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Union Foodie Truck

Santa Cruz


Union Foodie Truck

Santa Cruz


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Tamra Ancona

1 June 2019

Delicious and artful mash up of food culture.



11 April 2019

Didn't go in, but, the parking lot and the grounds looked clean. All the parking spaces were full. Everyone was parked nicely. Looked like their dinner was going to be a good one. More...


Christine D.

29 March 2019

Stopped by Corralitos Brewing Company to try them out and am so glad we did. Food was SUPER YUM! Sauces are all house made and offer something for everyone from sweet to scorching. Chicken was cooked to perfection, moist, not greasy and the produce was crisp, bright and fresh. Overall a really great experience! More...


Christine D'Amore

18 March 2019

Super YUM! The Tacos are great, chicken was juicy, not greasy and the veg was crisp and fresh. The quesadilla is Oooey gooey good! Sauces are all house made and pair perfectly with everything! Highly recommend a visit! More...



11 March 2019



Richelle Noroyan

21 February 2019

Delicious and unique menu items made with quality ingredients and excellent taste. I crave Union Foodie’s offerings when I go too long without it.


Andrew Myers

16 February 2019

Amazing food from amazing people! The flavor and quality of their food is top notch! Oh, and the sauces....don’t get me started!!


Erin Wong

7 February 2019

Food is amazing, sauces sublime,and marinated tofu exceptional. Logo is off the chain.


Cameron McKenzie

1 January 2019

Combination of styles and flavors is creative and unique! I love the phorrito!! Five Stars


Kristen Johnson Miklosko

30 December 2018

I have tried everything on the menu and love it all. The food pairs well with the local beers.


Chris Robles

28 December 2018

One of my favorite Santa Cruz County food trucks! Delicious and creative food and the perfect accompaniment to adult beverages of all types.


Gus Ceballos

23 December 2018

The pork belly and the tofu are my favorite meats. And the new báhn torta is the BOMB!! Five stars!


Jen KC

18 December 2018

❤️❤️❤️❤️SUPER DELICIOUS AND FRESH! Messy, so much flavor, super friendly owner and staff. Love the Union Foodie Truck!!


Terri Welch

27 November 2018

Best Food Truck in Santa Cruz!


Matthew Olive

25 November 2018

tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos tacos


Joseph Jacobs

21 November 2018

Awesome location and facilities



11 August 2018

Beautiful mirrored bar and luxurious bathrooms with exterior sitting room. Just beautiful, the pool can be noisy and the room does get stuffy in the evenings but parking is good. Not an easy wheelchair accessible place unless you pull around back. Lots of parking and lots of stairs to the front door. More...


Dutch Tessier

11 August 2017

Great people. Fun family events and charitable projects to support the community.


Pam Cabak

23 December 2016

Do you have a hot tub/spa?Please let me know at 1 831 215 4070


Momma B.

9 July 2016

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Clinton W. Herr

6 September 2015

Diane and I love working the pool. We have such great members


John Heylin

11 August 2011

Great food, nice people, awesome building.