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Sylvester Kennedy

30 April 2019

Best massage that I have had in Los Angeles. Location is great. Service is OUTSTANDING. Facility is clean and beautiful.


Emma Trank

31 March 2019

I suffered from chronic hip and more recently neck/shoulder pain for over five years. My boss referred me to Viv as she was healed by this magical woman herself a decade ago from lifelong back problems. I've been working with Viv for a week on my pain and already I'm seeing drastic improvements. She's got this ability to get DEEP into your body and your psyche as she pushes you through the pain to a place of healing. I absolutely love this woman and I'm so grateful to have found her. She truly is the epitome of a healer, inside and out! More...


Nina Folchella

30 January 2019

Best physical therapist I have ever been to. She helped with pain in my back and sides. I feel so much better since going here for a few months.


Bryan Eisenberg

31 December 2018

The first time I came for a visit was shortly after I had sprained my ankle and spent several months in recovery at a PT in Austin. I was in LA and I was having some physical issues and Vivian looked at me walking in and said “did they ever tell you that you weren’t walking correctly.” She adjusted me, helped me re-learn how to walk and the ankle has been fine since. More...


Omar Soltan

3 August 2018

My doctor told me about Vive Therapy after injuring my lower back.. this wasn't the first time I was referred to a physical but It was the first I was actually satisfied with the results, She knew exactly what she was doing.Much appreciated!!!


Tim Adams

30 May 2018

I came to Vivie Therapy with a lifetime's-worth of bad posture habits and a pain in my shoulder that just kept getting worse. Within a handful of sessions, Vivian identified the root source, made the pain go away and provided me with a whole new set of tools to fix my posture and keep it fixed. More...


Samira Far

30 May 2018

I have been to several physical therapists and chiropractors. Every single one I went to made me feel better for a week or a few weeks and the result was never permanent. Vivian taught me how to use my muscles differently in my day to day life, released years of tension and taught me how to do easy movements to strengthen areas that were underdeveloped. It's a life changing process and I will always be grateful. More...


Hakyung Chung

30 May 2018

She's the best in town! If you are hurt or injured somehow and looking for a PT, she is the ONE!She knows what she's doing and fixed me so fast! Not to mention, You also need to do your part! But she teaches how to use your body and muscles properly when you are exercising and in daily life. More...


Annie Mebane

7 June 2017

Vivie helped me tremendously with an injury after a car accident, and I felt 60% relief after my first visit. After only a few months, I was completely recovered. I recommend her to anyone who is in pain. More...


Miles Berry

30 May 2017

Just amazing. I went in thinking that she would just get rid of the tension in my neck but she went way beyond my expectation and built up my body. I'm sure that thanks to her I will never have another neck issue in my life. She knew exactly what to do and what I was feeling. I don't just feel physically better but after going I feel better all around and I have more energy. More...


David Hochman

30 May 2017

Vivian, is a very effective therapist. She fixed my lunge in minutes while her predecessors floundered for years. She has a deep knowledge of the human body and is able to make progress quickly. I highly recommend Vivie Therapy. -David More...


Amy Harvie

4 May 2017

★Vivian is a wonderful healer and powerful physical therapist!★She is helping me to recover from a car crash injury in my back, neck and hips. So happy and thankful that she has helped pain, soreness and trauma release from my body and mind. She also has shown me stretches and strengthening exercises specific to my body for sustainable health and posture. My body always feels more aligned and painless afterward! More...


Brian King

28 February 2017

After suffering from a knee injury for 3 weeks caused by sprinting on the treadmill, I finally went to see Vivian. She worked on my leg and knee for approx 20 min and the pain was gone. It was amazing. She massaged my legs and the did ultrasound, followed by ice. After a couple of physical therapy visits and homework that Vivian advised I am back in the gym on the stair climber and elliptical (staying away from the treadmill for a while). Thank you Vivian you are AMAZING!!!!!!!! More...


Liza Zipursky

29 November 2016

I cannot recommend Vivian enough! After seeing many doctors and specialists for my neck and shoulder pain, Vivian is the fist one who has been able to help me achieve lasting results. She uses a variety of techniques to address where the pain is located on that specific day. Vivian gives 100% each session and I am very grateful I found her. More...

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