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Visible Works is a strategic graphic design practice fiercely dedicated to providing your organization with integrated visual solutions for printed and digital platforms.

We bring multidisciplinary bench strength to every engagement with expertise in graphic and UX design, social media strategy, website development and printed communications.


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xy mm

6 March 2019

Hope more natural lights


Jalisa Wright

6 January 2019

Beautiful co-working space


Es K

6 December 2018

Great atmosphere. Clean and quite.


Jonathan Leung

6 June 2018

Super beautiful and amazing space!


Madeline Wen

6 June 2018

A really cool workspace


Ryan Keyes-Lee

17 April 2018

Good vibes.
Sleek decor.


Solomon Bard

22 January 2018

I love this coworking location, the decore and design are amazing, I love the location right next to whole foods and the train and I love being in Brooklyn. The space has such a creative vibe and so many great amenities 10/10. More...


Kiri Masters

24 December 2017

Great space, well equipped and very convenient location near f and g trains and the whole foods.


The Coco Chronicles

7 November 2017

Beautiful work spaces. Tons of ameneties. Very cool and creative.


J Milligan

15 September 2017

Really enjoy working here. Helpful staff, light and airy space, everything we need to work efficiently and productively. Best co-work experience I've had. Also- kambucha on tap. More...


Andre Woolery

17 July 2017

I was completely impressed by the space, staff and hospitality. I was looking for production space to shoot a video with a cyclone wall and was pleasantly surprised to uncover that Bond Collective had both a production studio and recording room. The production room was clean, included a few lights and was a great space with waiting area outside. The staff provided a partner to rent video equipment, helped print our release forms, guided our interviewees down to the studio and made it an overwhelming pleasant experience. The interviewees even loved the space, they were able to prep in the bathrooms, partake in free coffee/water/beer, and lounge on the couches before the timeslot. As a result, we appeared to be a well organized and professional production based on the atmosphere BOND Collective provided. We had a great shoot day and look forward to using this gem of a production studio over and over again in the future. Thank you Drew, Lara and Chrystina...you rock! More...


Jay Sinrod

6 June 2017

If you are looking for space - you have to check out their digs. fancy!


Claudia Paul

6 June 2017

As a creative freelancer for many years and currently also co-owner of a video production company I have always loved the idea of coworking. New York has no shortage of coworking spaces and I have seen quite a few. BOND Collective Gowanus stands out from the crowd! My partner and I worked out of this location for a shorter term project and absolutely loved it! First of all, the architecture and design is super fun. Plenty of places to lounge and have meetings and of course great coffee all day. But what I enjoyed just as much was the true community spirit there. I found that the energy was very creative and inspiring. The staff makes sure you feel at home from Day 1 and takes care of whatever office needs you might have. Now if they would only open another location in Harlem :-) More...


Jw Perkins

6 June 2017

The Gwanas workspace is exceptional. The second I stepped into the building, I knew instantly that I wanted to work here. It's a great space for creative freelancers to network and grow their businesses. Also, the staff supports each business. You'll never feel like a faceless tenant. I highly recommend the Gowanus location. More...


Kezi Ban

6 June 2017

As a freelance photographer, I found the space inspiring, welcoming and beautifully styled. It's a pleasure introducing new clients to the space as they always leave impressed. The staff are friendly and always helpful, and the amenities are world class. More...


Yanky Adler

6 June 2017

This is another Bond location on which their design team has really done an amazing job! I've been a member at Bond (/Coworkrs) for almost 3 years, and I couldn't be happier with their service, attention, and of course the spaces themselves! The community managers are amazing, always there to help when you need them. More...


Revaz Chachanashvili

6 June 2017

This place is where I hope to come to soon. Great location, energy and networking opportunities, all reasonably priced. Attended event with friends and family and loved it


Jason Mather

6 June 2017

We rented a suite here for a new business venture we're working on when it first opened due to the very attractive rates being offered during the construction.The staff is generally pleasant and responsive. The water coolers generally have fun flavorings like fresh cut up strawberries, or lemons or cucumbers, and the place has a nice vibe to it.Months later, the construction is still ongoing, and there are a number of sloppy things that make you scratch your head, but overall, most of the fellow coworkers are nice and the Internet is pretty reliable so it's worked for us. More...


Yoav Adereth

6 June 2017

Rented a space for a month .Good professional place .


Greg Boz

6 June 2017

Everything you need or want for a cowrking space, extremely accommodating.


Christian Kaczmarczyk

6 June 2017

Cool design and great amenities in a workplace


Noam Mantel

6 June 2017

Great atmosphere


Moe Naqvi

6 June 2017

We have an office here for about a year and love it. The staff is amazing and all the amenities are great. The design and feel of the building is well worth the money.


Chris Dawkins

6 June 2017

A great place to work. The space is very well-designed, with an accommodating staff. After 15 years of commuting into Manhattan for work, moving offices to Coworkrs has been fantastic.


Harris Arnoff

6 June 2017

Great working space


Andrew Broadbent

6 June 2016

When I was looking for a new shared office space for my co-founded startup Vab Media Web Design and SEO Marketing Firm, I evaluated several options, including a so called *free* space from a well-known business tech incubator. I chose Cowork|rs's because of their helpful community and how the management runs it. It is one of the single best decisions I’ve made for my career and my company's revenue. We have grown by 200 percent over the last year. . More...


Monika Gill

6 June 2016

Cowork|rs's has a way of attracting the most creative and motivated people to its communities. I have made so many amazing contacts and relationships since moving here! Their brand new Brooklyn coworking space is beautifully designed. Co work here for a day and see for yourself. More...


Elie Deitsch

6 June 2016

Best CoWorking space ever.


Feliks Finkel

6 June 2016

This is a fantastic place to grow a business.

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We believe that brilliant design and a cohesive strategy are the cornerstones of a successful brand.
As the cornerstone of most brand identities in 2018 websites must be brilliantly designed, easy to navigate, informed by research and a joy for the viewer to experience.

Why have you chosen to be in the business you are in?

Our design practice is focused on helping our clients communicate visually. We listen to our clients to ensure that our work is linked to business outcomes. Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that decision making and design must be informed by diligent research.

Who is your target audience?
Is there any pre-existing brand assets which I must follow?
What is the deadline?

Solving a business communication problem visually is part of my DNA.

The power and freedom to choose my own clients and to work with nice people who understand the value of what I do.

I have a great amount of experience in the graphic design industry and while I believe that great design always prevails, I understand great design must be linked to business outcomes.

I am easy to get along with. I'm a very good listener and interpreter and have no problem taking or giving directions.

I think I have a pretty good sense of humor also, I used to prefer cats to dogs, but having to dog watch for family members over the years, I have switched camps and love dogs more now. I still love cats though.



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