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Wesley Anderson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

North Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2 hires on Bark.com
Wesley Anderson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy logo

Wesley Anderson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

North Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2 hires on Bark.com


I offer a single price to goal Stop Smoking Program which eliminates cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and weight gain.

Want to lose weight? Hypnosis can get rid of food cravings, emotional eating, and make creating new healthy eating habits just as familiar and comforting as the habits that lead to weight gain in the first place.


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Sean Wheeler

31 March 2019

I saw Dr. Anderson in January of 2001 and that initial session really changed my life. So much so that I became a hypnotherapist and became good friends with him as well. Wesley passed away over the weekend (March 17th, 2019) after a long battle with cancer, and as of this moment, we don't have a way to update his Google listing so I wanted to share this information publicly. R.I.P. Wesley. You'll be missed. More...


Andrea Hellenbrand

30 January 2019

I had one appointment with Dr. Anderson and already notice a tremendous change. I may not get it all completed in one session, but I am making big strides and am so thankful for him and the incredible work that he does! I highly recommend him!


Robin Williams

31 December 2018

Dr. Anderson is wonderful. He is quite pleasant. Unfortunately for me I was not able to quit smoking just yet. I believe with more sessions though I will achieve my goal. I chose wisely.


James Duga

1 November 2018

Wesley Anderson is a special and gifted practitioner. He has a style that is easy and for my sessions at least were not the "you are getting sleepy" kind of hypnosis but rather a conversation with my subconscious. He has helped me in ways I did not even know were possible, by guiding my through problems that I thought were personally flaws but were false beliefs that i had learned somewhere along the way. As someone in a healing profession myself I have first hand knowledge of what it takes to help someone and how difficult it can be. Dr. Anderson is one of my go to referrals for people in my practice. If anyone reading this is thinking that they may be helped by his services do yourself a favor and go give him a visit.James Duga D.C. More...


Dan Domanik

2 October 2018

Dr Wesley Anderson offers the best, most relaible way to quit smoking- I highly recommend his services! I was a pack a day smoker for over 20 years and I spent one hour with Dr Anderson...I have not thought about smoking nor have had any withdrawls or associated irritability since. Stop thinking about quitting and JUST DO IT- call Dr Anderson today or ask me any questions that you wish...he is a genuine magician in my eyes. More...


Debbie Jayne

30 May 2018

Great experience with visualization. If you have an imagination and will to change, you will be successful. Dr. Anderson, thank you so much!


J. Kate Wetterlin

30 May 2018

I really enjoy how Dr. Wesley is able to get me to tap into my own resources to navigate life's challenges. He is a master at hypnotherapy, and is great at getting you to laugh along through the process and relax deeply. I highly recommend him if you are ready for a big change! More...


Andrea Carkhum

30 May 2018

Dr. Anderson is amazing and takes all the time you need to accomplish your goals. I appreciate his patience and supportive manner and he amazes me on how well he gets you to really look inside yourself. He gets my highest endorsement. Thank you so much! More...


Financial Sources, Inc.

30 May 2018

Dear Wesley Anderson.It was great re-connecting with you for our session today after also taking an excellent hypnosis & NLP course from you in the early 1990's. Not only did I get everything from today's session I expected I received so much more as you brought me an awareness beyond what I knew i even needed.I am very much looking forward to our follow up sessions. I already feel better from the session earlier today. . More...


Janice Wilson

2 March 2018

My therapy session pre surgery was outstanding. I was relaxed, confident and in positive mindframe as procedure approached. My healing has been without nausea and a lessening dependence on pain medication due to techniques from Dr. Anderson. More...


Yvette Buckner

16 January 2018

I am so thankful for Dr. Wesley. I now feel more in control of myself and my life. I'm now more equipped to handle my life and not let life handle me. I highly recommend Dr. Wesley and am forever grestful. Thanks Fr. Wedley More...


Reese Vinch

9 January 2018

Wesley Anderson is amazing at what he does. Can’t explain it but I’m quite grateful and it’s worth every penny!


Alexander Flores

3 January 2018

Truly fascinating, and useful to open up a dialogue with yourself


Financial Sources, Inc.

8 December 2017

I truly appreciate Dr. Wesley Anderson's mastery of the hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP). While I am a long time student of hypnosis and self hypnosis I sought his help today because in my opinion there are some matters best addressed by a hypnotherapist rather than self hypnosis.. I already knew Dr. Anderson to be top notch as I took an excellent hypnosis and NLP course from him in the early 1990's I highly recommend him to address anyone's hypnotherapy needs.. More...


Queen Nubian

5 October 2017

I love this man. He is very hypno appropriate- selecting the method of hypnosis that works best for ME. As a life coach for women entrepreneurs I recognize that his efforts are not only assisting me in my next level, but helping my clients as well. Very elated about my progress and results ❤ ❤ @jameelahassata More...


Claudia De

7 April 2017

It really works . I can not believe how easy it was to stop my bad habits . Doc. Wesley Anderson is a miracle worker. Thank you.


Dominique Latour

13 March 2017

Wesley Anderson has been an excellent resource for me in achieving professional and personal goals. I have gone to several sessions throughout the years and highly recommend his service. I will continue to attend sessions with him for my future goals. More...


Renee Cerro

2 September 2016

Having been to other hypnotists, with little results or none...I came to Wesley Anderson after he helped my friend stop smoking. His style of hypnosis is different in that you at first just feel like he is making small talk. I literally was in a trance and definitely in alpha state very quickly. He helped me with weight loss and I believe with being able to live with someone successfully (though I never asked him for that...he just seemed to know what I needed to hear) he's a gifted and talented soul who cares to help and truly can help. Absolutely recommend him. More...


Robert S.

23 March 2016

It will be 4 years in July 2016 since my last cigarette.  I had smoked about a pack per day in the years leading up to my visit to Wesley for help, and off and on for the prior 20 years.  My last cigarette was in the parking lot on my way into the appointment.  It has been a huge benefit to my health, happiness and lifestyle and for those around me!  Highly recommended. More...


J. Nan Wilkenfeld

21 March 2016

Recently, I used Dr. Anderson's hypnotherapy before the birth of my son because I wanted to have a completely natural delivery. He had helped me before with a minor OCD issue and I enjoyed working with him.

I was very anxious about the whole birth process and his therapy treatments helped me relax and visualize the type of labor I wanted. I definitely felt more in control of the outcome.

My labor was only about 6 hours in total, completely medication-free, and actually a bit of fun. I was relaxed through the process - even having a little dance party in the delivery room!

I highly recommend his services to anyone with anxiety or OCD. He is great to work with and his methods are very effective! I am happy to provide more details if desired.


Barbara Roberts

4 November 2015

Dr. Wesley Anderson worked with me a number of years ago on an issue that I thought was the only one I had. Little did I know how much of my life would be changed through the skills of this remarkable man. He honored his guarantee and continued to work with me until I finally felt complete.

The funny thing is, the initial issue was never really settled superficially, but I had so much positive change in my life that I knew I had been transformed at my core level. I was extremely satisfied with the results he achieved and would highly recommend him for any program. His talents are extraordinary.


Marshall T.

17 March 2015

Dr. Anderson has done a tremendous service to both my wife and I. He has helped me overcome several self-defeating ideas that I have carried for years and that were holding me back from allowing my business to grow and thrive.My wife was extremely anxious about the birth of our son. By working with Dr. Anderson, she was able to look at the last part of her pregnancy and birth experience from a much more positive perspective. In the end, she found herself viewing the birth as a wonderful creation of new life instead of something to be feared.Thank you again Dr. Anderson for all that you have helped us accomplish. More...

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I love the look on my clients when they realize that they don't want to smoke anymore, or that they lost their fear of puppies or public speaking.

My father went into business for himself, so I knew that I could do so as well.

I have over thirty years of experience and have developed a conversational style that makes my clients comfortable with hypnosis. I have a good number of 5 star Google reviews for which I am grateful.