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Seban Questelles

2 September 2018

This was my second time renting out the studio space from Peter and everything went just as great as the firs time. I had a full day booked and Peter was available to help me and even give me some suggestions during that time. I definitely recommend him and look forward to my next visit. More...


Mollie Dananberg

3 August 2018

Lovely interesting place to shoot


julissa lopez

3 August 2018

I worked at Urban Myth’s today with a new group of creatives and models, we all just met for the first time. Peter was super helpful from the minute we walked in until the moment we left, he’s super knowledgeable about photography and helped us figure out best lighting for certain shots we needed assistance with. As a makeup artist I appreciate the white light (not yellow) in vanity area. There’s lots of outlets, a fridge which Is a plus and plenty of food spots in the area for lunch. I would recommend this spot to anyone looking for an easy breezy studio booking that’s convenient all around with a great owner who’d get along with everyone! Thank you Pete for helping us get through our shoot smoothly! More...


Cynthia J

4 July 2018

The owner, Peter, is always there to help. He is prompt with his response to clients questions. The downside the space is small. There is only one makeup station. So you will need to be creative with space management. Also the studio is on the second floor and there's no elevator (I haven't seen it) I've only used the facility on the weekend. If you are planning to book a shoot on the weekend, try to schedule for 11AM. On two occasions I booked an earlier time, during the day of the shoot it was difficult to find someone to get access to the studio. Management is willing to work with you when these situations occur. This may be different during the weekdays. More...


Brian Keith-Photography

30 May 2018

great space Looking forward to working there again


Spike Li

30 May 2018

Nice studio, with lots of equipment for both photography and videography


Xavier Hamlin

30 May 2018

Urban Myth Studio was my first time. I loved it. Peter was very helpful. Made me and team comfortable and welcome. I will be going back very soon.


Haejin Park

30 May 2018

PERFECT place to do a photoshoot with a white background, the studio has everything and is very prepared and the space is very large


Clarence Cunny

3 November 2017

Great studio space.


Danyo Ip

30 May 2017

Very cool vibe. Although it's a little dirty and they have close to no heat. It was very cold working there but the price is right and the owner is very cool. They have lights available there as well and a few stands. More...


Rae Maxwell

27 February 2017

Space, owner, and price are great.


Karl B.

26 February 2017

I booked studio time for a photo shoot last year. It's a GREAT space! Peter was very knowledgeable, helpful, and had everything I needed to help achieve the look I was going for.   I recommend this studio to all my friends and I'll definitely return when I need to do another photo shoot.  If I could, I would give this business 10 stars!!!!! More...


Seban Q.

2 February 2017

This was my first time renting out a studio for a photo shoot and wasn't to familiar with the lighting set up but Peter made sure everything was set up and ready to go the moment I walked in.  The surrounding area may not look to pretty but the actual studio is beautiful and very spacious compared to the pictures.  He was knowledgeable and answered questions I had along the way.  I would definitely recommend this location and the price is just right for anyones budget. More...


Vicky Good

26 January 2017

Great space, great equipment and the owner is helpful. Bathroom could be cleaned up a little more.


Dwayne P.

14 May 2016

Open at 10am on the dot. About to start taken photos for pluckit magazine. This is a nice studio to work in, got to invest into something like this. What I don't like..... There isn't anything to says. Would love to shoot here again. More...


Amy G.

9 April 2015

If you're looking for a great photo studio in a hip Brooklyn neighborhood look no further!It's a small intimate studio space with a simple cyc wall on the second floor of commercial bldg. What sold me was the window light that comes through that studio!I rented it for a full day back in Feb when I was in NYC shooting portraits for my upcoming book. It was freezing outside, so I wasn't surprised that the studio was bit chilly first thing in the morning. Peter had 2 decent space heaters running to help with the chill. I also rented his studio lighting setup and I was very grateful to have the lights already set up for my when I walked in that day (since I didn't have the budget to hire an assistant). I also didn't have to break anything down at the end of the day. I just walked in, set up my camera, adjusted some lights, and started shooting. At the end of the day, I packed up my camera, paid for the studio, and walked out the door! I was able to pay the deposit and final payment via PayPal so that was soooo nice. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone needing a clean low cost studio for a photo or video shoot. More...