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Urbanspace Interiors – Modern Furniture, Lighting, Accessories & Interior Design

Rollingwood, Texas


Urbanspace Interiors – Modern Furniture, Lighting, Accessories & Interior Design

Rollingwood, Texas


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Ryan Poulos

4 July 2018

All your interior design and real estate needs in one. Worth just stopping by to see their furniture.



2 September 2016

I began working with the UrbanSpace Design group 6 months prior to the projected completion date of the building. I was so fortunate to have Anne Marie as my designer. She took my ideas/concepts and provided wonderfully creative options on colors, fabrics, textures and shapes. Anne Marie is patient and personable, a true professional. Also, the UrbanSpace Design Team did an excellent job of furniture assembly and installation. The colors, shapes and textures we discussed were brought to life in the sofa, wall unit, rugs, paint, fixtures, etc. UrbanSpace Design provided excellent services from design to installation to finding contractors.. Top notch all the way!!! More...



1 September 2016

I recently moved into a condominium and worked with Urbanspace Interiors to make several design decisions about my space. The designer (Anne Marie Garland) with whom I worked was extremely professional, creative, and responsive. She always stayed within my budget and provided me with excellent options. The results look fabulous and I love my new space! Everyone I have interacted with at the company is professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend using Urbanspace Interiors for your design needs. You will not be disappointed! More...


Ryan Sheiner

31 August 2016

I can't say enough great things about the work they have done for me. Their professionalism and attention to detail is truly amazing!!! I would never trust anyone with work in my future but them. They have won me over!! The entire team is A+ More...



24 August 2016

We have been most pleased with our lead interior designer, Merrill Alley, at Urbanspace in Austin, TX. I knew I would love her when she asked "what is it that you have missed most from your old home" (after we moved into our much-smaller downtown condo) "because we will make that happen for you in your new space". And she has successfully done that! Merrill also made use of as much of our existing furniture and art work that we had in storage. She has been confident in mixing both antiques with a more modern look - and the outcome is amazing! She designed a layout of our furniture for our new space, helped make decisions on fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, rugs, cabinetry, under-bed storage, closet built-ins, and has led us to great upholsters, iron and wood-making vendors. Merrill has not only shown her talent with interior design work; she is also super friendly, personable, professional and efficient. My husband and I could not be happier with our newly decorated condo that feels like "home" now! I highly recommend Urbanspace Interiors and their awesome staff! More...


London Bearden

12 July 2016

I can't remember having any person so "on top" of a project as Merrill Alley. She always followed through on making sure the smallest details were complete.
We would definitely use Merrill again for any design project.



23 February 2016

It has been easy and fun to work with my designer, Anne Marie Garland at Urbanspace Interiors. Urbanspace has lots of furniture options that are not available any where else in Austin. Anne Marie is excellent and open to listening to my ideas. I'm impressed with her creativity and the entire staff at Urbanspace Interiors. More...



27 August 2014

Emily Basham-Hoelscher combined her artistic vision with our personality and the result is our fantastic sophisticated home. She met us once and then presented us with a perfect plan. Very few changes were made.
Working with Emily was easy. We trusted her to get the work completed while we traveled and we were not disappointed.
The design and quality is impressive.
I highly recommend Emily and her team.


Shawn Rucks

24 December 2013

We've used Urbanspace on some large projects and they are amazing. Emily is a great designer who knows color, fabric and space like no other. She also has a gift for helping deverigent opinions come together to create just the right look. We get so many compliments on the work she and her team have done for us. More...


Blind Faith LLC

8 August 2013

I have worked with Urbanspace Interiors on several projects. Merrill and Shannon have been very organized and professional. They've created beautiful spaces where I've been excited to be able to provide shades and draperies. They not only do a wonderful job communicating with their customers, but they keep in constant communication with their contractors as well. It's my pleasure to do business with them. More...


Linda Shafer

31 July 2013

Shannon worked with me to define my personal tastes, never pushing other ideas. We ordered a couch, two chairs, two end tables, a dining table, six dining chairs and a rug. If the articles were in stock, they were delivered at my convenience. If they were ordered, I was kept apprised of the estimated delivery date. We spent many hours visiting fabric shops, looking at fabrics in the UrbanSpace showroom, and discussing options. I never felt the pressure to make a quick decision. One item was damaged, but reordered and replaced immediately.
I would recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a patient, knowledgeable and upscale interior designer.


Janice Muniz

25 March 2013

My husband and I hired Emily to help us decorate our house. In many ways, it was a very challenging job. There were works of art, light fixtures and old furniture she had to integrate and each of these pieces had a heavy visual weight. Emily was simply amazing. She was able to come up with a design that not only integrated all these things well but that was exactly the mood we wanted to live in. I believe that conveying moods, experiences and feelings is something that really differentiates Emily. Her is work is exquisite and she is a delight to work with. I highly recommend her. Janice M More...



12 March 2013

Urbanspace Interiors really gets it. We have worked with them on more than a dozen projects and every one of them is portfolio worthy. The people are great to work with from conception through installation and their vision is truly artistic. Just stepping into their showroom is inspiring. More...



5 February 2013

Merrill Alley at Urbanspace designed a kitchen renovation for my new house. It turned out great, way better than anything I could have designed myself. The cabinet contractor was also a delight to work with, and well worth the 2+ months I had to wait (he's a victim of his own success). The final result sings, and is the envy of all my friends! More...



6 November 2012

We had Urbanspace Interiors design and implement a project at our W Condo. They were fabulous at gathering many different styles and helping us decide what fit best for our space and lifestyle. They were also very good at keeping us informed and excited throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a team with excellent taste who delivers great value for the money. More...



23 October 2012

We've had two homes designed and executed by Urbanspace Interiors and particularly Emily Horischer. They have been instrumental in helping us come with a unique style that really resonates with our way of living. They are passionate, responsive, quick at narrowing things down and creating dynamic floor plans.

Personally, it's been a pleasure to work with Emily because she is always there to offer fresh ideas and many options. Once something is narrowed down, it's reviewed and then ordered without hassles. Emily is also great when it comes to patterns and colors. She can take the most nondescript room, and with a few colors and patterns, it into just the right statement to contribute to the overall look or theme.

Another thing that is great about Urbanspace Interiors is that once you've placed the orders, they have a team of specialist who follow your orders and make sure they arrive on team and take care of any issues or challenges that arise with shipping.

Finally, they are also versatile in their design capabilities. We've gone from a modern place at a W Residence , to a Cape Code style home in Boulder and they've exceeded expectations in terms coming up with fresh ideas to create just the right environment for completely different styles. We are not working on a new project in Vail and we are excited to let them work their magic!



24 August 2012

We went to Urbanspace (formerly Threshold) to find a couch. Not only did we find that they offered high quality and unique things, but also that the people working there were extremely professional, lively, easy-going and had tremendous talent. They were not stuffy "designers" and did not force anything. They simply worked with us in whatever capacity that we wanted. We ended up buying many items for our home and namely, Emily, worked with us providing drawings, ideas, even numerous visits to our home.....but, there weren't ANY crazy design fees....none! I love to design, but always love to have someone to bounce ideas off of.....Emily did this for us.....and, was happy to do it. Just what I'd been looking for....forever....didn't think it existed. This is the first company that I've experienced that had true interior designers selling furniture......and, their services were not "by the hour" (or at all)......and, then you end up with a design that you paid for and don't like anyway!! Not only was that ideal, but Emily is just an outstanding person to work with....she is funny, happy, VERY EXCITED about design and truly a joy to work with.....not a stuffy designer that copies every other design. Every job is a joy to Emily and she treats each as a unique opportunity for her to really design....she is very passionate about her work. She is also supported by a wonderful staff that is
just as vehemently excited about design as her. GREAT, GREAT job to Emily and her team!


Donna Curtis

11 August 2012

Emily at Urbanspace Interiors designed our condo at The Shore Condominiums in Austin. We were very pleased with the decor and receive raving reviews from every visitor. Each time I walk through the front door, I have to smile as I am greeted with the Emily's amazing design work. More...


A Google User

23 January 2012

My favorite designer friendly store in Austin. Great products, great service, and great store. Just being there inspires you.


Mark O.

20 September 2009

I love Threshold!  They scour this gigantic world to ensure I am served only the best.  The staff are beyond courteous and helpful... even with the most tedious of requests; they respectfully understand you have to live with this object every day.  Plus they don a gigantic life-size horse sculpture in the corner!  Who wouldn't want that? More...


Kevin N.

7 May 2009

Parked in the bottom corner of one of the more recent developments along the 5th street corridor, Threshold is gorgeous: bonafide beautiful and funky selections lurk throughout, and for the vaulted ceilings and attached patio or veranda, somehow the interior still exudes a certain warmth. There are cool, definitively upscale items to be had, and a few additional knick-knacks that still exude mid century or modern cool while mildly patting down the pocketbook. In short, it's a hip room; there are a number of things that are out of my price range thus far and others that I'd consider socking a way the pennies to garnish, and still others that seem utterly doable at a moment's notice. We were here during a party, so suffice it to say that I'm eager to return when a little casual milling about is much more doable. And we did find a couple of items that we really fell for: there's an awesome collection of backsplash samples for the home renovator that are totally affordable, and some funky candelabras (still my band name in waiting) that begged for a closer look. No, we haven't bought anything just yet....but we've definitely been brought to the Threshold of same. More...


Taylor P.

5 May 2009

This store gets it.  Located next to Austin's local favorite Urbanspace, Threshold is a fantastic option for condo dwellers and homeowners alike to deck out their spaces based off of their own personal taste.  Each piece of furniture in this store is one-of-a-kind, and if you're a discerning taste like myself you like to have your stuff look like no one elses you know.  This is hands down my pick for the best furniture store to shop at in Austin, and with its central location I always find myself looking in the window to see what new stuff they got in and that I need for my home.  I fully intend on having them do the interior design of my new home when I finish it, and recommend them to anyone trying to personalize their own space to make it their own. More...