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Valor Force (#c19105) is a private security and investigations company that is committed to providing a quality product with exceptional service. Our motto is simple, "put the need of our client’s first." Our services are customized to exceed the needs of our clients as we are trained to protect while having a professional work ethic, ensuring your clients feel safe.


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7 September 2018

I have used Tony twice to help me locate people for real estate issues and he was just fabulous! The attentiveness and professional way each situation has been handled make coming back for any further needs or recommendations my only choice. Thank you for your dedication. -J.D More...

27 April 2018

I worked for this company for almost 3 years and in that time I was afforded opportunity's that ranged from protecting high profile clients, both in uniform and in a suit, as well as traveling around the state and working in more tactical environments. That being said it didn't happen the first three months that I worked for the company so expectations should be reasonable.

More importantly to me this company worked with my schedule and I was able to go to school and do the military thing while I worked here. The management was great and always family oriented. The two lady's in the front office will go out of there way, above and beyond, for their employee's with out question. They were always a breath of fresh air if I had to go to the office and easy to talk to if I had an issue.

Lastly the experiences and opportunity's I gained from working here helped me to become a effective police officer who better understands how to communicate with all kinds of people.

Great company to work for I highly recommend!

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Having a positive impact on lives!! We have small nuggets in life where we can influence others to change their path for the better or encourage them to make the right choice for themselves and their families. We love to help those in need. We hope we can inspire the next individual.

The preservation of life is sometimes overlooked and even taken for granted.

Wanting to protect those who cannot defend themselves.

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Our Valor Force personal protection officers and bodyguards are the elite security officers. They all receive very specialized training by the State of Texas and are certified to personally protect the clients ensuring their safety. They also receive specialized training in hand to hand combat situational training as well as highly advanced weapons training Provides executive protective services for the President/CEO, the Chairman and the Board of Directors, the Executive Council members and other designated employees of the company and their families.

Valor Force provides uniformed armed security service at many high-threat sites. For armed assignments, our exacting security officer selection procedures are even more stringent. In addition to our standard background investigation, reference checks, drug test, and other screening requirements, for armed positions, we specifically seek candidates with prior experience, preferably in the military or law enforcement. Candidates for armed security service assignments are often subject to additional requirements established by the client and/or local or state regulations. Candidates for armed assignments participate in extensive security officer training on the proper care, custody, and use of company-authorized firearms. Armed officers benefit from 40 hours of firearms training at the minimum, with more for some clients and jurisdictions.

Valor Force uniformed unarmed security officers provide security patrols, systems monitoring, policy enforcement, and incident response in many environments and settings. They often occupy highly visible positions, where public relations and customer service skills are essential. Our employee selection and security officer training programs are designed to develop candidates with strong communication skills into capable security officers and customer service ambassadors.

We can assist you with defining, implementing, maintaining, or updating your organizations' security policies. Valor Force will better secure your organization with customized consultations to meet your unique security needs. We work with you to identify your security vulnerabilities, determine the most effective way to provide protection and present options to optimize your security strategy. From fire evacuation to active shooter plans, we will deliver you a proactive plan to protect.