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Thomas Tolbert

15 April 2019

Dr. Zafir and his Vets-to-Pets service is awesome! After owning several high-maintenance/highly specialized needs dog’s due to their service nature, I think I’ve become a more knowledgeable owner when it comes to animal care needs and veterinary services. We have 3 big dogs and having a vet come to the house takes a huge burden off our shoulders. No more stress in a waiting room and jockeying of dogs with my wife waiting with them in the car! Dr. Zafir has been to our house several times now to treat our dogs and each time it’s been a breeze to get them checked out. Dr. Zafir is well versed in what our dogs need as far as shots and flea, tick and heart worm meds. For us, he’s been conservative in med dosing where other vets we’ve been to push unnecessary meds just to make an additional sale. Whether you have 1 dog or multiple pets, Vets-to-Pets is THE best option you could choose! I’ve personally sang Dr. Zafir’s praises to multiple friends, one just yesterday when he asked for recommendations. More...


Barbara B.

10 April 2019

As many of us pet parents know, taking our furry treasures to the vet can be challenging for many reasons. For me it is having two felines, both that fight me when trying to be put into the carrier.  One gets motion sickness before out of the driveway,  and the other is a formerly feral rescue that does not like to be handled.  I decided to explore having a vet come to my home and was very impressed by the reviews of Dr. Zafir, Vets to Pets, so in 2017, I made my first appointment with Dr. Zafir.  Prior to the appointment Dr. Zafir obtained copies of all medical records from the their current Vet office.  During the first visit I sat with Dr. Zafir and we discussed the medical care and treatment of both my girls.  Dr. Zafir was not at all rushed during the appointment and it was evident that he had thoroughly reviewed the medical history of my two felines and he clearly explained to me care options available, along with his recommendations, and then I decided the treatment plan.  I found the cost for a home visit to be comparable to that of a  brick & mortar vet office and certainly, the option of having Dr. Zafir come to my home made it much more convenient and less stressful for me and my two felines.  Dr. Zafir always arrives on time, fully prepared, is well organized, and both he and his vet tech/assistants (sometimes his wife or Casey)  have always treated my girls with gentle care and compassion.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Zafir;  he is an extremely caring and competent doctor and clearly he and his assistants share a love for our furry friends. More...


Deborah C.

8 April 2019

I was referred to Vets to Pets by a neighbor who suggested this mobile business if you can't drive or transport your sick or injured pet to a hospital. I called on Sunday and they immediately responded the next morning on Monday and came that afternoon No waiting days or weeks!!! Like most businesses. They come right to your home with all their medical  equipment and examine your pet in the comfort of your home. Your pets are more relaxed in their own environment and it's alot easier for you if you can't drive or if you are sick.  If you go on their website you can find discounts to deduct from the cost of the  visit like a free first time exam for first time clients or a 20% discount if you work with animals. The rates were very affordable. I highly recommend this business! More...


Christy Caputo

5 March 2019

Dr Zafir and his assistant were awesome. With the help of my son holding our 85 pound German Shepard Dr Zafir was able to draw blood and give him his shots without resistance. Thank you to Vet's to Pet's. Very professional and I will be a forever customer. Thank you Vet's to Pet's Christy Caputo More...


Monica B.

9 February 2019

I was trying to find a trusting Mobile Vet for my aging dog. Dr Zafir was very thorough. He requested records from previous Vets. My dog loved him and his assistant. He was reasonable priced, less than previous vet visit, and didn't over test or over medicate. He discussed options for the plan of care going forward. I really appreciate the time and consideration to my elder fur baby! More...


Tammy Beardsley

9 December 2018

Highly recommend Dr Zafir and his lovely wife Heather - knowledgeable,caring, compassionate and stress free! ���


Edie Enders

9 December 2018

Dr Zafir and his wife are so kind & compassionate. When it came time to help my precious Speedbump to the Bridge, they were very respectful of her and were so kind & supportive when I was falling apart afterwards. I highly recommend them.


Trish Dish

9 December 2018

been to so many vets and never had one that had so much compassion and experience! Dr Zafir and his lovely wife bring all you need to your home---you can reach him anytime of day thru calls and or texts--NO OFFICE VET CAN DO THAT!- plus he also delivers meds right to your door! the lack of stress to our pets--especially cats that are so territorial, is priceless! More...


Fran Ecker

9 December 2018

My name is Fran Ecker and I happened to find by chance Dr. Zafir online. I have 2 cats and one of them was very ill. Dr. Zafir came out and did blood draws and exams on both cats. His compassion and caring is beyond reproach! A totally stress free visit. God bless you Dr. Zafir!!!! You are simply the best! I would highly recommend him and his lovely wife, Heather! He takes his time and answers all questions. Thank you Dr. Zafir, you are a godsend! More...


Jay Silver

9 December 2018

Accessible, Caring, concerned, knowledgeable & reasonable are only some of the ways to describe Dr. Zafir. Being in the animal advocacy world I have met very few vets as competent as he. Its amazing he has not lost that compassion and true love for the animals so many vets are lacking these days. Add that to the convenience and stress relieved of not having to transport 7 cats and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Dr. Zafir. He literally charged me for 7 cats (examination) what another vet wanted to charge me for 2 cats.....and that other vet worked across the street. And when it comes time to making that tough decision to part with your fur child, knowing the last face will be an angel like Dr. Zafir or his lovely wife is comforting at a time needed most. Feel free to contact me for a personal referral. More...


Trish T.

30 April 2018

if i could give Dr. Zafir and his lovely wife more than 5 stars i would!  have had pets all my life -visited plenty of vets but NONE of them with the knowledge and luv and care and solicitude that he has--i mean what vet can you call or text at anytime of the day or night and reach him directly!he also delivers medicine right to your door!!my cat had several diseases going on when most just have one --with his knowledge and expertise she was able to survive many more months!i just lost my dearest fur child and he  called several times to see how I am doing and even called the hospital where she rested her last night..you cant get anymore special than that and i told him so! More...


Phil D.

9 September 2016

Called late evening on a Saturday and said he would need to go back to his office to get the needed medication after describing the dog's symptoms and would be over within the hour. He was as prompt as could be and very gentle and caring. Gave the dog a complete exam and brought the needed vaccine and additional medication and special food for the next four days. The dog was much better within 24 hours and happy again. His charges were spelled out in a detailed bill and was extremely reasonable . Thank you Dr. Safir and his wife (who was caring and gentle with the dog), he also followed up daily the next 2 days with calls to see how he was. Great experience highly recommend. More...

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