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Patrick C.

8 June 2019

This place is great! Definitely a hidden gem in Sumner.I prefer this place over Watson's because the selection is great and the prices are good. Watson reminds me of a gardeners version of Whole Foods. I guess some people just like to spend more.Perfect for your gardening needs with plenty of hard to find/exotic plants.Also great for a leisurely stroll to just look and get ideas. More...


Kelli L.

14 May 2019

Today my out of state son, had flowers delivered to me-- this was a spectacular bouquet!... iris/rose combo.. it was beautifully done, smells great, and warmed my heart-- I didn't know about this shop- but now that I do-- ready or not here I come!!


Patty Archer

15 March 2019

Their floral designs surpass all others. Unique and up-to-date. don't even get me started on their wedding designs.


Duston Dodger

28 February 2019

Some of the most beautiful and stunning Arrangements. From flower to house plants. Great customer service and so much fun to have on the property.


Erika Smith

14 February 2019

I am AMAZED. I ordered a custom arrangement the night before Valentines Day to be delivered as a surprise to my friend, and not only was it beautiful, but delivered the very next morning.


Sam S.

12 February 2019

Bought a beautiful bouquet for a friend! Dropped by ordered and picked up my bouquet just  an hour later(even though it's a day before valentines!) Friendly staff and one of the nicest bouquets I have ever seen. Thanks windmill garden! More...


Jhing-jhing Martz

19 December 2018

my husband orders flowers all the time and delivered at my work. all the flowers I have received are beautiful. I love them all. thank you. Happy Holidays..


Celina B.

12 December 2018

I discovered this beautiful Nursery when they had a glass blowing event there and found out that there's a Bistro on site as well as a tea room and the nursery is gorgeous. I have been back several times and I will go back again. Even though I live in Kent I will drive to Sumner just to visit this nursing to see what they have around that I might want to purchase More...


Carrie F.

7 May 2018

I placed an online order after hours for delivery. They emailed me right back to ensure my order would be delivered next day during my requested time. They did not disappoint! The arrangement was amazing and their service was great. More...


Michael B.

18 January 2018

Order from Windmill Gardens for deliveries! Ordered twice from here and Wendy and Ginger did not let me down! They made sure I was completely happy with my decision and gave great suggestions on how to design the arrangements! Great customer service! Followed up with me and made sure to send me a pic of the arrangement before sending out..I loved that! Thanks Wendy and Ginger! More...


Christine Fowler

13 November 2017

Thank you for the birthday bouquet. My fiancé was worried about trying to make my birthday special since we are truck drivers and so far away from home. Y'all are great!! Love the roses and chocolate! More...


Jaime Billingsley

18 October 2017

I really love coming here, it's beautiful. They have nice, healthy plants. Their hanging baskets are THE BEST. However, Windmill is very expensive and I only come here when I'm looking to splurge.


Heidi R.

8 October 2017

Love this place. I have been a few times to purchase landscape plants. The atmosphere is relaxing and the selection of plants seem to be appropriate for the area. They also have some adorable decor items. I recently purchased a boutonnière from their florist and was very pleased with the service. I called to order and they knew exactly which local schools had homecoming that weekend. It was my first time buying one, and she helped me with the process. I was even able to send in a photo of what my daughter wanted. The one they created was right online with what we asked for, but even better. I prepaid so pickup was a breeze. They didn't make pickups wait behind someone who was ordering. There were enough people on hand to help everyone quickly and efficiently. More...


LaDonna Massar

17 August 2017

Gorgeous place! Gift shop, free gardening tip sheets available, gorgeous plants and just a beautiful place to just walk around and enjoy the views.


Leah Wygle

30 July 2017

Great place to get lost and fantasize about your lottery winning garden. Great Kids club that offers free plants every month from February to September. We go there just to walk around and check out what's new. More...


Sarah Mitchell

28 July 2017

Beautiful inclusive shops as well as plants, shrubs and gardening needs, helpful staff Plus a scrumptious restaurant all on site-a day well spent.


Sheila O.

14 July 2017

Windmill Gardens did the flowers for our wedding this summer. Erika was SO amazing. My daughter and I met with her this spring, talked through everything. Erika was so enthusiastic and creative. We shared photos on Pinterest, and she worked separately with my mom (who lives in AZ) to do a garland for the trellis/arch we stood under. The day of, Erika and an assistant arrived on time, built the floral arch, and made sure we had everything we needed for the tables. She was super efficient, and the result was just beautiful. Thank you Erika!! More...


Cheryl Vixie

8 July 2017

Always top notch! Love this place been coming here for 28 years!!!


Christine N.

2 July 2017

Wow! What a wonderful gem of a nursery! Tucked away in Sumner. Great variety and selection of plants, helpful and friendly staff.


Ashley M.

20 June 2017

Go here pretty frequently. Most recent purchase was honeysuckle for $14.99. A little on the spendy side however their customer service, variety and quality make the price feel appropriate. Whatever you are planning to do with your garden, this is a great place to start. Bring pics and they will help you. Also they have lots of plants to attract hummingbirds! More...


johanna michalson

19 June 2017

Lovely flowers next to a generous price. Offers a free plant every month (Besides Winter Months) for 12 and under.


Jenna E.

24 April 2017

This is a beautiful nursery. They have a restaurant that I've always wanted to eat at and have always heard great things about but have not had the chance to try yet. However, the property and the greenhouse and store front are absolutely beautiful and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I wanted to make floral ice cubes for my daughters birthday party and there was a very nice lady, I think her name was Elaine but I can't be sure, she had chin length brown hair, slim build with glasses, she walked all around with me and helped me find the perfect edible blooms that would fit into ice cube trays and the floral ice cubes tuned out beautifully. I highly recommend this place. I had an all around wonderful experience here and will be returning to try the restaurant for a Mother's Day brunch. I am very excited. More...


Morgan Garland

13 April 2017

I recently got my bouquets/corsages/boutonnières done for my wedding and when they showed up on my wedding day I couldn't have asked for anything better! They took my ideas and color scheme and made it perfect! You will not be disappointed :) More...


Kayti Z.

23 August 2016

The most beautiful selection and helpful employees. Love their $4.99 fertilizer for life (of the bottle).


Havoc Hulet

20 August 2016

Extremely helpful! Went above and beyond to help me turn a creative idea into an amazing bouquet! 5/5


Ben B. N.

12 April 2016

This is cute nursery. It's not overly huge but had greta customer service and a unique selection. I would come here often if it was closer. I ended up buying a black jack fig from the, More...


Aley M.

2 April 2016

YEEEHAW!I have not been a gardener my whole life, but this place will make you excited about plants and flowers. Located in sumner, this place is HUGE and I know I did not see it all.This place had some of the most beautiful azealas in bright pink that I have ever seen! (So, I bought some!!!!). I loved the purples, deep and rich and the selections look so lush!This place has greenhouses, outdoor areas, indoor gift shop and pots, a flower shop for ordering, outdoor chairs and bistro sets and flags and more more more!!Run, do not walk here! This place is fabulous! More...


Tea E.

15 January 2016

I've ordered a handful of times from Blooms and have always had a wonderful experience. From ordering flower arrangements weeks in advanced to the day before, Blooms always does an outstanding job with delivering their flowers. Their arrangements are beautiful; you can absolutely tell they take pride in making their bouquets. Great, friendly staff and customer service too! More...


Elizabeth D.

12 December 2015

Fabulous local nursery, gift,  and floral shop! I thought that the prices were actually very reasonable (especially compared to what prices you would see at comparable specialty nurseries up north in Seattle like the West Seattle Nursery! ). Great selection of air plants,  which is hard to find. And I have to rave about the Blooms floral shop - great customer service, and gorgeous flowers! Have gotten three bouquets from them so far, and all have been absolutely stunning. Highly recommended all around! More...


Christie M.

6 December 2015

Amazing place. Spring and summer this is the place for entertainment, great food and a place to shop for your garden. It is one of the most beautiful nurseries in the area. The attract quite the crowd not only on the sunny weekend but also during the week. It's worth checking out even if you don't have a green thumb. They do have a restraint with amazing food and also events throughout the seasons. More...


Kramer Z.

14 November 2015

Just went here looking for a bouquet. I asked for colorful, $25, and eye catching. Holy crap did they deliver. And for the right price. Very courteous as well. 100% recommend. More...


Jeff N.

16 September 2015

This is a great nursery but also a beautiful garden in the front.  I was really impressed with how beautiful the landscaping is on the grounds.  There are a few paths, a waterfall, gazebo and a windmill which add to the beauty.  My favorite spot was a stone area to sit on in front of the pond and the waterfall which was a great place to relax and enjoy the great surroundings.The shop itself is nice and has a lot of great stuff if you are into gardening.  Take some time and check out all the great plants and supplies.  I felt their prices were a bit high but it looked like the quality was pretty good. Another great thing about this place is that there is a restaurant on the property in an old house.  There is also a separate shop that sells tea and looks like a cute little cottage. If you are in the area stop by and at least walk the grounds... It's worth it! More...


Uri I.

4 August 2015

This is THE place to have a wonderful breakie or lunch with friends. Grab those girlfriends, your daughter, fiance, etc and head here for a lovely meal. Its reasonable (under fifteen each for lunch) and lots of variety and atmosphere. Why go to Europe when you can get that little bistro, cafe feeling right in Sumner WA and save the hassle of travel? Plants are expensive but you get what you pay for here. Remember cheap plants at large box stores are usually stressed out from lack of care and wharehousing. Not the case here. Every plant gets full attention and they are happy little guys to travel home with you to your garden, not freaked out plants that wither away later in your garden. More...


Charles P.

1 May 2015

My wife loves this place, and I am someone who likes to buy flowers for her, they make it easy.  You can easily walk away spending hundred plus dollars, but you will be getting high end quality product.  Everything here is well taken care of, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.  I do not think anytime we have gone here,  we have not been asked no less than three times if we are finding everything okay, and can I help you.The grounds are very well maintained, and there is something for every gardener and landscaper.  Prices are a little higher than going to a Mclendons or Fred Myers, but the selection is much better, and I feel they have way better quality. More...


Katie L.

11 June 2014

Love this place, expensive but worth it. Friendly and they are always busy beautiful wide variety of plants.


Keiko N.

26 April 2014

Great nursery. The tea shop was GREAT!! Enjoyed my visit. Honestly the entire shopping center is great.  Mid range on prices. Customer service was 50/50 in the nursery. Some were nice, some were short and not as friendly. But the nursery had a cute gift shop and lots of organic plants. More...


Sarah S.

5 March 2014

I LOVE Windmill gardens! They have some of the harder to find plants and unique varieties of typical favorites. They even had a Raspberry Monarda !Great selection of pots in unique colors, shapes and sizes. All plants I"ve ever bought have been quality and the staff is friendly and there's always someone ready to help.Don't miss the summer preseason sale to get your garden going. Get there early tho- cause things go fast and parking can get a bit fussy. More...



15 October 2013

I came into the Windmill with an idea in my mind of how I wanted my flowers to look and they took my idea and improved upon them. They turned out absolutely amazing! More...


Mae W.

1 October 2013

Looooooooove Windmill Gardens. First off it's local, and I love supporting local businesses. They have such an array of plants both indoor and outdoor. The staff is friendly and helpful. They sell their own liquid fertilizer for around $6 with bottle and they have a refill fee when you bring it back.  At least you don't have to keep buying jug after jug and making more waste in our landfills. They also have the windmill bistro in the same parking lot, in which I hope to get my boyfriend and I to try. There is also a tea house called Tea Madame which sells loose leaf tea, love their iced teas they sell at the Puyallup Farmers Market, but that calls for another review on their page. I wish I had a house so I can buy their roses because they are gorgeous. However, since I live in an apartment I like to stick to bulbs and annuals that I can grow in a container. I can't wait to visit Windmill gardens so I can get some tulip and daffodil bulbs for spring! More...


Autumn K.

9 January 2013

Amazing place to be The windmill gardens & nursery!! This location is now a tourist attraction by The State Of Washington! Its a wedding venue, includes Florist, catering, set up & take down! Thats great for all you so to be brides! Great bistro on site, Loose leaf tea store, a Flowers haven of a nursery & a NEW gift store is opening this January the 24th 2013 im told by staff! due to NEW ownership of Blooms (flower shop inside). All around great place to lose yourself.. DONT be discouraged by any nay sayers on yelp here, This place is just to good to be true. A MUST SEE PLACE! More...


Rachel P.

24 August 2012

I got married here this summer and it was a beautiful space-- everything went very well.  I could go on and on, but rather I will keep it simple.  (If you have detailed questions or are thinking of getting married here- feel free to message me).Planning a wedding is not a simple task but my wedding planning was pretty smooth.  I have a few complaints and those that I do, have nothing to do with Windmill Gardens people.  They have quite a few strict rules per the contract and they have to do with table decorations, you have to use their spendy flower person and you can't just use the nursery flowers...you have to use the Bistro people for the alcohol.I chose ACT 3 from their list of Caterers and it was very very good...I will readily admit that there was some confusion as it is a joint venture between Windmill Gardens & Windmill Bistro (they are separate businesses and it's a bit confusing at first).I can tell that some of the reviews here are for the Bistro and some are for the Nursery.  It's that confusing.OMGoodness!! I'm married!!  :) More...


George W.

22 June 2012

I am always impressed by the quality of the plants offered.  I came to visit you guys after leaving Fred Meyers garden department and there is such a difference in the quality and the prices are about same.  Windmill has the beautiful hanging plants in the area.  I would recommend this place to anyone doing yard projects! More...



17 January 2012

I had viewed probably 10 different venues in the King and Pierce counties for my wedding and reception. The other venues just didn't make me feel the "This is it!" The Windmill Gardens was the last place that I had viewed for my chosen venue.

I had a late fall wedding, and I went with the Bistro at Windmill Gardens. I was able to have all my pictures in the gardens outdoors before my event, which included the lighted windmill, waterfalls, ponds, gazebo, and other great greenery shots. My photographer was pleased with all of the landscape shots available there.

The venue was able to offer me catering and all the floral decorating. In the bistro, it has a cozy French feel and a staircase the Bride can come down. My guests really loved the venue that my fiancé and I chose. The decorations and food were amazing!

They definitely cater to your needs, and help you plan your special day.


Kat H.

14 June 2011

Large selection of outdoor and houseplants. Generally knowledgable staff. Fun events including local orchid and dahlia shows, master gardener clinic on weekends.


Jamie W.

6 June 2011

Great products! Not super cheap but you get what your looking for and they have amazing flowers and suppplies!


Andrew And Cheryl A.

28 June 2010

I love this place! A huge variety of plants. trees/ etc. When I called with a  question and left a message, my call was returned and was given a wealth of info! This place is such a treat and the workers are wonderful! Recommend! More...


Linda W.

3 July 2009

A trip to Windmill Gardens is sheer refreshment for the soul. Our usual day starts at the Bistro for breakfast and then leisurely hours of visiting all the goodies: plants, roses, gifts, teas, trees & shrubs. From the dazzling rainbow of flowers, to the elegant floral designs, the serene tranquility found at Windmill Gardens is a like a mini-staycation. Just blocks from downtown Sumner, there is a welcoming getaway. Staff is friendly, helpful & delightfully courteous. Prices vary, but the quality is visibly outstanding! No more Home Depot or Lowe's plants or trees for me! We bought healthy, vibrant Wave petunias, & my beloved Easy Elegance roses at a far better price than at the Big Stores! We enjoyed Happy Hour at the Bistro with a delicious fresh Crab Dungeness Melt, & may go back just for the Mojitos. Food & garden purchases, & friendly service were, indeed, world-class throughout Windmill Gardens! More...


Sophia M.

12 June 2008

"Window Bistro" located in this beautiful manicure nursery is so overwhelming. On a warm summer day you can sit outsideand enjoy lunch in their beautiful manicured garden which open up into the gazebo where they hold wedding receptions or other events.
While strolling the nursery you need to check out the tea house, gift shop (which is incredible).



30 April 2008

Windmill Gardens was a great florist. I got married in Seattle but chose a florist outside the city and saved A LOT of money!! The lady was so helpful with my budget!! I started out wanting calla lillies but they were very expensive and she said they might die in the trip from Sumner to Seattle before the wedding. She designed a bouquet of stargazer lillies and gerber daisies and my bridesmaids carried gerber daisies... it was really cute and turned out perfect. By the end of the night my lillies were getting a little brown but the daisies held up perfectly. I would recommend this vendor to anyone! More...


Denis K.

10 February 2008

I've bought many-a high school corsage here. Great selection. The parking lot is a little small, but the greenhouse is big.review 2/10/2008I.M.Y.


Jaydin V.

18 November 2005

This is one of my favorite garden type stores to visit. But you can also get nice things for inside your house and to give as gifts. They also have a little coffee shop area inside to get simple foods and tea or coffee. The plants here are amazing and there are so many ive never seen before. The prices are nice and the layout is so organized and clean looking, this place is a realy nice place to stop if you are ever in Sumner! More...


Erin D.

8 June 2005

This is absolutely the best nursery that I have gone to. They have a cafe with a small outdoor section that can be used for weddings, a photographer, a small tea shop with excellent choices, a water feature section, and an amazing selection of plants. From hydrangeas to carnivorous venus fly traps, they have it all. More...


Becky D.

7 June 2005

This is a great place to add plants to your garden. Good selection, good quality, nice selection of tools and homewares. They have a pond shop, and do some great ponds and pond-less ponds. Also has a tea shop (ask for the tea tour), photograper and cafe on premises. They have weddings and other events on the premises also. More...


Amanda D.

19 April 2005

They have some of the most original and beautiful items here I have ever bought. I love to go here often and check for new things. You will not be dissapointed to take a trip to the Windmill Gardens. Prices are very reasonable on this beautful stuff. It's not just items for your garden either, you can find items for inside your home too. More...