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V R G Fitness & Rehab

Gulf Breeze/ Navarre, Florida , Santa Rosa

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
V R G Fitness & Rehab logo

V R G Fitness & Rehab

Gulf Breeze/ Navarre, Florida , Santa Rosa

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I'm a rehabilitative exercise specialist and personal trainer specializing in relieving clients of chronic issues of back pain, knee pain, neck pain, etc, while purposing to burn unwanted body fat and increase lean muscle!
I'm greatful to have been able to help so many people see such amazing results!


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Les Haas

3 July 2019

Great 24hr facility. Lots of equipment for whatever your training needs are, and super friendly. Needed a good place while traveling, and they fit the bill hands down.


Holly Wynn

10 June 2019

I highly recommend this gym! It’s not just a great gym it’s great people and trainers! They treat you like family and highly motivate you which is what we all need! The trainers are awesome! I don’t know what I would do without Racheal Rossman training me! Mason the owner and trainer knew exactly which trainer I needed. The location is perfect and everyone there wants you to succeed. Can’t ask for a better place! More...


Richard Cordray

26 May 2019

A good basic gym. Plenty of work stations , and free lifting. I've had gains in a little over a month. He and associates are friendly.


Tori Jordan

15 May 2019

Signed up an hour after talking to Mason, he took the time to answer all of my questions I had about the gym and got me past any of that silly gym anxiety some of us get. Thank you Mason!


Kenny Schartel

5 April 2019

It’s the best around...hands up or down!


Leo Sisco

13 March 2019

Best place I've seen around here. Open 24/7, friendly staff, not overly priced or crowded


Ryan Meador

24 January 2019

Absolutely the best place on HWY 98, yes the best. Can not say enough about the environment and management of this gym, they have everything you need including personal training.


James Maduri

3 January 2019

Victor Gagliardil, Personal Trainer, did, in 8 weeks what 20 years of pain management, pain killers, muscle relaxers, chiropractors, injections, RFAs couldn't do. If you hurt, go see him. He will work around your schedule and very fairly priced !!! More...


Breanne Bobo

21 December 2018

When I first moved to Navarre area in late August I was looking to join a gym. I went to three other gyms before FIT looking for the best price for a membership and also personal training. No other gym came close and I started training with Mason the next day. I have lost more than 30 lbs in the 5 months of training thanks to the dedication that Mason has. I can honestly say that after 5 months he has helped me reach my goals in fitness. Best gym and best personal trainer by far. More...


Ally Morioka Bryant

5 December 2018

This is a great gym and can meet all your fitness goals! I have been training with Mason and he’s the best encourager and motivator! There is a friendly atmosphere and not intimidating! Whether you want strength or conditioning or both, this is where YOU need to be!! More...


Jeffrey Cantillon

9 July 2018

The best gym around Santa Rosa county if you’re serious about training, powerlifting, or bodybuilding this is the gym to go to. Great staff, great owner, and great gym � More...


Jennifer Joyner

3 July 2018

FIT 24 is a great place to find you again! Excellent equipment, laid back atmosphere and encouraging staff. Free weights, cardio, strength training is all there. Availability and location of the gym is perfect. Love that we found Fit 24 for our family. More...


Adrienne Hirt

26 June 2018

On my first meeting with Vic, about 10 years ago, he said "you're very flexible, more than you look; all we have to work on is strengthening your core." In my 60-plus years of many different types of body workers, he was the first to understand me in that way, and he was right. He got me doing things I never dreamt I could do - for example, balanced kneeling on all fours on a large exercise ball: wow! Vic has an amazing understanding of the body, from skin, fascia, bones, muscles, eyes, and he blends his information with kindness and persistence. People that are lucky enough to work with him are blessed indeed. More...

Thank you for the awesome review Adrienne! I always loved that you knew what your body was asking of you! Very few people are as aware of their body in that way! I'm totally going to miss working with you each week! Blessings, Vic


Carlitos Boss

8 June 2018

Good equipment solid gym had some great workouts here.


Summer Bourland

18 May 2018

First let me say that I have never made it more than 3 days of “going to the gym” until now. I have been a member for 6 weeks now and I go 5-6 days a week. I usually go very early in the morning, the lights in the parking lot are always on and I have never once felt unsafe even If I was the first to arrive in the am. I meet a friend but we usually end up seeing the usual small group of people. I don’t really know how to explain it but F*it make you feel like a BAD ASS! You just walk in and are motivated, it just has a great vibe and the music is always on point. There is a ton of equipment (free weights and machines). I swear I am constantly seeing posts on social media about new equipment and I get super excited knowing that I’ll get to try it the next morning. I like this gym, I like the members, and well you gotta love Mason!!!!! More...


Anita Badejo

15 March 2018

There is everything I need at this gym to get me in the best shape. One of my best decisions joining in January.


James L. Day

15 March 2017

Best gym I've ever been to... go whenever you want, and I've never had to wait on someone to finish their set because of the plethora of equipment!


Brad Parker

15 March 2017

This place is awesome, from the equipment to the staff. My favorite gym ever. Glad my wife found this place.


Jessica Love Duncan

10 January 2017

Mason is an amazing and patient trainer. He pushes me without injuring me. He is results driven.


Michael Emmert

4 January 2017

I rarely write reviews but I just wanted to say how excited I am to have a gym close to where I live in Gulf Breeze by The Zoo. Just west of the Gulf Breeze Flea Market. The owners Mason and Steve along with the staff are pleasant to be around. I also like the variety of personal trainers both men and women. The workout free weight area is spacious and well planed along with the yoga, pilates and personal training rooms. Having 24 hour access with my schedule works best for me! I recommend this place to all my friends! More...


Christopher Carter

2 January 2017

This is a quality, judgment free zone. The owners take pride in this place and it shows, there is no place anywhere near here that compares to the level of service and atmosphere you will find at Fit Powerhouse!!!


Laramie Hicks

31 December 2016

Very detailed and awesome place. Management staff is the best I have seen and also the personal training options.


Christina Bennett

31 December 2016

Great staff. They are knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated. Facility has all you need personal trainers, cardio machines ,weight/strength training, and a variety of fitness classes even a kids fitness class that offers parents time to get a workout in while their kids get one too. I'm excited and thankful to be part of the FIT family. More...


Brent Knapp

23 December 2016

FIT Powerhouse s an incredible facility filled full of great people. Thanks Mason!


Sara Burda

14 November 2016

New equipment, OLY platforms, bumper plates, a full gym plus a personal training studio makes FIT Powerhouse the best on the Gulf Coast !


Tonia Wagnon Weaver

26 October 2016

Awesome facility with a caring, hands on staff!!


Alecia Prince

1 September 2016

My daughter loves this place, can't get her to sit still! They're very patient.


Chase Gatyas

31 August 2016

Took the kids for a private birthday party 2 - 5 year olds. The kids had an absolute blast and were sad to leave. It was clean and the staff was great with the kids.


Alyssa Henderson

17 June 2016

I loved this gym,coaches,and owners


Jimmy F.

8 May 2016

Thank you Dr. Meir for the mind-blowing Vision workshop! 2 days of fun and work, and I drove away with my eyes feeling and focusing better than they have in ages. There is some serious healing taking place at the School for Self Healing...The other reviews here are great and spot-on. I will just add how refreshing it is to approach eye health from a holistic whole body perspective of getting better, improving, and regaining health. Dr. Meir has a wealth of knowledge on healing which he joyfully shares. I've got a whole new perspective on health thanks to his optimism.Props also to Chris the office manager, who's sincere enthusiasm for Meir's work was clear, and fundamental in piquing my interest.A unique epic ocean view San Francisco educational healing experience that I highly recommend! More...


Lori Wingfield

3 March 2016

It's Awesome I Just Had My First Day At The Gym And The Boys Are Nice And Funny There are no Bullies All the Girls Are Really Accepting too!


Marie Yeager

29 December 2015

Awesome adult gym class!


Richard S.

20 October 2015

It is hard to find good Bates instructors in the United States. The AMA and their medical boards will chase any good Bates instructor out of town.   Meir is the exception.   He is a fantastic Bates instructor and he's not going anywhere.  He's got a great classroom and Studio and is a godsend for anybody that has vision problems.  To say that he downplays William Bates in order to sell his own books and materials is preposterous.  Meir overcame his childhood blindness using the Bates Method and additional movement and massage techniques that he developed himself.  He freely shares these techniques in his numerous books and his workshops.   In fact he records his workshops and makes the audio tracks available to all the participants.   That is just one example of his high integrity.  Meir is the best! More...


Anna V.

1 June 2015

I attended the one-day world shop and followed the instructions in the Vision for Life book. Within three weeks I can tell I see better and have less strain. I credit Meir for this - he really stresses the necessity to actually do the exercises. Meir does not claim to teach the Bates method but he admits that his is based on Bates. Bates' method is 124 years old. Meir says in the book that his first teacher studied the Bates method. But Meir has come up with more exercises because of his own needs and later those of his patients. He admits that, too. What the method called is less important, though. For 20 I have either wore glasses or strained to see without them, and nothing helped until I tried Meir's method. He is upfront about how much time it takes to get results. One of the first things he said in the workshop is that "if you do less than 30 minutes of palming a day you are kidding yourself." That's only palming. Then there is at least 40 minutes of looking into the distance, 30 minutes of face self-massage daily, and at least 30 minutes of various exercises with a ball, eye chart, and dark room. I counted for my situation (myopia, -7 and -4) it will be 3 hours a day. He said, also, in the beginning, that if you are not willing to do the work you are in the wrong class. Although it is a lot of time, after 20 years of eye strain from myopia and mild astigmatism, I think it is absolutely worth it. Will it restore 20/20 vision? I watched him out at the beach - and indeed he is, as he puts it, "illegally sighted" after being pronounced "legally blind." If he did it, people with as straightforward situation as nearsightedness can too. If they are willing to put in the work. More...


Joy C.

29 January 2015

In response to the 2 star post... I have been a follower of Meir Schneider for many years, as he had helped me with my eyes, back and digestion issues. That low rating was an very low attempt to destroy the great work Meir does and had many lies within it. He has saved my vision, back problems and other ailments.. saving me a lot of money in the long run from doctor bills.  Meir constantly tells the people who see him to not wear glasses and that is the first thing he told me when I saw him. He tries to get people out of them which is a blessing.  He also does offer MANY free seminars. You can find them on his website, to which I have attended many. Meir also suggests other teachers with lower prices to go to for private sessions if his are too high for anyone. (which by the way, the price is absolutely worth it and saves money in the end from eye surgery!) Also, he does not claim to be a teacher of the Bates method.  He has developed his own method which he teaches.  It is based off of the Bates method, but uniquely his own. It would be wrong to claim Bates if that is not what he is teaching.I think you have to do more research and learn about Meir Schneider and his work for yourself before making falsely accusations. Meir also does many fundraisers to try to get treatment for those who are not financially able.  That man is a sweetheart and we who know him are all very blessed.  I would not be surprised if the low rating was someone who owns a business....Too bad about the person who lied and tried to falsely accuse Meir.  I highly recommend seeing Meir and his School. What a wonderful man and spirit. More...


Jimmy D.

19 March 2014

I recently attended the 6 day natural vision workshop and it was amazing!  Meir is a great teacher and made the whole process very fun.  I definitely noticed an improvement in my vision in just that short time span.  I am continuing to do all the exercises and look forward to studying at the school some more in the near future. More...


Ianne M.

23 June 2011

Just spent the past 6 days here at this lovely place by the ocean in SF. I witnessed miracles with my vision and in other people there too. Dr. Meir Schneider is an inspirational man who was born blind but can now see and even drive the freeways. I spent the last 6 days here undergoing therapy for my eye after my accident 3 weeks ago where I almost had retinal detachment on my right eye. Aside from this, I was born highly myopic and could see only shapes and colors without my glasses. On my 1st day I could see the largest letter on the eye chart from 1 foot away. By the 6th day, I could see the same letter from 5 feet away. I have a long way to go, as Meir got his vision back after 18 months of almost 13 hour days practice, but there is now hope through his methods and inspiration. More...


Dizzy L.

5 April 2010

"Pronounced irrevocably blind at age 6, Meir Schneider was a teenager when he began a regimen of the Bates Method of vision improvement.  Today he reads and writes normally and has an unrestricted California driver's license.  His insights about movement and massage prompted him to dedicate his life to helping people with serious degenerative conditions.  Meir Schneider is the founder of the School for Self-Healing and an internationally known therapist, educator and author."My step-mother got me a 2 1/2 hour session with Meir Schneider for my birthday.   I have Fourth Nerve Palsy in my left eye -- something perhaps unnoticeable to most from the outside but oftentimes it leaves me feeling strained and tired.  Meir had me do all sorts of exercises that focused on this issue and then did a series of different massage as well.  My eye has never really felt completely part of my head, sort of like it wants to take off and go somewhere else, after this session with Meir my eye felt more like it was a part of me that it ever has.  It was a really good feeling.  Meir Schneider and the other therapists who practice this method of healing get you to work with whatever is troubling you in your body in a different sort of way -- a way that uses the power that you already have inside you to retrain yourself and change the way your body is reacting to situations.  It's so logical and makes sense.  You are given an mp3, CD, or tape from your session so you can keep practicing on your own at home too.  It's a non-profit.  It's in the Sunset right at the ocean.  Plenty of parking.  Muni accesible.  It's a clean bright center staffed by caring and interesting people.  Work is done in the therapy rooms, a large cork-floored studio, in the garden, on the trampoline as well in the hot tub in the garden area and down at the beach mostly.  People come from all over the world to work at this therapy.  And Meir Schneider travels to many parts of the world to teach.  All sorts of professionals work it in with their other therapy programs.  It's a pretty amazing place. More...

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Each client is an individual and will respond positively to the correct neuromuscular stimulation!
It's my job to figure out what that stimulation will be and how to make it fun for them to train with me!
So I start by listening to their needs and desires, and then develop a strategy to achieve their desired results!

Just a little bit of dedication!
If you will commit to just a few hours per week, I will motivate you in the direction that's right for you to see the changes that you have been looking for!

I love being able to give so many people hope that their circumstances can change, whether that has to do with losing body fat and building strength, improving their vision, or getting out of pain!

After working for years as a bread delivery salesman, I longed to do something for others that I felt would make a difference in their lives! Knowing how good exercise felt to me, I decided to help others improve their own bodies.
In my first months as a personal trainer I encountered clients that had knee and spine injuries that I was able to rehabilitate with what seemed to me was just common sense! I was so excited by the results that I enrolled in school to become a rehabilitative exercise specialist! I started my own practice as a personal trainer, rehab specialist, and teacher of natural vision improvement in 2002.

I have almost 20 years of experience helping people overcome obstacles of every kind and achieve their goals in everything from fat loss, to getting rid of their glasses, to improving quality of life in muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis patients!