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EO-Search Engine Optimization, SEM-Search Engine Marketing, Blogging, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter Advertising, Maintaining Instagram/Facebook/Twitter pages. Graphic Design, IOS Development, Cross Platform Mobile Development, Android Development,Web Development, Word Press, Wix.


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Zaraa Weddings

31 December 2018

Very Patient and took the time to explain how we should strategize our Facebook ad campaigns and was there for every question we had about our budget.


Calvin Laird

31 December 2018

Danny was highly impressive in taking care of my social media accounts. He not only got my accounts started but he even provided the information that I needed to continue successfully running my accounts. This company is great!


Beverly Gold

30 May 2018

We were not sure about giving someone access to our social pages being that we are a pretty big company and cannot have our clients seeing anything away from what our brand stands for since we have been in business since 1976. But Daniel and his team provided amazing improvement to our Social Pages and engagement. He sat down with us and went over with us in great detail what direction we wanted to take the business and what we were and weren't comfortable with posting. He provides monthly statics and makes recommendations in any area we like. We originally only had them keeping up with our Instagram for a few months. After seeing how our Instagram starting growing and our feedback we went ahead and allowed them to take over all our social pages and it has been great relationship.P.S. Give Daniel a Raise LOL More...


MCCUHouston .

30 May 2018

Social Media Marketing is by far some of the Best out there. Great group always a pleasure to work with..


Nat G.

30 July 2017

The marketing we receive is great! They stuck to the message we were wanting to share with the rest of the world and got us some very good results. The whole time keeping us informed. This is the 3rd Marketing agency we tried and I really enjoy the overall assistance we get from Useful. Oh and did I mention it was have the price of one of the others. More...


Jennifer V.

1 June 2017

Great job taking over my businesses social media pages and bringing me more customer traffic. Daniel ask me the first month to be patient and I would start to see an increase soon. Well sure enough he was right. We've been using Useful Marketing Agency for a few months and plan on continuing to use their service. More...


Mike Kindol

30 May 2017

I will say that I didn't initially believe we needed any internet and social media marketing for our business. I had my daughter posting pictures on our social media sites everyday so I figured we were good there. A friend of mind suggested I look to get some more business for my company by hiring a internet marketer. I passed for weeks then decided to at least see what they could do. I sat down with Daniel at our business for lunch and he really impressed me with all the areas we had potential for clients. PROS: He gave me a breakdown of our current social media interactions and gave me a step by step blueprint on how to increase revenue. After going over all the areas we were not targeting our customers I told him "we don't have $15,000 dollars or even $5,000 to pay your every month for this type of help we just aren't that big of a business yet. He informed me that we could get a cheaper monthly price AND we could cancel anytime!!! it is not a yearly contract. He said that they were so sure of their companies ability that they know customers will become repeat customers after one visit. I waited a month before I had decided to start but I had already seen a increase in just 1 week. We are probably going to move up to one of their higher plans at this rate.Cons: I have a second business that he looked over and researched and let me know that until we had improved our customer service that his agency would not take a contract with my other business. Even through I told him we would pay at least $10,000 a mouth, just to see if he would bite but he explained that their policy is they only help clients who have good customer service. This to me made no sense, if your going to be a agency that helps you should do that. If you have good service than I would say they are one of the best I've seen. More...


Jennifer Valentino

30 May 2017

Daniel and I met after our security sent a few emails. He and I discussed how we could generate more customers by utilizing my social media and internet pages. We tried out the Useful marketing agency because we were paying way to much to our previous marketers with honestly not to much of a noticeable change. Daniel and his team did a great job. I am proud to say we were actually their first clients and we will stay for years to come. Also they give out checks to anybody you send to them that actually chooses a deal I have 3 now. So mention me LOL. More...

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Feeling like we helped play a part in moving a business in a direction that forever changes their place in history.

Having had close relatives with businesses that offered amazing services but were not sure how to get more customer traffic in their direction. This made it clear that someone was needed to help promote businesses through Digital/Social Media marketing .

I am dedicated and driven at getting the results you want. I have over 8 years experience and I all love what we do.