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If you are ready to let go of negative thoughts and patterns and change your life for the better, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy is the applied use of hypnosis to help people discover the subconscious reasons for their symptoms, behaviors, or habits.


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Lewis J.

16 May 2019

Twin Pines is simply amazing!  I absolutely love the feel of this space.  Instantly relaxed.  I have seen Lawrence for a couple of sessions and felt right at home each time. His warm personality and professional approach, make for an awesome experience in hypnotherapy as well as sound therapy.  I look forward to future sessions. More...


Leslie G.

21 February 2019

Lawrence is very caring and skilled and gets results! I highly recommend him!


Travis O.

3 January 2019

Simply one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, at the risk of hyperbole.  Helped me quit smoking.  I was more struck by the therapy aspect of it all.  Each session incorporates a comprehensive pre-briefing and debriefing component.  HIGHLY recommended.  Literally can't stop talking about my success with this program.  Lawrence is amazing! More...


Jenny B.

23 December 2018

I recently visited Lawrence Winnerman of Twin Pines Hypnotherapy for a 'mind massage'--which I found to be a very apt name for the experience.  Lawrence himself is kind and warm with a calming personality. His guiding into deep meditation made for a unique experience of being taken out of time and place.  For anyone feeling stress or overwhelm, I think this would be just the ticket to take a short mind vacation and learn tools to help you get there on your own.  I highly recommend Twin Pines! More...


Katie H.

19 December 2018

I was going back and forth on hypnotherapy to help my fear of public speaking for over a year before scheduling a consultation. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Winnerman and decided to move forward with the process, even though I was still skeptical. Going through with this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It not only helped with my fear but got me over pent up anger from my past. Dr. Winnerman is top notch and I would recommend him to anyone thinking about hypnotherapy! More...


Erika F.

14 December 2018

I loved working with Lawrence.  He's smart and compassionate and really "got" what was going on with me.  I've already recommended him to a bunch of people in the Seattle area!


Taylor S.

11 July 2018

I have so much respect and gratitude for Lawrence at Twin Pines. As I was coming from a place of not understanding hypnosis, he provided ample explanation about what exactly happens in a hypnotherapy session. After my logical brain had a firm grasp of what I'd be experiencing, I courageously went through the process of healing my psyche and wow what an epic journey it's been!The memories and feelings that surface are simply profound. There is a rewiring of my soul that is taking place. I can feel it in my day to day daily interactions and my own outlook on life. There is truly something special about this healing art. Hypnosis is a way to go deep and to use our creative brain and our visceral feelings to uncover blockages within ourselves. It's so unique each time! It is exciting to be faced with the unknown and to feel like you're on an adventure of exploring your own mythology. And I am so grateful. My world is centering and balancing in such a beautiful way. Thank you Lawrence for holding the space and creating the structure for my life to bloom. Wow. Just wow. More...

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I love being able to help people. When people come to hypnotherapy, they've usually tried several other ways to change, and are looking for a real solution that works. By interacting with the subconscious mind, we are able to dissolve old patterns and blockages, and bring people to a place of healing and hope that they hadn't thought possible. I'm grateful to be able to do this work with people, and help them when they need it most.