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Jo Ann Tolley Hopkins

12 December 2018

Totally cured me of my seasonal allergies, Thank you for Extremely Raw Hone


Julie Presseller

28 November 2015

Best quality and assortment of only the best products!


Roxanne Carol

22 May 2015

I have been buying from Weil Farms at the Englewood Farmers Market. Their maple syrup is to die for (I had to refrain from licking y plate!) and their honey sticks are such a good idea. I picked up a dozen to send up to NY for my tea-loving friend, along with a jar of Honeybell Honey. More...


Carmella Campbell

23 January 2015

The bee pollen is a staple in our home. Each member of our family experiences different benefits. I highly recommend seasonal allergy sufferers give it a try!