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We offer professional event and adventure photography at an affordable price point, in an easy going manner that enables you to focus on the moment rather than the camera.

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Brent Molsberry

30 July 2018

We have had the opportunity to work with Up River Productions and Tyson the last two years on our Adventure Race. Tyson does a fantastic job of getting great shots of racers while being inconspicuous. For our events that is really important because first off, it is a race and we don't want the racers progress inhibited by the photographer, and secondly, it means the photos are more authentic as racers are in their "natural" environment and not hamming it up for the camera. Thanks for all the great work Tyson.

Brent Molsberry
Race Director
Quest Races


Mark Sky

30 July 2018

I have encountered Tyler in the mountains and on the ocean during several Adventure Races while competing as an athlete. He is a genuinely nice person and I'm always happy to see him now. He is willing to hike into the middle of the mountains to get that 'perfect' shot - and it pays off! Thanks for all the amazing photos and would love to recommend you for other events! More...


Capturing the feel of the moment and environment in a candid non staged way.

What the client desires our focus to be and what the images will be used for so we can really work to get the images the client desires not just what we think they want.

Interacting with people from all walks of life and getting excited about the events and adventures they are excited about.

Wanting to provide professional level images and delivery to people at a price point that the average person can afford.

Three main reasons:
1) I’m genuinely interested in the client and fun to work with.
2) I work hard to get images that are natural and not too posed and do so in a non intrusive manner.
3) Our pricing is affordable without sacrificing quantity or quality of usable images.