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Cassie Scott

30 June 2019

Not here to rate the gym just ask that you please decrease the level of bass in your music. I live in the complex behind and hear it in the morning and throughout the day it’s very loud and makes it hard to sleep.


Whitley Pollet

4 December 2018

I love Upreach and highly recommend it to everyone. Here are a few of the reasons I love it:- It is obvious when you first step in, that the owners, coaches, and members take pride in the gym. The gym and equipment are well taken care of and clean.- I really appreciate that a big focus at this gym is on safety and learning proper form. It is less about competing with others and more about showing up to better yourself.- As a mom of 2, I love the family-friendly vibes and have brought my kiddos with me to many classes. - The community is simply the best. Every class that I've attended feels welcoming. As well as the online community and Beyond The Whiteboard cheers to my workouts. :) - The monthly Olympic lifting seminars and weekly community wods are a great bonus to the membership.- The wide variety of class times make it easy to work into my schedule.If you are looking for a new full-time Box or visiting Austin and looking for a drop in, I definitely suggest checking out Upreach! More...


Blain Haeg

4 November 2018

Upreach Crossfit is a fantastic community of experienced and novice crossfit enthusiasts. The owners and leadership team at Upreach Crossfit are invested in our success, providing a first-rate box that offers a variety of convenient and motivating classes. Get off your tail and check it out! More...


Steven Daniel

4 November 2018

Great CrossFit gym with great instructors who really care


mark brazell

4 October 2018

I'm happy to be a part of the UpReach CrossFit community now for 7 months. The gym has quality coaching, thoughtful programming, new equipment, large bay doors and several fans for ventilation. Most CrossFit gyms are very welcoming, and UpReach CrossFit is no exception. Also, most CrossFit gyms offer a community workout once a month, but UpReach CrossFit does it every Saturday morning. The community workouts are great for meeting members from other classes or potential new members. More...


Jenna Nith

4 October 2018

I was going to the regular gym for years and definitely needed a change. As a business owner and single mom I didn’t have the mental energy any more to set up my workouts before going to the gym, plus I wanted to take being in shape to the next level.Here at upreach I definitely found what I was looking for and MORE!!! I’m held accountable to be there at a certain time, they have the workouts already set for you, everyone is encouraging and positive, they have multiple times throughout the day so it’s pretty flexible with your schedule, totally a good deal for price!, and last but not least all the instructors are awesome!!! More...


Martha L

4 September 2018

I married into this gym 3 months ago and I love it. I was a little intimidated by CrossFit at first, but everyone here encourages each other. Justin is an amazing (enthusiastic, attentive, personable) coach and greets each person by name when they walk in. Everyone makes an effort to learn one another's names.People are really good at encouraging each other at UpReach. There is an emphasis on improving your overall fitness, so it's not about competing with other people and it doesn't matter how much you can do-- it's all about pushing yourself and improving a little at a time. I love how no one cleans up equipment until everyone has finished the WOD, so everyone cheers each other on. People stick around afterwards to stretch and hang out. This place really fosters community.It also doesn't hurt that it's really clean, friendly (sometimes people bring their kids and pets to hang around and watch the workout!) and easy to find. More...


Cody Misuraca

4 September 2018

Solid Crossfit gym in Pond Springs, fully equipped for a broad range of Crossfit and functional fitness workouts. Friendly, helpful staff. Gender neutral bathrooms and showers available. More...


Kaitlyn Chavez

4 August 2018

Great staff and so much positive energy! Love this place !


adam morrell

4 June 2018

Love UpReach Crossfit for so many reasons! Reason number 1 is the community. I’ve never been to a Crossfit gym (and I’ve been to dozens) that is as welcoming to new and established members. Great people I consider family! I’m a powerlifter and my conditioning always needs some help, which is why I Crossfit. The UpReach members encourage me so much that I actually crave the workouts when I’d rather just squat or deadlift in the 1-3 rep range .Reason two. Coaching is outstanding! Progress and staying healthy in Crossfit has to do with solid coaching and programming. Any coach can make you tired but solid coaches know when to push and when not to push. UR coaches are all solid and have great rapport and relationships with we UR trainees!Reason number three. This is a brand new facility with brand new, top line equipment, tailor made for Crossfit!Bottom line, I love this place and if you are in Austin and looking for a Crossfit home or just even wanting to try it, there is no better place! More...


Chad Rupp

4 June 2018

An amazing Crossfit gym with awesome owners Natalie and Matt. On top of that, they have the best coaches in Austin; Justin Adams and Andre Paulk. You will feel very comfortable walking in for the first time and Justin or Andre will help guide you to scale the work out to what’s best for you. More...


Samantha Ho

4 June 2018

There’s definitely a positive energy that instantly draws you in when you walk through UpReach’s door. They certainly do not discriminate regardless of your level of fitness! Not only are the coaches there professional and treats each and every member with respect, they are highly qualified and knowledgeable and they truly care about their members! For instance, they cap their classes to ensure they are able to observe forms and movements with every person during classes to prevent injuries. Not only will you gain an incredible Crossfit family (inside and outside of the gym) memberships comes with perks like a separate area for daily Open Gym with ample of equipments, free Oly seminars, clean bathrooms with a shower and a water station! UpReach build their community on trust, honesty and sincerity and it truly shows! More...


Chloe Dayton

4 June 2018

I’ve been at Upreach for just over 3 months & I can say without a doubt, this is the best Crossfit community I’ve been apart of. Not only are the people amazing, so positive & motivating, but the coaching is on point. I’ve seen more progress in these last 3 months with my gymnastics, technique & strength than I have at any other gym in my 2 years of Crossfit. I love this box & I’m so so happy to be apart of this family! #UpreachCrossfitForever More...


Preston White

4 June 2018

Upreach is truly a one of a kind place, not only will you get the most amazing workouts and training from incredible staff, but the gym is spacious and equipment is high quality. The community is like nothing I've ever seen before. It's like a social club as much as it is a gym. I would recommend UpReach to anybody in the entire world. More...


Scott Sims

4 June 2018

Amazing community and coaching, come join us if you are in the area. All ages and fitness levels are welcome, you get to the gym and they will do the rest.


Dianne Ferguson

4 June 2018

All shapes, sizes and fitness levels welcome. Great community and the best coaches.


Orlando Montelongo

4 June 2018

Visited from out of town and I am highly impressed! Very clean gym and the environment was top notch


Lee Rebold

13 May 2018

Excellent coaching, super clean, lots of room and all new equipment. It's a family-like environment that encourages you to reach your fitness goals. I've been a member since January 2018 and I have zero regrets, one of the best decisions I've made this year More...


Eyal Gallico

1 May 2018

After shopping around for a workout place, I have found an UpReach cross fit. They take from the beginning Tobi taught my body movement and how to take care of yourself.

Andrea is my coach and hands down the best one in Austin. As a newbie to Crossfit, he taught me the movement, what weight to use and to to kill myself in the process, to pace myself with the weight, work more on technic.

And after two months, I LOVE IT, I feel better, I move better, I'm more flexible (Didn't think that was possible) and I can see the benefit in my cardio on my mountain biking.

What can I say, I'm hooked. Go coach Dre :-)


Nick Woodruff

2 April 2018

I am new to crossfit and had spent quite some time looking for a quality box in my area. I am so happy to have found UpReach Crossfit! Welcoming community, fantastic coaches and an exceptional facility. Novice or veteran, this place will never let you down! More...


Rachael Hall

27 March 2018

I followed this gym opening after Woodward 2 closed. Justin, Dre, Toby and Johnny are top notch coaches, very focused on form and helping you move according to your abilities, no matter what your age, experience, weight, etc. The community here is amazing; if you want to be cheered on and have friends, this is the place to be. They have free Saturday morning workouts which is a GREAT way to try it out for the first time. Brand new facility (2018), two bathrooms (1 has a shower), all new equipment. More...


Cody Adams

24 March 2018

If you are looking for a great community, expert coaches, and to get healthier/stronger Upreach Crossfit is the place to be. Brand new facility and equipment one of the cleanest gyms I’ve been to. I would recommend this Crossfit gym to anyone and everyone. More...

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