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New York, NY, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Tribe Builder Media

New York, NY, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


What Vibes Your Tribe? We connect the world of business development, marketing and public relations. Our success through the years has gained the trust of many high-profile clients, professional athletes and celebrities who look to Tribe Builder Media to incubate new ideas, create buzz and develop strategic partnerships.


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Stanley Cecala

21 October 2019

Robert was referred to us by a friend of our family, who is also an attorney. He was extremely responsive to our initial call as well as his legal review. I highly recommend him for employee related matters. More...


Kristen G.

28 May 2019

As the Regional VP for a global staffing agency, it's imperative I stay on top of trends and find news of reaching my audience. Working with Tribe Builder Media I've been able to develop my thought leadership and get published where I not only may reach clients but the candidates. It's been a great experience working with the agency and I highly recommend them for your thought leadership and brand exposure needs. More...


Minerva Davila

29 April 2019

My experience with The Ottinger Firm was positive from the first moment I consulted with them. Benjamin was attentive, thorough and very helpful throughout a hard transition. Kathryn Daly's soothing voice and patience helped eased my anxiety during multiple phone calls. I highly recommend THE OTTINGER FIRM for anyone seeking excellent legal counsel. More...


Peter Krein

30 March 2019

I have used Ottinger Firm for my personal employment contracts and recommended friends and colleagues to consult with Ottinger. Services are excellent, staff is knowledgeable, accessible, helpful. Highly recommend. More...


Yocasta Carrero

30 November 2018

I highly recommend Ottinger firm,quick result, excellent..



14 October 2018

Danielle is a PR and marketing powerhouse -- and I love working with her. From the day we signed her on, she has performed -- getting PatientPop placements, coming up with creative PR ideas, and constantly thinking of ways to elevate our brand. She has a network of media relations, and any goal we give her regarding coverage, she more than meets. She doesn't just stay in the business/tech sector with us, but takes the time to understand our customers and find them where they 'live' online. I also enjoy working with her -- she's ambitious, talented, bright, and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for media coverage, PR, and creative branding. More...


Ottinger Law Firm

14 October 2018

Our law firm was handling a high profile employment case generating massive media interest. We were busy dealing with the case and then had every major publication and media outlet calling. We needed help. A trusted adviser highly recommended Danielle Sabrina and we hired her. She immediately calmed the storm. Danielle turned things around and managed the media circus for us and to our advantage. She is a true professional. She understands television, online publications, and social media. If you need a PR person, talk to Danielle and hire her. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her now and in the future. More...


Jessica Conteres

14 October 2018

Results. This is all that I can say about Danielle and her services, she produces results. I sought PR for one of my ventures and within 10 days an article was produced in a major business publication. I have sadly found that results in this space are what separates good PR firms from those that over-promise and under-deliver. I recommend Danielle highly, and I can be reached on LinkedIn for specific references or provide a link to that publication. More...


Matthew L.

14 October 2018

We've been working with Danielle and her team for about four years. Our CEO is consistently getting interviewed by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg and many others. They helped position our company to receive several awards over the last couple of years like Fortune's Best Places to Work, Forbes Most Promising Company. They also provide us with reports that stay updated in real time that monitor not only our brand but also our competitors. Through those reports we've been able to demonstrate to our investors the progress our company is making at a much deeper level. We couldn't recommend the Tribe Builder team more and love working with them. More...


David Margolies

2 August 2018

They handled my matter quickly and professionally.


Caprice Oliver

29 May 2018

Amazing firm, I recieved quick and efficient results. Benjamin Weisenburg was a terrific attorney, producing speedy recovery to my case. I will be recommended every friend I know to this firm, for fair justice in their time of need! More...


Lisa-Anne Uhlfelder

29 May 2018

Absolutely a positive experience! Benjamin and his team were always in contact with me laying out all best case scenarios. I truly felt I had the best team in my corner looking out for my best interests. I would highly recommend using this truly dynamic team! More...


Ryan Whitney

29 May 2018

Benjamin Weisenberg has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. This firm is accessible and very professional. I highly recommend.


Chris Gsell

29 May 2018

Super helpful when I was negotiating my employment contract. Helped me understand what was there and how it could impact me in the future. Caught some "gotchas" that I did not. More...


Vilma Carmona

29 May 2017

The Ottinger Firm handled my case quickly and professionally. They kept me abreast of any changes or issues and won my case. Everyone there was very friendly and made me feel comfortable enough to ask any questions without feeling overwhelmed. More...


Mike B.

14 April 2017

I have worked with Robert professionally and he is a pleasure to work with. He is very well versed in all areas of employment law.


Michelle S.

10 March 2016

I was looking for an employment lawyer that specializes in CA law who could review and provide feedback on a separation agreement. Before signing, I wanted to be sure I fully understood the implications.  Lucky for me, I stumbled across the Ottinger Firm. They were super easy to work with and, for a flat fee, reviewed my documents and advised me on red flags, etc. Robert followed up with me personally to make sure all of my questions were answered. I definitely recommend. It's wonderful to have peace of mind! More...


Jonathan M.

25 September 2015

Was very satisfied with how the Ottinger Firm dealt with my case. They answered all my questions, and were very responsive when I reached out for more information. They kept me in the loop while my case was being handled, and I was very satisfied with the result. Would definitely recommend. More...


Michael W.

18 September 2015

Robert Ottinger is one of the best and smartest lawyers I have ever met. Unlike many other attorneys, he combines legal skill and knowledge in his area of practice with a genuine care for his client.  In any matter where you need an employment attorney, I enthusiastically recommend the Ottinger Firm. More...

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