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Rebeca Perez

15 May 2019

Our Westie was as stubborn as could be, and we didn't think that he would ever be able to train until we brought him to Dave. Dave showed us how to truly manage a dog that would previously refused to take any command. It took a while, but he's a better companion given the work we did with Dave. Thank you! More...


Barbara Moran

29 April 2019

David is a dog whisperer. I rescued 2 dogs from South Carolina in October, a boy and a girl (siblings). They were 10 mo old at the time. It was a nightmare. I wanted to send them back. More than once. They were reportedly housebroken.She peed on one rug whenever she pleased. He was fine. She barked nonstop when outside which inspired her brother to chime in. My poor neighbors. It was out of control. I had a fence put in to help with the need for exercise. They had so much energy. They were not trained AT ALL with the exception of crate trained. (they loved their crates). They did not listen to me. They became leash aggressive. Off leash and at day care they were wonderful but as soon as the leash went on BOOM...unmanageable. They are hearding dogs and nipped constantly. She bit the guy putting in the fence when he tried to untangle me in a leash mess. She lunged at men and little girls specifically. I could not walk them together. In spite of harnesses, they PULLED constantly, stopping to play/fight with each other, walk in front o me and back of me. It was impossible, intermittently lunging and barking at people and dogs passing by. I was referred to Troue Hond from a friend. Expensive- yes. That said- it is the best money I have ever spent.I love these dogs so much. They are delightful. They are TRAINED. They listen to me. I am now the alpha dog. I walk them together with ease. They walk on my left side TOGETHER. They stop and sit when I stop. They no longer pull. They do not lunge or try to attack people or dogs passing by. No more barking in the yard. No more climbing on the sofa! I thought it would be hard to keep them off but a simple "ah ah" command and they do not challenge me. They seem calmer now. They no longer have the need/pressure to be my boss. They respect me as the leader of the pack.In addition and more importantly David trained me (no easy task- I was clueless). I spent many hours learning how to be the alpha dog with David as MY trainer (thank you so much). I no longer dread a dog walking toward me on a walk, or seeing people! I am at ease when they go out to play and are not barking at every animal and any people walking by.David really understood and listened to my pups and trained them in different ways- he individualized each of their trainings. My pups were a challenge for even David. My girl was defiant and my boy had poor recall. Totally different dogs and hard for me to figure out. David unlocked the mystery of what made them tick and worked to make them the best they could be. And helped me to be a confident dog owner. I had golden retriever dogs for years. Rescuing cattle dogs (and 2 no less) was an eye opener. Not all dogs are created equal. All that said if you have a dog that you cannot control, or are at your wits end and feel hopeless make an appointment with david for a consultation. he is amazing. You will not regret it, I promise. I only with I had gone sooner (I tried on my own to train them for 4 months before David who accomplished miracle in 2 weeks for each. More...


Julie Swain

29 April 2019

I received David’s name from a co-worker nurse at Bmc . She had raved about him , his technique and what a great job he did with her dog . We have a French Mastiff puppy who is going to be very big , and I needed to make sure I could handle her when she is full grown . What I loved most about David was his honesty , his knowledge about this particular breed, and dog training abilities . Dakota is very cute and Dakota was very stubborn, sometimes I didn’t recognize that until I met with David and he pointed out certain signs to me . Dakota spent one week with David at his facility , which I must say was Marticulous !! And yes I am a smothermother who loves her dog, but he recognized that and emailed me through out her stay to update me of her progress . She wasn’t easy that I know .. after her week , we met with David and he spent several hours with us discussing her training , reviewing the techniques he used , taught us how to correctly walk her , went over commands and discussed with us future training with her . I am very pleased with the outcome . Dakota is a far better listener , mainly because she know who the boss is ... it’s fine to hug and snuggle with your dogs but you must be able to control them , so that everyone can enjoy them .. Dakota is a great walker .. she goes to her place on command .. when someone approaches her she sits and enjoys the pats!! I would highly recommend David for dog training . He knows his stuff , he is all business and he takes pride in his work ! Thank you David for all your hard work with Dakota and Me , I know I needed the training as much as Dakota , forever greatful The Swain’s Braintree Mass & Dakota_the_dogue More...


Meghan Lippman

28 February 2019

We rescued our crazy little Scout from North Carolina. She was a wild thing. She spent two weeks with David, and it made a world of difference. She is still energetic and spunky, but she is incredibly well behaved. She is so much fun now! Thank you so much, David! More...


Jessica Ryder

29 January 2019

After doing research about dog trainers in the area, I decided to send my dog to David. She spent two weeks training with him and her hyperactive demeanor has significantly reduced since training. She is much more of a manageable dog now in regards to every aspect. I can effectively walk her with a german slip collar and a leash without having to worry about her pulling me down the road. We are still working on jumping on people as well as leash/barrier aggression towards other dogs, but I anticipate success with these things over time. If you want to have success with any dog, you need to be repetitive and continue to work with them in order to achieve your goals in the end and not have them go back to their old ways. Thank you David for opening my eyes to the psychology of my dog and teaching me how to properly control her! More...


Nancy Borden

29 January 2019

Say Hi to Tony! He is a pit bull mix and full of energy! We rescued him last June and we all fell in love with him! The only problem is he would go after the back of my husband's leg and he bit him on several occasions. He did not seem to like my husband and this continued to be a problem but we thought he would get used to him? Nope. Tony had an issue with other men as well and this was especially a problem when the person had something in their hand. He would get aggressive and unmanageable. Unfortunately he also went after a friend who stopped by to drop something off and Tony got spooked by this man and went after his leg. Well needless to say we were all upset because we loved Tony but we couldn't have a dog in our house or on our property that was unpredictable. My daughter did some research and found Trouwe Hond K-9 and we sent Tony to doggie boot camp. We have been pleasantly surprised at David's results with Tony. He is still excitable but if we tell him to go to his bed - he goes - and he stays there until we tell him otherwise. He will walk nicely on the leash and we can take him out in public and not worry he is going to bite every man he sees. Thank goodness we found Trouwe Hond K-9 Dog Training or we would have had a very serious family decision to make as we would not have been able to keep an animal that was unpredictable and had a tendency to bite. We are so happy with the results and I would recommend Trouwe Hond K-9 Training - if Dave can't gets results - nobody can. Dave also has a great sense of humor!! More...


Wilson Chieng

30 November 2018

My first rescue and dog, I did not have much idea on proper training techniques or obedience. I tried the pet shop training which did not show much results. After my dog and I went through David's program, not only did she learned a lot I learned a lot myself. David takes the time to show you and your dog the ways to have a proper obedient dog. I can go into a busy store and she won't snap at every single sound or person that she encounters. More...


Jennifer Donahue

30 November 2018

My husband and I would highly recommend David for anyone who is looking for higher level dog training. We came to David after our 4 month old male Bernese mountain dog/border collie mix was having some escalated dominance and behavioral issues. He was getting aggressive towards me and not listening whatsoever to my husband or I when attempting to train him. I was actually scared of my 4 month old puppy which made me so sad because he was such a sweetheart when he wasn't acting out. He was getting very aggressive towards me when I would try to train him and playing ball or anything was out of the question because he would get way too aggressive with us. We found David on Facebook and started to read the multiple reviews of how amazing he was and how people who trained with David and their dog's life was changed from his training. We decided to take a chance and sent our puppy to his 1 week obedience training. We could not be happier with the results of the training. We now have the puppy we always wanted! After 1 week with David and us keeping up with the training our puppy now walks on leash, doesn't bite at all, and is not guarding his food/bones/toys whatsoever and much more. Before I was scared to even let him in the same room as our 8 month old niece but now I let him hang out with her and lick her face :) We have not had even one instance of behavioral/dominance issues since sending him to David and it has been over 3 months. If you are looking for a dog trainer look no further. David is your guy! We are so happy we took our dog to him! More...


S Foy

30 November 2018

Cedar, our 8 month old mixed breed, is a rescue. After several puppy training classes, he remained fear/aggressive. On occasion, he would growl and lunge at people. We stopped taking him out in public, as we were scared it would get worse. Clearly, these classes were not working. After doing some online research, we found David and we are so thankful we did! Cedar spent 2 weeks in his board and train program and now he is a calmer, more focused, more confident dog that we can take out in public. We want Cedar to be our hiking and climbing buddy and we are now on the right track to make that happen, thanks to David.David was great with Cedar and especially patient with us. He answered all of our questions (and we had A LOT!) During the program, he sent us updates with pictures and responded to all our questions. During our training sessions, he took the time and was very patient with us as we practiced the skills needed to continue training at home.We were very impressed with his training facility – large, very clean spaces and not overcrowded. We are a work in progress just as Cedar is, but David taught us the tools for us all to be successful. We highly recommend David to everyone! Cedar is just a pup, but I know that whatever issues we may face in the future, David will help us get through them. Thank you David! More...


UM Club Lacrosse

2 August 2018

Training with David has been an amazing experience. I would highly recommend David for any dog doesn't matter on size, breed or temperament. It is evident throughout his many years of experience he is able to mold his training techniques to fit a method your dog will respond to best. Throughout the whole process he has been extremely communicative always sending updates and answering any questions. I felt more then comfortable sending my dogs to board and train with David knowing they were getting the best care. After training I have seen a tremendous difference in my dogs temperament at home and I am beyond thrilled. I have only positive thoughts and reviews for David and his Trouwe Hond Training; it has definitely been one of the best things I could have done for my pups! More...