We love the fact that we can help small businesses grow fast using Social Media.

In this day and age, there are still millions of businesses that are not utilizing the power of Social Media to increase their engagement and reach.

We come across businesses everyday that do not understand how the entire digital marketing process works and when we help them put their business in front of the thousands of potential customers using Facebook or Instagram Ads, they are blow away and cant believe that they can reach so many new customers so fast.

Its the satisfaction that we get when we can produce 100 leads for a tattoo artist in a week or 50 leads for a chiropractor in 5 days that makes us happy and fulfilled.

We started by growing our own business (Real Estate investment) using social media and paid traffic and then realized that we were good at it and wanted to help other companies grow.

Initially, when we launched our Real Estate company, we realized that the companies that are doing great are all utilizing Social Media. They were leaving traditional marketing like paper coupons, marketing in the magazines or billboards and were going digital. Upon further investigation, we learned that the reason why everyone was using digital marketing is because they could generate the same amount of business spending 1/10 of the money over the internet.

Since that point we made our mission to learn everything we could about Social Media Marketing. We were able to successfully grow our business 5x using Social Media Strategy. After we sold our Real Estate business, we then decided to launch our marketing firm in 2014 and since then have helped hundreds of small business grow on line.

We have been in business since 2014 and have helped hundreds of businesses with their Social Media Marketing. We are a data driven company and always set goals before we start any new venture. We believe on providing value first before we even start to work with any of our clients and that's why we have been successful.

In most cases, we do a 1 week trial where we research, set the marketing campaigns, launch ads on Facebook and Instagram, monitor the leads coming in through our propitiatory app and only when we show results to our clients, is when we talk about taking them as a client.