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arturo cano

30 March 2019

Melo is an awesome trainer! Highly recommend him!


Ashley Kaapke

30 March 2019

I was very hesitant to join Tuneupfit, afraid I couldnt do it, but I can happily say ive been going for about 4 months now and each time feel stronger and stronger. The classes change each time which keeps me interested. Carmelo is an awesome trainer! Highly recommend! More...


Kaitlyn Weseloh

28 February 2019

When i first heard of Tuneupfit it sounded interesting to me. I was a little hesitate because i had a gym membership that i never even used. i know pretty sad. But i worked up the courage and went to my first class. It was awesome and tiring all at the same time. I LOVED it. Carmelo is great at what he does. He made me feel confident in myself and the strength of my body. I have been going for over 4 months now and leave every class feeling stronger then the last. I highly recommend giving his class a try. you will not regret it. More...


Llewelyn Elgo

29 January 2019

I had hesitated to join before as I was afraid to embarrass myself but I'm glad I did. Carmelo is an awesome trainer! He know just how much to push and encourage me that it leaves me feeling accomplished every session. Ever since I join I feel stronger and more energetic . I highly recommend Carmelo as a personal trainer. More...


Sandra Loustaunau

1 October 2018

I've been training with Carmelo for about a year now. He is great at what he does and knows what he is doing. I've gained muscle and lost inches. After having 2 kids I was at a size 14/16 (the biggest I've ever been) and I am now at a size 10. I feel stronger and more energized. I have done small group sessions and the strength and conditioning classes (boot camps). He is great at explaining what type a work out works what muscle and how a small change in position can work out a whole new muscle. He's great at what he does and he truly believes in you and what you are capable of doing. More...


Christine Loustaunau

29 May 2018

I have been training with Carmelo since last April and the results are outstanding. I highly recommend Tune up fit to everyone from the beginner to the expert , He's a great trainer and motivator very professional and efficient. Thanks Melo!


Natalie Marie

29 May 2018

Carmello is an amazing personal trainer! I have been doing his bootcamps since the summer and I have noticed such a difference not only in my strength but my appearance. I lift weights and exercise regularly but decided I needed to change it up. I started going to Carmello's bootcamps and immediately felt like I was learning something new, gaining strength, and starting to look more fit. Carmello is truly knowledgeable when it comes to personal training. With his classes I met new people, changed up my routine, lost weight, and gained knowledge about how to workout better and smarter. Even though it was a group class I received personal attention from Carmello to make sure my form was correct and I didn't hurt myself. (This is so important and I did not find this to be the case in other bootcamps) Overall, I would highly recommend Carmello and his personal training services! More...

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