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We are a company with 75 years of Military and Law Enforcement experience with a background in Behavioral and Mental Health to create a specialized Emergency Response Secure Transport Program. We have a foothold in the world of Personal Security/Executive Protection – working for high-profile clients and corporations.



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The fast pace and unpredictability is probably the greatest aspect of working in the security field. There's no better feeling than making someone feel secure and safe in the increasingly hostile society that we find ourselves in currently.

The mental health population in Alaska is constantly at very high volume. We saw that the state was unequipped to handle the sheer number of incidents directly related to citizens with mental health illnesses. We started with the service of transporting said individuals to treatment facilities. When we proved to offer the highest level of service in that arena, we expanded into multiple areas of expertise within the security realm.

We operate on another level of professionalism and skill. We have over 75 years of Law Enforcement and Military experience at our disposal. This gives us an insight into advanced security procedures that the average agency can't match.