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Marietta, GA, United States

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Wallpocket Company

Marietta, GA, United States



Wall-mounted Wall Pocket signs were first created in 1991 to answer a need at one of Atlanta’s largest churches: to provide a decorative, affordable messaging/display system for their multipurpose rooms, which hold over 350 weekly functions.


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Mike Comm

23 June 2016

The WallPocket Company does a great job and has a full selection of Wall Pockets. Great Price.


Keep essential signs and messages very much showed with door sign holders from Wallpocket Company. Purchase all your sign holders today from Wallpocket organization! A few sizes and styles accessible. Sign holders from Georgia biggest provider. We have a sign holder to suit any business requirement.

Divider mounted Wall Pocket signs were first made in 1991 to answer a need at one of Atlanta's biggest places of worship: to give an embellishing, reasonable informing/show framework for their multipurpose rooms, which hold more than 350 week by week works. Going to pastorate paid heed to these divider sign holders and reached The WallPocket Company about making signs for them



For acrylic sign holders that stand miles apart from the boring, cheap plastic offerings at office supply stores, turn to The WallPocket Company, the source for decorative sign holders since 1991. Our PlexiPocket™ sign holders for walls and doors are highly customizable, with a variety of options available for border colors, sign pocket size, and even custom labeling for the top header space. And, while the sign pocket is thick enough at a fourth of an inch to hold multiple papers at once including holding handouts or commonly changed signs, the overall thickness means its slim profile is less obtrusive than thick alternatives.

A wall sign holder doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive, but it also doesn’t have to be a cheap plastic folder tacked to the wall. At The WallPocket Company, we pride ourselves in making durable, attractive sign holders for your wall or door, such as our AlumaPocket™, which has an aluminum base with a brushed-metal finish that lends a sharp, modern look to your signs. Our AlumaPocket™ metallic sign holders are available in either brushed nickel or brushed gold with a wide variety of color options for the pocket border and labeling options for the header area so that you can customize your sign holder to suit your preferences.

If you need a wooden sign holder to take the professional appearance of your signs to the next level, look no further than The WallPocket Company, the source for decorative sign holders since 1991. Our WoodPocket™ wall-mounted sign holders are made from genuine solid wood, with your choice of hand-polished walnut or oak, and mount easily to virtually any door or wall. And, unlike the flimsy plastic sign holders you’ll find in office supply stores, every sign holder we make has an impact-, crack-, and fade-resistant clear acrylic front to hold and protect your signs, schedules, directories, and more.

Do you need “face only” sign holders to adhere to doors, windows, glass, or just about any surface. You can now order just the acrylic face with a border color of your choice. These are an economical, versatile option. Simply adhere with the provided double-face tape. Keep your facility looking orderly and bright with the acrylic face option.