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HGTV is one of my favorite channels. On this channel I get to explore the homes of hundreds of people all of the world. I get to see how they design their homes, how they decorate their homes, and how they build their homes. On my job, I love to go into the houses (minds) of the clients to see how they have decorated their lives with their experiences. Some people don't like for you to come into their home if its messy or if it has pests, or if it's not appeasing to the eye but when I do my inspection I take note of how their experiences have created mess in their lives and how best to "clean it up". I love my job and I love each intimate moment with each client, learning how best to help them clear up matters that appear to be overwhelming.

I left the comfort of a great federal government job to venture out into private practice. I felt limited working with the government. I provided exceptional counseling but my primary focus wasn't to provide exceptional counseling but to be a good case manager, complete tons of administrative paperwork, and move cases along. I felt in private practice I would have more flexibility to be myself and allow clients the comfort of sharing all of what they wanted to share. My sole inspiration came from God. He said that he would "never leave me or forsake me". He said, "ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find". I asked, he said yes! And I'm still here. God is faithful!

Client's choose me because I am blessed with understanding, I have a great sense of humor, I discern so much from body language and even from what's not said, and because I am approachable, and because I have their best interest in heart, and because I care, and because I am a sensible, black male with experience, and because I work well with couples, and because I work well with young black males, and because I work well with offenders, and because I don't mind confronting you about distorted thoughts and negative associations that hurt you, and because I am an encourager/inspirer, and because I motivate my clients to do better, and because................


Assistance with assessing vocational interests, aptitudes, and abilities to determine potential for work or if a return to work is feasible. Very useful for clients applying for VA Disability benefits or social security disability benefits.