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Mary Cosner Jacobsen

6 September 2019

Wonderful plays and great local actors and actresses!


Keith Brigance

1 September 2019

Very friendly staff. Great atmosphere.


Kay Collins

12 August 2019

the play was awesome and I would recommend people to go see this play the people that was in the play was awesome and I loved the little boy that played in it too


Marjorie Newman

28 July 2019

Really great shows that are well done. Nice atmosphere and all the staff is friendly and welcoming.


Ron Solomon

16 July 2019

Great intimate theatre experience. Friends that had not been there before were amazed at the shows and talent.


Kelly J. Shumake

3 July 2019

My daughter and I had a wonderful time here! We watched Mamma Mia! It was incredible all the way around from scenery to the performances of the actors, everything was spectacular!


Lani GQ

2 July 2019

Great wonderful shows! Convenient place and local artists


Gary Williams

1 July 2019

Every show I have seen has been good, some even great. They have never failed to entertain.


Lisa Evans

28 June 2019

Went for the first time tonight and it was fantastic! Very entertaining and great cast. Thank you Mamma Mia!


Teresa Bronzetti Paige

24 June 2019

Mamma Mia was a fabulous musical!! The singer/actors were amazing!! It was great fun!!


Susan Garner Drebes

23 June 2019

Always a great time!! Just saw Mama Mia and it was so awesome


Kelli White

23 June 2019

Summer musicals are always great and Mamma Mia was one of the best yet. I don’t know why you guys don’t video a performance and put it on YouTube after the show has completed its run. It would be wonderful advertising so people could see the quality of theater production. It’s worlds better than any community theater I’ve seen on YouTube. More...


Brian Collier

22 June 2019

Tyler civic Theatre never disappoints with the quality of shows. Summer musicals are my favorite. Great interaction of casts and audience. Momma Mia! Was amazing can’t wait to the next one More...


Yerots Gutierrez Venita

16 June 2019

Just finished seeing Mama Mia. Absolutely enjoyed myself. I had forgotten we had this avenue for quality plays &_ musicals. "Sophie" & "Donna" had great vocals & acting that made them easily connect with audience. It was a little painful to watch some of the cast counting steps in the dance numbers making them look disengaged yet the whole performance made those moments forgivable. Definitely recommend & definitely plan to take in some of the future events. More...


Sean Holliday

25 May 2019

Great place to see live theatre! Always top notch!


Marcia Garrett

3 February 2019

Locals giving their talents with passion and gusto makes this theater a local wonder. Always inspiring, fun, and a reminder there is a richness of talent at our doorsteps.


Frankie Hendrix

1 November 2018

My girls and I had a magical experience!


Diane West Brown

31 August 2018

The local talent is really good and we thoroughly enjoy the productions.


Cheryl Rogers

26 July 2018

Great show


Amy Burris

12 January 2018

I Never Saw Another Butterfly....The story is so moving. You will be touched. It is a heart breaking story that is so hard to tell, this group of actors did an amazing job. You must see this performance to remember and to be inspired by the courage and the hope of so many children and others lost not so long ago. Their stories should never be forgotten. Great job to the director and all the actors who share her vision and bring to us such an amazing performance. Well done! More...


Olivia Macedo Godden

18 December 2017

I went to see Christmas Belles, my brother did an amazing performance. Pretty much everyone did. Excellent play. I loved it.


Sherri Priest

2 December 2017

Wonderful shows with friendly people. Great experiemce. My grandkids loved Winnie the Pooh.


Michael KangaLang Barnhart

7 November 2017

I've been an fan since Godspell, and as great as their shows are, working in them is even better. You'll have the time of your life both in the audience and onstage with Tyler Civic Theatre.


Emilee Caldwell

3 November 2017

I just saw little shop of horrors last night and was thoroughly impressed. It starts and ends with an abundance of energy. You can tell how hard they worked on this masterpiece! Those actors love what they do! The passion is so tangible you can feel it in your soul! Go see this before it's gone! You won't regret it!! More...


Ashley A B Taylor

28 October 2017

Great show tonight with Little Shop of Horrors! Loved it!


DeAnna Hargrove

17 September 2017

I couldn't be prouder of our regional theatre - what a treasure in our community! THANK YOU for joining me by being part of something good for the city, good for the artists, good for the students, good for the senses and the soul.


Debra Fraser James

7 August 2017

Loved Legally Blonde and the people. I promise Godspell was a one off!


Cherie Paro

6 August 2017

Since the day I was born Joyce Paro has been bringing all four of her daughters .. out to the theater she was in plays, produced ,directed, help with props ,and Lighting and served on board of directors I am proud to call the civic theater my second home thank your mother for introducing all your children to this beautiful world may it thrive in Tyler forever....


Beth Mullins Grace

1 August 2017

Wonderful experience! Intimate theatre. Not a bad seat in the house.


Patti Pickhard

30 July 2017

I recently moved to Tyler from out of state. I went to see my first show at TCTC - Legally Blonde. It was well done. The actors were great, staging was great, seats were comfortable, and I laughed until my face hurt from smiling so much. I can't wait for the next opportunity to see one of their productions. The price is right as well. I'm glad I found this place. More...


Julie Harris Jacobs

22 July 2017

Good my granddaughter last night, it was wonderful. Love this place.


LeighAnn Jost-Moore

17 July 2017

What a great job in just a week w these kiddos! Costumes were beautiful! The kids looked like they were having fun! My niece loved the experience, & is ready to do it again! Bravo!


Kimberly Lewis

25 June 2017

This was my first time and I was not disappointed. "Rock of Ages" was filled with good music and comedy. Hard to stay seated and not sing along. Very talented performance by cast. Thanks to all that made this possible. Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to attending another one. More...


Kenneth E. Campbell

8 May 2017

We saw "The Second Time Around", on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Love the small theater in the round. The actors were very good, and we laughed all the way through. We will be returning.


Lynn Hammett

14 April 2017

PLEASE GO ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE UPDATE OF TCTC. I have never been more disappointed in a production from TCTC in my 20+ years in Tyler than I was in Godspell. After reading the beautiful words of the producer, I was expecting something wonderful. His words do not match his production at all! I did not come to see an inappropriate t-shirt (IDK, IDC, IDGAF) on one of the cast members and certainly did not come to get a political statement shoved down my throat. I do not for one moment believe that a political statement represents the Gospel of Matthew at all. In fact, I believe it is contradictory. We walked out in the intermission, and we were part of a crowd doing so. Nowhere in your description of the musical does it indicate there are political undertones/overtones or I would have saved my money. I would hope that ANY TIME you choose to get political, you need to 1) know your audience, 2) ask yourself if your audience needs or wants a political statement, and most importantly 3) STATE CLEARLY on your website that the message is political so we can make informed decisions before paying $$ to see something we don't want to see. I am angered that I wasted money on this atrocity. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum I fall on, if I want political, I will choose to go to a rally. ***** UPDATE******A couple of months have gone by - we saw Rock of Ages today and I am thrilled to say that this is the TCTC I have known and loved for over 20 years. This was entertaining, perfect timing, the talent in this theatre is unbelievable - we laughed and cheered - they engaged the audience in such a wonderful way. I am so glad we went back - we have only had one bad experience and I think that's pretty good odds!!! More...


Crystal McClurg

13 March 2017

I absolutely loved the intimate atmosphere of the theater. There are no bad seats. Prices are reasonable enough that anyone can enjoy the show. I saw The Little Theater. It was a wonderfully hilarious production. I can't wait to see the next show. More...


Catherine Valera

11 March 2017

I visited last night for the first time and it won't be my last. I love the intimate setting of the theatre, and the production was hilariously amazing!


James Wansley

6 March 2017

A small entiment theater in the round. On the first row, you can almost touch the actors. I've seen several plays here with my family and have enjoyed every one.


Kim Templin

10 January 2017

Love this theater! It is a great venue to see local talent! Not a bad seat in the house!


Kay Parker

9 January 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed "I Hate Hamlet" at the Sunday matinee. My first production since moving to the Tyler area, but will not be the last.


Ethan Gonzalez

7 January 2017

Fabulous venue for productions! Wonderful people come together to perform wonderful shows


Sharon Alexander

12 December 2016

Our family thoroughly enjoyed It's A Wonderful Life!" Best play I've seen in a long time! Sorry for those who may have missed it!


Greta Gilbreath

12 December 2016

The play "It's a Wonderful Life" was a truly wonderful experience. The actors were all very good and truly gave a top performance, especially George and Clarence. Would highly recommend!


Piper Welch

12 December 2016

I purchased tickets for Its A Wonderful Life for my husband for an early Christmas gift. It is his favorite movie and y'all couldn't have done a more beautiful job. It was a wonderful date night for us! We will definitely be back! More...


Robin Goodwin

11 December 2016

We just saw It's a Wonderful Life....Amazing! It was our second show to see at the Tyler Civic Theatre and we will definitely be back for more! Very nice theatre and thoughtful arrangements of the shows by the directors! More...


Marvin Acker

10 December 2016

Went to see "It's A Wonderful Life" last night and it was wonderful. I love the full use of the theater, making it so up close for the audience. We'll be back!


Carolyn Batten

10 December 2016

As I said on my page, this was a great show. George Bailey came to life in every scene. The last show is 12/11. This is a great way to ring in the holidays.


Elizabeth Seguin

6 December 2016

Just saw It's a Wonderful Life and can I just say how absolutely fantastic it is! Jon Dickson sounds exactly like Jimmy Stewart. Everyone did such a wonderful job.


Greg Ethridge

5 December 2016

It's A Wonderful Life was amazing. Go see if you can!


Harold Vincent

5 December 2016

It's A Wonderful Life was outstanding! Attend if you possibly can!


Debbie Lounge-Dudo

5 December 2016

Very enjoyable evening watching a cast doing what they love to do and being great at it.


Jeannie Johnson Conneen

4 December 2016

We had a fantastic evening celebrating the Christmas season at the Tyler Civic Theatre. Thank you so much for bringing the classic It'a A Wonderful Life to the stage. We've been to several production since we've moved to Tyler and we've never been disappointed! More...


Erin Jones

22 November 2016

I read "The secret garden" as a child and read it to my Kids years later. Thank you SO MUCh for bringing this amazing story alive. The actors/actresses were AMAZINg!!! More...


Trisha Cambre McAdams

20 November 2016

My daughter and I enjoyed seeing "The Secret Garden". We had been to see "The Little Mermaid" earlier in the year, and will go see "It's A Wonderful Life", too! I wish I could have heard the characters better, but with no mics, there's almost no way to control that. We were hoping to have a Meet and Greet afterwards, but there was nothing formal that way...we hung around long enough that some of the characters came out already out of costume, but we still recognized them and congratulated them. The young lady who played Mary did an OUTSTANDING job...so much to memorize and lots of emotions to show, and she is young. Lots of talent on the stage of TCT!!! More...


Allison Cambre

24 October 2016

A great place to hone your thespian skills and tread the boards with great friends.


Kathy L. Murphy

11 September 2016

One of the best theater experiences ever! Well cast, thought provoking play that brought the best to the theater's audience.


Deborah Worley Allen

13 August 2016

Amazing show!! A must see for kids of all ages. It's always fun to see how theatre brings some of the characters to life. I thoroughly enjoyed the production and look forward to what's in the works.


Marilyn Evans

13 August 2016

My daughter and I took my ten year old granddaughter to see this amazing production. The presentation, the characters and the music were awesome. The characters did a wonderful job bringing this to life. We are hoping to be able to come back to The Civic Theater and see many more presentations. Thanks for a very entertaining evening! More...


Mindy Hogue Baldauf

7 August 2016

We've been seeing productions here for several years and Little Mermaid is by far the best of any! Big city quality. A must see!!


Katrina Preston

5 August 2016

We had an amazing time watching the little mermaid. Thanks again


Daphne Hasten

4 August 2016

Great theater and a wonderful cast in The Little Mermaid! Love that Walker Delk!


Monica Welsh Fernandes

31 July 2016

Fantastic performance! Full of creativity in see design, costume and music!


Ginger Lynch Saunders

30 July 2016

The quality of the productions and the talent of our area actors are always surprising! Little Mermaid exceeded all my expectations. Don't miss it!


Rita Ballard

29 July 2016

Little Mermaid is fabulous! It is a must see! Our first to attend but won't miss any more!


Abby J. Greene

13 June 2016

I spent my whole life here doing various things, they rarely disappoint with productions


Marilyn Howard

11 April 2016

Interesting play, not one of my favorites, but the actors did a wonderful job!


Debra Williams

12 March 2016

Great plays and great performers. Intimate setting is nice.


Tristan S Bennett

24 January 2016

Really fun and something different to do! Had a blast


Karla J. Haynes

15 January 2016

Farce of Nature was hilarious! Cast was wonderful. Looked like they had a lot of fun.


Curt Gunz

13 January 2016

"Farce of Nature" is over-the-top silliness and fun! The cast does such a great job and so much is going on in this production that the audience gets to laugh no matter where they look or who the focus on.


Melissa Williamson

12 December 2015

Awesome story to get you in the CHRISTmas spirit.


Elesia Davis Lillard

2 December 2015

The kids work very hard memorizing their lines and put so much of themselves in the plays they perform and do a fantastic job!


Gloria Kohli Rognlie

24 November 2015

Have never had a bad experience. Great seating everywhere and great productions.


Ken Walker

1 November 2015

Was a very good play. Has a lot of twist that will keep you guessing till the end.


Delaney Mullee

22 September 2015

I love to act here it's sooo cool!!!! Can't wait to do another play there!


Melanie Allen

15 August 2015

Saw Buddy Holly it was awesome, meet dome talented fold, thanks


Larry Priest

25 July 2015

This is a city jewel! The play's see so much fun to go to. Not a bad seat in the house!


Shelia Heinz

22 June 2015

We're not A Fan Of Musicals, But They Did An Excellent Job Of Les Mis. Bravo!!!


Diana M Havir

21 June 2015

I have thoroughly enjoyed every production I've seen at #TCT!


My-Huyen Tran

19 June 2015

Les Miserable - Beautiful performance tonight by the whole cast!


Jackie Mcdonald

20 April 2015

Awesome place!! My FIRST experience with doing a play in this type of venue....had to put my "big girl pants" on!!! BEAUTIFUL, PROFESSIONAL..... LIVE THEATER!! Love it


Judy Uithoven

15 December 2014

A Tuna Christmas was hilarious!


Amanda Spangler

10 December 2014

Rich quality of atmosphere, involvement, and stage. LOVE coming here!


Beryl Byrd Thompson

2 October 2014

Love this place


Irma Mendez Hernandez

17 September 2014

I always enjoy the plays. I appreciate the actors and crew members hard work.


Velvet Potter

13 July 2014

My daughter an I came Friday night to see Hairspray! We loved it!! Great dancing, some amazing singing. Acting was great. We laughed an had a blast. I will see again. If you get a chance go see Hairspray. Great job everyone! More...


Bellaberyl Sings

12 July 2014

Great place! Friendly, professional and great entertainment


Tom Sill

23 June 2014

Very good entertainment.


James R. Graham Jr.

28 September 2013

This was the funniest of the three Tuna productions to date, the cast is awesome! Do not miss it!


Jen Cook

8 August 2013

Love going to plays here. Theater in the round! LOCAL!

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