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Katy H.

11 October 2016

Valerie is amazing and understanding she is better than all therapists I have seen over the years. She also was very accommodating to my schedule and there for me above and beyond. Great person all around then great to talk to.I would recommend her to anyone! More...


T H.

29 July 2013

I am a therapist myself. This is the person you want to go see (besides me, of course.... :) )She is wonderful. She has changed the way I do therapy. I have seen a lot of different therapists throughout my life. I can't say enough about her....My life has improved because of seeing her. More...


Jenny Z.

12 June 2012

My husband and I have seen various counselors for various issues or concerns in our new life (not in a bad way). Valerie is the one I received the most help and comfort. Her consultation is concise, efficient, yet in deep and effective. She can always be able to collect all the facts on both sides and conclude her findings in a constructive way. Then confirmed with us whether what she found is correct or not. Based on that, she always gives us advices or steps to work on at the end of the session before we see her next time. She helps us to widen our angles and see the things we are not able to see ourselves. The final suggestion she offered us is a great solution which fulfilled both of our needs and help to bind our relationship in a long run.If you want to find someone bearing great knowledge and deep analytical mind, she is the one you should not miss. More...


Phil M.

13 June 2010

If you need to talk your life over to get yourself out of the muck, she's a class act lady for sure!