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Urban LA is a dance studio that offers a variety of classes: Hip Hop, Kpop, Ballet/Jazz, Contemporary Fusion, Grooves, House, Urban Choreography, and more. Classes are offered for all ages, and are capped at 15 students max so that the students can receive more individual attention from the instructors.

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Angel L.

16 April 2019

Quaint cute studio. A little small, but there's a good student to floor space ratio. Still might be a little bit of a squeeze. I comfortably dropped in for once space and there was about 13 other girls with me. They don't teach foundational basics for the class I was at, but more choreography mimicry. Then you practice at home until you perfect the choreography. I personally prefer kinjaz studio where I typically go. However, this was a good in-and-out workout. My teacher was a funny and beautiful. I can't remember her name but she did look like a Korean model. Super outgoing and made the class memorable. I'd come back again. The routine wasn't impossible to learn in the time span. But I did wish she performed the routine once by herself so I could record it and perfect it on my own. We only had one group recording. And it's hard to learn the routine off students who haven't perfected the moves and counts. !!i recommend having the teacher perform the routine slowly once at the end so the students can record learn and grow. I'd say my money didn't go to waste that day. Great place to try, and check off your list, but I hope you have some type of a foundation otherwise it might be a tiny bit of a struggle to keep up. I took a hip hop class. More...


Cathy P.

29 March 2019

Behold: a fun, supportive, and not overcrowded dance studio in LA!The studio has such a cute set-up and is always spotless. The owners are nice and accommodating and prices are reasonable, especially considering how much individual attention each student gets. They also have different package options, so if you tryna be a regular at the classes, this is highly recommended. The instructors!! Seriously some of the most fun and down-to-earth dancers I've met. They all really want to help the students improve. The students that I've met and befriended are also cool, and overall, Urban LA just exudes positive, noncompetitive vibes. which I have yet to find at another dance studio in LA. In my opinion, it's such a great place for dancers of all levels. An important note: You gotta find street parking, so plan to come to class a bit early to allocate time for that! Usually it's not too difficult, but it really depends on the time of the class. More...


Arvreezy R.

22 March 2019

I will definitely come back! I took Girls Hip Hop Class and Minzi was really great! she made it comfortable for meto learn the choreo! you'll enjoy coming to this place, I wish they had more night classes but other than that I highly recommend this place! More...


Joyce K.

9 March 2019

Such a beautiful studio! The instructors are also super friendly and genuinely care about the students' growth.


Chris V.

8 March 2019

Such a great find ! Easy check-in process, JUDGEMENT FREE ENVIRONMENT, and quality instructors that want you to progress! If you are looking for a studio that feels more like a family.. look no more :)Classes are 15$ and they offer package deals as well! Parking can be hard to find so I suggest coming early. I parked in the parking structure across the street thinking it was $1 for the first 3 hours... (its not) only with validation.Can't wait till next weeks class! More...


John Ivan B.

2 March 2019

Took Kristian's house class. Got to work a lot on foundations and rhythm.  He's a knowledgeable and patient teacher who pushes his students to explore their movement. The staff and fellow students were also welcoming and easy to get along with. It's a good environment  for learning. I will definitely be back to train again. More...


Aaron W.

27 February 2019

This place is a little dance treasure in the middle of KTown.If you're tired of taking classes packed with people, this is the place to go.The teachers are all very positive people who want their students to grow, and they give individual feedback and attention to all of their students. More...


Benjamin D.

24 February 2019

If you've found other dance studios a little too crowded or perhaps too intimidating, look no further. Urban LA is a quaint, intimate learning space that's perfect for dancers of any level. Because the classes are smaller than those of other studios, the instructors are able to give their attention to each individual student, making sure they are picking up on the exercises and improving. I took the Grooves class from Kristian, and the skill level ranged from beginner to advanced, but Kristian made sure that every student left the class with something to improve on! It definitely beats being in a class of 40 people, not getting any feedback, and figuring out what to work on for yourself.Also, Diny and Mama Kim are the nicest folks and are there to help you with anything you need! More...


Erick Q.

23 February 2019

Very cool place. Definitely a judgement free space.There's variety of classes.Signing up process is quick.Definitely coming back.Parking might be a little challenging but you can always try parking by 3rd and western. More...


Hyeyoung J.

23 February 2019

I have a body that moves like a flailing stick. Like I have never danced non-awkwardly in my life. To become more confident and learn how to move, I took the Groove class at Urban LA. I had no idea what to expect as this was my first dance class ever, but Kristian the instructor was soo patient, kind, and encouraging all throughout. He really knows how to give you individual attention while leading the whole group simultaneously. Diny was also superr welcoming and helpful!Quick registration process, clean (and amazingly cute!) dance space, intimate class setting, and overall awesome vibe. You have to find street parking but you should be able to find one on 3rd or in the residential area around the block. I went in for a drop-in and ended up signing up for a 10-class package. Super excited to go back and grow in finding my groove! More...


Paolo R.

10 February 2019

Amazing space for dance lessons !!!! Completely private and good AC system ( it's important you know you swear a lot when you dance ). Coming back every week from now on


Ricah R.

5 February 2019

Amazing line up of instructors! So excited to have this studio so close to my work. Kristian's Grooves class is amazing and a must-take for everybody! And Jeffrey's heels class is to die for More...


Anna H.

21 January 2019

Diny was very patient with her dance class (: I haven't danced in a while, but I felt comfortable learning from Diny, making sure to answer any questions I had and went at a pace I was comfortable with. The studio is clean and has great lighting/space for learning. I think the studio space is perfect for the 15 person cap per class they limit to. Their focus is a more intimate class setting, so their students don't get intimidated and get better feedback. Hope to take more classes in the future to improve! More...


Charles A.

21 January 2019

Took my first class at Urban LA Dance Studio today -- great location for dancers around LA and really nice / intimate space.

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Being dancers and choreographers ourselves, we are excited to own our own space where we can bring our passion and resources and share it with our hometown community. We love that our hobby/passion has now become our full time career/business!

Both Diny & I love to teach and share our choreography with the dance community, but we also realized that we can expand our platform to be much beyond ourselves if we were to create a space where we can reach a new network of students in our area. We decided that bringing in the best of instructors that we have built relationships with over the past years of our dance experience would benefit our students at Urban LA. Koreatown is where we grew up, and being able to provide such a variety of dance styles in our hometown area is our way of giving back to our community!

We provide a comfortable, welcoming, and intimate class setting for beginning and advanced dancers who want to grow in their craft.
We provide high quality instructors who all have a heart and passion to share with their students.
We provide group lessons, private lessons, and also studio rentals.