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At TSMA, we lead the industry in consulting and managing businesses' social media presence, building expertly crafted brands on key platforms, gaining large followings with high engagement, and creating industry thought leaders/influencers.


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20 February 2018

TSMA and the whole team are some of the best here in LA... I started with aruond 75,000 followers @yazemeenahrossi and they helped more than doubled my following! I have now partnered with international companies, Thank you Ryan and TSMA! More...



13 February 2018

My experience with TSMA was fantastic! I felt comfortable in the environment and meeting that I had with CEO Ryan Walker. I wanted to increase my following and bring in sponsorships through Instagram. I definitely got my moneys worth! Ryan walked me through the process and gave me the tools that I need to succeed, also the company is 24/7. So if I ever have another question, Ryan calls me or text messages me the answer. Now I am over 5k followers and being offered products through sponsorships! I recommend this to anyone trying to increase their social media following and trying to make themselves a brand! 10/10 Client Service More...


Paget Kagy

13 February 2018

Love the company, went from 560 followers to 21.5K in around 6 months after consulting with them with thousands of likes and comments. Started getting my account managed right after and now doing partnerships all over the world from my Instagram. Literally amazing. @pagetkagy follow me! More...


The best part of our job is seeing our clients and partners response to our results. Common results are: immense relief, exclamations of happiness and tears of joy. When our strategy and growth tactics consistently work, there is no better feeling.

I noticed in Los Angeles a major problem. Many "social media" companies were taking advantage of businesses and individuals who, due to a lack of understanding, would hire them. These companies would purchase fake followers, feign engagement, and ultimately destroy the company or person's digital presence.

We began working with SAG-AFTRA to protect and educate, and out came our response; a company that finally does things the honest and right way.

We love our clients. At the end of the day, a large following means nothing if it isn't helping your business and career.

We see everyone we work with as partners, and our team of over two dozen hard-working, passionate, and innovative millennial's not only constantly monitor changes in the social media space now, we grew up with it ingrained in our culture.

We would be honored to be given the opportunity to work with you to help you reach your digital goals.


Brand, consistency and quality are the three cornerstones of TSMA consultations. One-on-one consultations include a complete diagnostic by our team, brand reformation, aesthetic profile structuring, planning future content, technical software tutorials, and more. This covers Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all applicable mediums. Social media is undoubtedly the future, and we are here to help you adapt and succeed. • Define social media's role in achieving business goals • Review or discover your company's target demographic • Transition to business profile, opening communication opportunities • Curate current public brand image and messaging • Design community hashtags to inspire consumer engagement • Develop content strategy • Share stunning photo editing techniques • Arm applicable staff with growth strategies and tools • Interpret insights and analytics • Review progress and engagement and make necessary adjustments • Create CTAs (calls to action) and community contests • Demonstrate advanced features of Instagram Stories • Discover key influencers and create strategies to increase reach • Learn to utilize promoted and sponsored posts • Strategize further tactics to increase return on investment

This package is optimal for businesses, productions and individuals looking for an expert team to curate, manage and grow their social media presence. We collaborate closely with you to introduce your content to a broader audience. In person (or Skype) briefing to establish mutual understanding of brand, goals and working-processes • Assigned account administrator • Curation of current profiles including content, bio, handle, profile image and tagged photos • Expertly-crafted page aesthetic and color scheme • Light editing of your content • Tailored posting on your behalf (every 2-5 days) • Instagram algorithm utilization to create organic growth within your target demographic • SEO tactics including hashtag strategy and creation • Analytics, strategy and review meetings every 3 weeks • Professional growth tactics • Relevant industry connections from TSMA Partners

This management option is designed for those who prefer to have an expert team create the perfect social media presence. Have the pros do everything! • Everything outlined in BASIC PACKAGE with the addition of: • All postable content created by our TSMA in-house team • Two photo shoots per month (red carpets, unveilings of product, print shoots, product shots) • Professional content editing with cutting edge software, including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Spark • Analytics, strategy and review meetings every 2 weeks • A full-time TSMA administrator assigned to your account to research and track trends in your industry • Introductions to relevant brands and influencers • Industry opportunities including panels, events and partnerships