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Well Done! Catering

Hollywood, California


Well Done! Catering

Hollywood, California


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Marienka W.

10 February 2019

I had a pleasure to attend couple of times party done by Well Done Catering.The food was incredible the layout was spectacular. Everybody was raving about Perry. Very professional . I do recommend WELL DONE CATERING. They are the best. More...


Harry L.

5 February 2019

I hired this company to work on a music video with Cardi B. They are awesome!! Great organic food and great great great craft service and staff. We will never hire a different caterer they are the best!. I've worked With so many different catering companies over the years and these guys are the ultimate professionals. Their food is delicious! I know how to handle a crew and they know how to handle the talent they make everyone happy.!!!!!!!! More...


Thomas D.

30 January 2019

I had these guys come to set today to drop off food and when I saw what they brought I jumped in excitement! They had strawberry filled churros, spicy asian slaw, grass fed meatballs, chicken wings, fried zucchini, and fried mushrooms. A lot of the items were grass fed, vegan, gluten free, organic etc. The chicken wings were small compared to what you're used to seeing since they were probably organic and free range with no hormones and crap. High quality meat and tasted fantastic.Those churros were 10/10 with or without the strawberry filling. Asian slaw had a ginger orange type juice on it, wasn't spicy at all I don't think.Meatballs were great! The texture and the sweet asian style sauce was superb. Fried zucchini was a bit soggy as well as the fried mushrooms, probably a result of sitting with a lid on during transportation. The steam just gets trapped in there and water mixes with the breading, still tasted great. Loved these guys, recommend them for any catering event More...


Tlapazola Party Rentals

30 May 2018

Great food, great service.


Jeni V.

10 June 2015

Seriously fantastic.  Delicious, Spectacular even.  I'm a party planner based in Los Angeles and use these guys for all sorts of events from small to large.  The food is always a huge hit.  Ricotta stuffed chicken breast, mini beef wellingtons, and incredible organic beet salad.  Chef Perry makes everything fresh, organic...he is a true craftsman and this whole team is fun and easy to work with.   Major Kudos to Well Done Catering!!!!!! More...


Nadine M.

13 February 2013

Well Done! Catering did production catering on the set of a short film I was Line Producing. They delivered our food all the way to the desert in the middle of nowhere, provided us with delicious catering and the service was wonderful and done with a smile! We felt well taken care of and full! I would definitely work with them again! More...


Merryn L.

4 February 2013

THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!We love WELL DONE! Catering here at KTLA Channel 5! The food is magnificent, the presentation is top notch, Ben and Perry are the best! We have a high demands here are they meet and go over our expectations every time. Worth every penny!Thank you from KTLA 5! More...


Dave K.

7 August 2012

How do you put together an event for a television network reunion without seeing the venue, or even meet the caterer in person?  You call Perry at Well Done Catering!  Phenomenal, Unique, and Spectacular are just a few of the words that describe food provided by Well Done Catering.  I coordinated the event from Sacramento.  Perry, visited the site, figured out the food based on attendance and was on hand for any questions the day of the event.  The lay-out of the food by Ben was amazing!  It was the EYE-CANDY of the evening!  Not only did it look good but it tasted delicious!  People were surprised by the Macaroni and Cheese Cupcakes and the Korean Sliders!  I did not get one complaint the entire evening!  Thanks WD Catering for a job WELL DONE!!!!! More...


Erik D.

17 July 2012

I attended an event a couple of weeks back and it was amazing! The staff was great and the food was even better! I will definitely use them for any events I have in the future.


Doug A.

9 July 2012

Great food and great service, Well Done! Catering is a great recommendation.


Pattie C.

7 February 2012

I attended an event today where Well Done! Catering was in charge of the menu. Boy, it was SPECTACULAR!!! The pizzas were delicious. They were thin, crispy, fresh and authentic. Tasted just like the pizza that I enjoyed in Rome. They also had these cute Mac 'n Cheese cupcakes that were a nice mix between comfort and playful. I also had the opportunity to try this tomato and onion salad that was drizzled with olive oil and spices. Even my 8 month old liked it!I couldn't get enough of their pastries either. The Devils Food cookies were moist and sweet. Even the classics like Rice Krispy treats and oatmeal cookies were above par. We walked away with cake pops that were a bit hit with the kids and adults alike.Well Done! Catering served a delicious pomegranate lemonade that went well with the rest of the meal as well as coffee and tea. No detail was overlooked.I really enjoyed all of the food and drinks provided by this catering company. I'm so happy that I got to enjoy it and would love to attend another event where they provide the food. More...


Michael T.

1 January 2012

With all the catering companies in Los Angeles, it is often hard to find a perfect match for your event. Typically, I have found them by trial and error. Well I found Well Done Catering in Los Angeles and I am thrilled to give them five stars. From an amazing staff, to a stellar chef, Well Done Catering is perfect for a small get together, mid-size group or even a larger event. The food is superb, staff is professional and truly amazing and last but not least, they can put together any type of menu and deliver. I would highly recommend using them. A+ More...