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Westborn Market

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Westborn Market is a small chain of gourmet supermarkets located in the Metropolitan Detroit area of southeast Michigan. Currently, Westborn Market operates four main stores, which are located in Dearborn, Livonia, Plymouth and Berkley. Rooted in proud family tradition, our stores reflect a unique combination of fresh produce, choice meats, gourmet groceries, beautiful flowers & fine wines.

When you visit Westborn Market, we hope you’ll stop and smell the roses and the hydrangeas, daisies, lilies, kalanchoes, orchids and mums as well. The Flower Departments at our Berkley, Livonia and Dearborn locations are blooming with possibilities for celebrating special occasions and delighting friends, family and the special people in your life. Flowers are available for pickup, local or worldwide delivery!

Westborn Market Reviews

Westborn Market Reviews

Review of Westborn Market by Vickie Chesney
2 Vickie Chesney

I used to shop here all the time, have been going since I was a kid. but it has gone down hill , the produce is not the freshest, and try to get help from the kids working there ! too busy talking to their friends, especially at the bakery counter- they have missed out on my business many times. If I have to interrupt some ones private conversation then forget it , I will go elsewhere. Oh and lets not forget trying to ask a question or get the cashier to ring up my purchases while she is texting . I find myself driving to Detroit to shop at Whole Foods , nicer staff and fresher produce and more organic items to choose from . Too bad westborn , I hear more and more people say they go to Whole Foods

Review of Westborn Market by Christopher Dark
3 Christopher Dark

The Livonia Westborn Market is going down hill fast. It's dirtier that it used to be. The lady that manages it is very rude and never friendly. The prices are outrageous. $8.00 for a rotisserie chicken. Unless you get there on a Wednesday, then you can get a Cornish hen for $5.00. Four or five ribs, $10.00 bucks. But so you decide to pay the premium? Have fun standing in line for 15 minutes. Might as well go to Kroger.

Review of Westborn Market by Catherine Chalmers Boisvenu
5 Catherine Chalmers Boisvenu

I love this store & all the delicious meals & awesome produce. I used to be able to buy Campbell's cream of shrimp soup there for homemade shrimp enchiladas, but yesterday there was none on the shelf. Have you discontinued it or did I just hit the store on a low inventory day?

Review of Westborn Market by Jo Anne Katzman
2 Jo Anne Katzman

I have made a special order multiple times with the meat department. They have NEVER gotten it right. I spoke to the meat manager, he did nothing. My family has health issues and cannot eat very spicy foods. My only request was no hot peppers in my food.
I called the store manager, it was her day off, I was told she would be calling me back. Has not happened
I spent money on food, special ordered with no spice, we had to order pizza.
Do not special order, they don't care if you get sick. They won't call you back to find out why your special order was ignored and made the way they chose to making it, causing my family to get sick!

Review of Westborn Market by James Mysliwiec
3 James Mysliwiec

There are no handicap scooters, so I can't shop there. None of my other friends that are seniors and need to use the electric scooters can shop there either! Come on Westborn, I know you can afford a few scooters. Where else can we go to get the freshest fruits & veggies? I guess we will have to go to Joe's.

Review of Westborn Market by Michele Brown Lynch
5 Michele Brown Lynch

Want to give a thumbs up to you for the wonderful meat and cheese trays you did for a memorial we did for my husband's brother who passed away in May. You helped us enjoy those who came to the memorial instead of worrying about the food. Anyone looking to order that type of tray, it was the best and a great value. We also ordered a fruit tray. Thank you for making our day a little easier

Review of Westborn Market by Mary Grace Hughes
3 Mary Grace Hughes

Every time and I mean absolutely every single time I buy strawberries from this market they are full of mold the very next day. Just happened to me Saturday brought them home for breakfast on Sunday full of fuzz. I will never and I mean never shop here again so pissed!!!!!

Review of Westborn Market by Kristen Miney
5 Kristen Miney

The people were quite helpful to my troop as we explored nutrition labels and constructed menus of healthy options and habits.

Review of Westborn Market by Matthew Clayson
1 Matthew Clayson

Complicated layout; underwhelming meat and fish selection with tepid, slimey looking fish. Revolting salmon burgers that are 90% filler and 10% fish, way too sweet, zero salmon flavor and mushy texture due to way too many breadcrumbs. Indifferent service.

Review of Westborn Market by Carla Beas
5 Carla Beas

I absolutely love this market. I can find any and everything I need, especially specialty items. When I need help, it is immediately and courteously provided. When butcher help is needed, there are no questions, except to ensure that I get what I want. This market is just one of the best I have ever been in.

Review of Westborn Market by Rose Jovanelly Drys
5 Rose Jovanelly Drys

I have been into the Plymouth location three times and I end up buying all sorts of things that I had no intention of buying. Everything looks so good ! So far I have not been disappointed. I work right behind this store so it's convenient to boot !
Super clan with a super friendly staff

Review of Westborn Market by Dawn Clements
5 Dawn Clements

I LOVE this market! I'm so very glad Westborn came to Plymouth. Incredibly convenient, the best quality products, even the parking is always excellent. My husband and I go to Westborn now when we want carryout. Every prepared dish I have is delicious, soups are great and I have a gourmet meal instead of pizza for about the same price.
Finally, as if I didn't adore the place already, Westborn had an event called Blooms and Bubbles recently. I expected a nice flower arranging demonstration and a little wine. I walked out with my own FREE arrangement that I arranged myself after watching the demonstration. Everyone who saw it raved about it. We tasted a wonderful Prosecco I ended up purchasing for only $9.99. Yup Westborn, I can't imagine how you could do what you do any better. I'm a huge fan and look forward to watching you thrive!

Review of Westborn Market by Gerri Brown
5 Gerri Brown

Love the daily soups and great produce to select from. Bakery goods very good too!

Review of Westborn Market by Dadra Dukes
4 Dadra Dukes

If you're looking for a different experience, this is the place to shop for different. When I buy fruit, my rule of thumb is to let it set out for at least three days for ripeness. (If you like soft) I'm a senior and don't always feel like cooking so I buy prepared salads, cheeses and meats from the deli. Soups and whatever I want. A little pricey but I only shop two mondays out the month. I'm a Chemo patient and I get tired quickly and I try to make it easy on me.

Review of Westborn Market by Carol Angove
5 Carol Angove

I gave Travis a special order for some wine he was awesome what great customer service and he was so nice !!!!!!! Thanks Travis

Review of Westborn Market by Virginia Lee
5 Virginia Lee

Wonderful selection of fresh fruits and veggies. Their floral department is gorgeous as well. Fav part is shopping the local goods and outdoor plants!

Review of Westborn Market by Butch Kuptz
5 Butch Kuptz

Tyler, who works behind the deli counter, helped me pick out a fabulous dinner tonight. He assured me I would enjoy the Veggie Burger, the eggplant pasta serving and the spicy bean salad. He was spot on with the choices. He even came onto the patio to make sure I enjoyed it. To me, that's the kind of service that will bring me back for more. Wonderful food with a caring staff to help. Thanks Tyler.

Review of Westborn Market by Debi Colosimo Hormel
1 Debi Colosimo Hormel

I’ve been trying out Westborn for the last year and love that they carry bread from Crust Bakery and “fresh” fruits/veggies.
But this week I kind of changed my mind. Bought cut pineapple; when I went to wash the container it had 2 labels. First one dated 6/25 @ $2.50.
Second one dates 6/26 @$3.99.
Ok so the sale was over but you pushed the “sell by date” back also?!? No good.
Store manager just gave a shrugged � shoulder response.

Review of Westborn Market by Clarisse Andrus
4 Clarisse Andrus

I love shopping at the Dearborn market mostly because of the soups and prepared foods. But I am giving a 4 instead of 5 for a few reasons: 1) why are the cases of pop AFTER the register? I like one stop shopping and I am willing to pay the extra price you charge to get everything at one place but people get irritated when someone wants to get pop and people have to wait. Today I was in line and tried to see what pop was even available AFTER the register and the person in front of me shoved her hand in my face. There is no winning trying to buy pop. Please consider putting all pop in the drink aisle before the register. 2) people literally drive crazy in the parking lot. I don’t know what the answer is but people almost hit each other daily. I have witnessed an accident in the lot at least once.

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