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Product: location, studio, branding, in-use, close up, large format

Architectural: interiors and exteriors, buildings & residential, time lapse videos

Commercial: catalog, website, studio product, product branding,

Location: for events, location product, informal portraits

Wilderness landscape mural-sized prints


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I could write a book about this. When I taught photography and tried to explain to students just what went in to a good photograph it always took the whole semester. There are literally scads of important details that make up a great photograph: Technical skill. Camera type. Lens choices. Size of digital capture. Timing. Style. Taste. Tone. Contrast. Point of view. The best season. Patience. Use of color. Use of black and white. Image manipulation. Image enhancement. Sharpening. Printing.
But the hardest thing to know is when you really have a great photograph. That only comes from self-reflection and years of experience.

I always want to know as much as I can about the person or company I am about to deal with. I want to know what products or models are involved to make certain the job is something I will be a good choice for. I always ask a potential client what the photos are for and what they are trying to achieve. Not all people seeking photography know all these answers, and I can usually help crystalize the vague ideas in their head and make them come to life on a website, a printed page, a video or a giant mural print. Quite frankly, I am not desperate for photo work. I only respond to inquires that interest me. So if I have responded to your desire for photo work, you can be sure that I am ready and perfectly suited for your project.

I give myself photographic challenges and projects all the time. Usually this takes the form of going to a specific place where great images have eluded me in the past. This is how I have over thirty National Park posters in print. These challenges sometimes take the form of a specific technique that I am unacquainted with. Being intellectually curious made me discover how to create seamless HDR panoramas, many of which are now top sellers in National Parks. And I get to do all of this creative creation on my own schedule. No one tells me to get out there and work; it is all self-driven. It all takes me wonderful, wild places (Wildplaces is the name of my calendar in fact) where I can confront difficulties and meet strange and interesting people. How could you not like that?

I knew early on that photography was something I was going to do for the rest of my days - even if it didn't make me a dime. I was hooked by the mystery and magic inherent to photography. In my early years it was watching an image slowly appear under safe lights in a tray of Dektol. Then it was eagerly awaiting a color print to come out of a Cibachrome drum. Now with HDR photography the mystique of Ansel Adams' Zone System is alive and well in the form of digital color. You can't see an HDR Panorama until you compile it on the computer, just like you couldn't see the black and white shots you took until you developed them in the darkroom. It all requires being able to visualize the image while you are taking it. Being able to manipulate images just means I have more control of the final product. I can take breathtaking photos wherever I am. They find their way into the calendar I print every year. It is a great time to be taking photographs. How could I not be in business?

They say if you want something done right, get an old guy to do it. Having over forty years in multiple aspects of the photo business certainly doesn't hurt. I am easy to work with and to talk to. Whatever you need photographically, I have probably done already for years. I make certain that what I shot will meet your needs. That's why we are shooting together after all. In many cases photographs can say more about you, your product and your company than you could ever say yourself, and that is why getting the right photo and the right style are paramount. I am not going to shoot it and expect you to love it. I will keep shooting until we get what you need. I am never going to tell you I can do something I can't. I do what I say I'm going to do.