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Do you want to commit to being fit and healthy but worried that you don’t have time?
Looking for a fitness trainer who understands your unique needs AND your schedule?
At Truly Madly fit, we get it. We know you want to feel better, more alert, stronger, more energetic and we know that you are BUSY!


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Kathleen H.

12 February 2016

There just aren't enough good things to say about Jessica. As a trainer, she's relentless without being mean, creative enough to keep things from being boring while still ensuring that you're working the whole time, and so much fun to be around that I could almost forget how much she makes me sweat! (Did I mention that I hate to sweat?) As a person, she's funny, smart, warm, energetic, thoughtful, and kind. She finds ways to work around any injury or physical weakness, and never lets me feel bad about myself when I just can't do something that I think should be easy. I like her, I admire her, and I look forward to seeing her every single time - even knowing that I'll be hot and sweaty afterwards. More...


N N.

15 February 2015

Jessica is the trainer I dreamed of. Motivational, non-judgmental, kind, and will push you in ways you didn't know you needed. Although I was an athlete at a younger age, it's been a LONG time. Jessica tapped into my muscle memory right away and reminded me that I am stronger than I thought *and* well on my way to being fit again. The gym has every kind of person under the sun come through--all ages, shapes, genders and ethnicities. This is what every gym should look and feel like. Thank you, Jessica! More...


Travis H.

19 November 2013

Positivity seeps out of Jessica's being, but not in a cutesy way, but in a way that makes training fun and fulfilling.  I've had several trainers in the past and Jessica at Truly Madly Fit has been the best at providing a challenging, fun, and varied workout experience.  I have come away feeling better, stronger, and happier after each session.  If you need a great trainer that will motivate you while also making you feel like a great human being, then Truly Madly Fit is for you!! More...


Rachel H.

29 June 2012

I have been working out with Jessica for over 2 years and I am completely satisfied.  The work outs are always challenging and she is a great motivator.  I always get compliments on my arms, back, and abs and I can say thank you to Jessica for helping me get into great shape.  I have always been active, but having a dependable personal trainer who cares about keeping me active and fit is a must for me.  As I am getting older, I find it harder and harder to be motivated on my own.  Jessica keeps me going and always has a smile on her face full of encouragement.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in better shape, lose weight, or just feel better about themselves.  She's amazing! More...


Rhonda S.

4 February 2012

I am so glad I saw the flyer advertising Jessica as a personal trainer.  We've been working together for 6 weeks and I am so happy with the results.  I have more energy, feel stronger, and my attitude about working out has never been this positive before.  She comes to our sessions prepared with all the gear needed (we meet in an E-vile park) and has our 30-minute block dialed in so well that I feel both confident and challenged.  I am no jock and Jessica really respects that.  She's very professional and has a great upbeat vibe.  Highly recommended. More...


nina j.

25 August 2011

Are you looking for motivation?  Accountability?  A personalized program?  Jessica is your girl.  I met Jessica at a networking event and was drawn to her enthusiasm and upbeat energy.  She is such a positive person and I knew she was the gal for me.  It took me a few months to work up the courage to call her, but once I did I knew it was the right thing.  She provided a busy mom who also runs her own business with motivation and accountability.  I made the time to exercise and I really looked forward to our workouts together.  I feel better, positive, energetic and it is all because Jessica helped me get to this place.You can be hard core or lacking motivation.  Jessica's energy is contagious and you will love her. More...


G. B.

16 July 2011

Jessica is a FANTASTIC personal trainer; she strikes the right balance between cheerful motivation and making sure to give a proper and thorough workout.  She's also great and changing up the workout routine so you can find new ways to build muscle AND get a good cardio workout. Whether you are searching for a boot camp environment or a one-one-one session, I cannot recommend Jessica enough.  If you're in an exercise slump or rut, she will know just how to pull you out and inspire you to get back on track.I also recommend her blog:  trulymadlyfit.com.  She posts inspiring notes on fitness, nutrition and life several times a week. More...


Jill D.

26 May 2011

Jessica is so great! As a very weak and out-of-shape person getting personal training for the first time I have found the experience , well - not painless-because it IS a workout, afterall, but very worthwhile and even fun. The training is so personal and Jessica is so motivating that you can't help but love it. She keeps me encouraged about my goals. The sessions are never the same and never dull. The little gym is great with *free* parking  for early morning sessions, and her prices are reasonable. So happythat  I passed on getting training at a mega-gym. More...


I believe that fitness should be both fun AND effective. Let me inspire you to find the program that is right for you. My passion for full body and mind health can inspire you to find your own balance to better handle life’s ups and downs—fitting better in your jeans will be just an added benefit.

What I can help you do:
Find an exercise program that inspires you, keeps you challenged and engaged in pursuing better fitness
Increase your energy level by re-channeling stresses into toning your body and achieving greater mental alertness
Achieve greater confidence in yourself, improve your posture, and find the fun in fitness

Jessica Barragan believes passionately in a holistic approach to fitness, wellness and to life. As a Certified Personal Trainer and advanced Lifestyle Weight Management Counselor through the American Council of Exercise, she motivates clients to live a full, functional and healthy lifestyle. She loves inspiring people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their health, weight and fitness goals.

Jessica also enjoys working with women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant or who have young children. By creating a specialized fitness regiment, she can help them achieve strength and stamina to improve fertility, ease childbirth or simply have the energy to help chase toddlers around the house.

With her background in Muay Thai kickboxing and circuit training, Jessica will personalize a fitness program for you. She loves making an impact within her community and enthusiastically sharing her zeal for health and wellness with all who are looking to begin an adventure towards a better and more fit future!
Jessica Barragan, Personal Trainer

I love making an impact within my community and love to share my zeal for health and wellness with all who are looking to begin an adventure towards a better and more fit future!