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Wheelbound Productions

Missoula, Montana, USA

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Wheelbound Productions

Missoula, Montana, USA



At 17, I was a manager at Microsoft. I decided that I wanted to use my talent to help small businesses, instead of just working for corporations. Here at Wheelbound Productions, I offer:

• Web Design
• Graphic Design
• Hosting options


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Pat Pooley

23 July 2018

Wheelbound Productions was a big help in getting our buniness out where everyone could view it. Bryan is very professional and a great educator with web pages etc. I wouldn't have known where to start or what to do so thank you Bryan for always being there for us! If you are looking for someone to design, manage your web page, I would highly recommend that you give Bryan a call, he has some wonderful suggestions & ideas! More...


Mark Anthony Jones

23 July 2018

Wheelbound Productions and Bryan Lutgen do great work. Thank you Bryan!


Rene Harball Lenhardt

23 July 2018

I know nothing about web production & design. Bryan was helpful in explaining the process. He created a product that we were very pleased with. Bryan was willing to work with us on a number of requests we had. Definitely would recommend!! More...


Jacque Adams

23 July 2018

Bryan came highly recommended to create a website for my daughter. He is an extremely creative person who designed a fabulous site that we are very pleased with. Bryan is easy to get in touch with and ALWAYS answers my questions. Not only is he great at creating websites, he is also wonderful with working on computers in general. I needed some help with my laptop and he has been extremely helpful and patient with me. Thank you Bryan!! More...


Stephanie Jenewein

23 July 2018

Bryan is an amazing and caring person to work with. He goes above and beyond to provide excellent service and a product the customer wants. He is extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend Bryan for any web or computer needs!

Thank you Bryan for all of your kindness and guidance!


Brady Potts

23 July 2018

Bryan is one of the most professional and compassionate people I have had the privilege to work with. His competency and level of knowledge is staggering. His dedication and resolve in seeing a job finished above and beyond client expectations is paralleled by none. I would highly recommend his services. More...


Harrison Valkyrie

23 July 2018

Bryan has amazing website building skills. I was so impressed with his creative approach. Bryan designed my website quickly and helped with all my questions. I am not the best with computers and navagating through a website is not my skill, Bryan explained everything for me so I understood throughly how to use my new site easily, he even made a video for me to explain step by step how to set up my online scheduling system. I highly recommend Bryan with Wheelbound Productions, he did a fabulous job. Thank You So Much! More...


Stephanie Jenewein

15 June 2018

Bryan is an amazing and caring person to work with. He goes above and beyond to provide excellent service and a product the customer wants. He is extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend Bryan for any web or computer needs! More...

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• User friendly
• Mobile optimization
• Shows what your company is about, not just what you sell
• Originality: What makes your website stand out from all the others. (I don't make "Cookie-Cutter" websites)

How soon do you need it done?
Would you like to send me the design, or would you like me to create the design?

There are LOTS of things I love about my "job". I love making my customers feel like family. I love seeing my client's businesses grow and expand because of my help. I love EVERYTHING about my job. If I could do this for free and not have to worry about bills, I would :)

• Boring part:
I was a manager at Microsoft at 17 years old. We were all laid off in 2003-ish and life was pretty hard in our town. I worked for other big companies like Hewlett Packard, and even Nissan (I helped build the original Nissan Website). After college, I was a CIO at a law firm.
• Best part:
At the law firm, there was an author by the name of Angela Townsend who wanted me to make a movie website for her but to do it under my own business name. I never really thought about owning my own business, but I went for it. After building the website and focusing on marketing, Steven King himself commented that he thought the website was creepy!!!!! That just blew me away.
• After first client:
Since then, I have been helping (mostly) small businesses succeed. I have helped Non-Profits, Electrical Engineers, Models, Actors, and E-Commerce businesses. I love what I do and I will never stop :) I am also a big supporter of Net Neutrality.

Most large web companies rip off clients and charge high monthly fees. I charge only for the time that it takes me to build your site, and then any other services you'd like after the initial design. I can help manage or make updates at future dates, I can help with marketing your company/products, and have the best reputation. Feel free to contact any of my previous clients (listed on my website) and ask them about me.



Need a site to showcase your products, services, or even yourself? Wheelbound Productions takes care of their clients and makes sure everyone is happy with our service. Call today to get a free quote.

Looking for a cheaper SEO solution? Most companies charge around $1200/mo for SEO, and I want to sell it at cost. It covers my expenses for the software and hourly setup. It's that simple.

Have an old Laptop or phone that needs fixing? I have built and fixed countless computers and phones over the years. Call to schedule a visit: (406) 858-0255

There are so many Marketing types that we have done in the past and can do for you: SEO, Social Media, TV, Hulu, Radio, and so much more!

Need a new logo for your company? Ask us about graphic design services.

Looking for a custom built PC but doesn't hurt the wallet? Ask about what we can do for you.