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Viral Bull Media is a team of creative and efficient marketing experts who provide social media management and online customer service for small business. We partner with small business owners and managers to take care of their current and future customers online.


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20 March 2018

Everyone I have dealt with at VBM has been the most professional and kind people I've dealt with. They have completely transformed my business and don't know what I would do without them

19 March 2018

Wont use anyone else for my growing my business online. Way better than I could have expected

16 March 2018

Used them to build my online store. Within a few days, I already made my first sale! Was definitely overwhelmed with the idea of starting my own business but with Viral Bull Media, I am off to the races!

15 March 2018

I have used many online marketing firms in the past, and not only were they one of the best priced - but also the best!

13 March 2018

Best online marketing company out there - would recommend to any small business owner

25 February 2018

Amazing to work with! I run a small retail business and this is helping to get it off the ground :)

25 February 2018

Some of the nicest, most professional people I've worked with. Some of the work I ddi with them was in person, which I very much appreciated considering how busy I'm sure they are!

25 February 2018

I've used other marketing firms in the past for my business, but this is the best one I've ever used. Very nice to work with.

24 February 2018

Working with Viral Bull Media has been the best business decision I have made since starting. Without their help in strategy and managing all our social media outlets, we would certainly not be where we are now. I HIGHLY recommend them. Also, they were always there for me whenever I needed! More...

23 February 2018

Really taken the stress out of growing my business. Can't believe how good Will and his team are at what they do. Great job guys

22 February 2018

Thank you so much guys! Way better than what I could have ever dreamed of.

22 February 2018

These guys put their money where there mouth is! Excellent stuff

22 February 2018

Some of the very best in the business.

20 February 2018

They have completely transformed my online business. Was it hard to let them handle it for me at first? Yes! I admit I'm a bit of a control freak but I trusted the process and don't know what I would do without them!

20 February 2018

BEST at what they do. Highly advise using these guys.

19 February 2018

Have been working with VBM for a while now, and they has helped attract a lot of new customers. 2 thumbs up

18 February 2018

Great job, will certainly continue using for my business

18 February 2018

Thanks so much! Love this service

17 February 2018

I worked with Will at Viral Bull Media and he was very nice and helpful in getting what I needed done. Not only that, him and his team have done an AMAZING job! Highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their biz through online or build a website too :) More...

15 February 2018

Wonderful job! These guys have continued to help me focus on my business while they've helped to grow it online. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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Your website is your first digital impression and you want to make sure it’s a great one. It should reflect everything you want potential customers to know and remember about your business.

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I have in insatiable desire to help small businesses thrive through areas they don’t have time to manage: their online presence. This concept has help to bring new clients, maintain a high rating in the community, and add further accreditation to your already proven business. It’s quite simple: Bull Viral Media is here to help you focus on your business, while we grow your online presence. We’re very excited to hopefully work with you, and I personally can’t thank you enough for considering us in helping take your business to the next level.

Growing up as a son of 2 small business owners, I feel as though I learned more in my childhood than I did in all my years of higher education combined. My father started his company a couple years before I was born, and he’s successfully done it ever since. I’ve seen the early stages of my father’s company, watched and lived through the struggles and the joys, to see the success it has become now.

My mother was debilitated with autoimmune disease for much of my early childhood, but overcame it and not only lived to tell about it, but made a successful business out of helping others who have unfortunately found themselves in a similar place. I mention these things to say how I grew up watching my parents each work endlessly to manage and maintain not only their small business, but to also balance their family life as well. Any business owner knows it’s not only a full-time job, its a full-time job and then some.

As I got older, the world was beginning to be introduced to social media, and the idea of everything becoming more accessible online. Of course this spilled into the business world as well, and I began to notice trends with businesses that were successful and those that were not: the successful businesses had managed to build and maintain an online presence, which seemed to instill confidence in potential new clients. I began to see a market for this space, because I knew growing up with 2 entrepreneurs that managing a business is already a lot, and adding the management of your online presence is just too much. That’s how Viral Bull Media was born.

Through our expertise of social media management and online presence for your small business, we work to deliver new lifelong customers while you can do what you care about the most, which is run your business.