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Trellis Counseling offers help and hope to people struggling with everyday life stressors, with a specific focus on trauma. Individual and group therapy is available to help meet you where you are and offer hope that you're not alone in this challenge.

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29 March 2018

Barb is amazing. Her compassion, dedication and skills are top notch. She cares deeply about her work and her clients and is the very definition of a caring and competent professional


Ronda Shirley

26 March 2018

Have you had traumatic experiences that have kept you in bondage? Are you struggling with developing fulfilling relationships because of these past traumas? If this sounds like you, Barb Majors is the person for you. She helps others by providing a safe space for healing to occur. Call her. You'll be glad that you did. More...


Kim Parker

16 March 2018

Barb is an approachable therapist with advanced training to help those suffering after trauma. She cares about each person and shares from her own experience.


Diana Garcia

25 February 2018

Barb is clearly passionate about her work with her clients. She is dedicated to making sure her clients surpass whatever challenges they may face.


Patrick Schultz

19 February 2018

Barb is excellent. She goes the extra mile to help you!


Hannes Wessels

19 February 2018

Bard is a very dedicated professional! I highly recommend her.


chris caudle

19 February 2018

Barb majors is a gifted and compassionate therapist. She has a passion for giving great care to her clients.

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I love working with people and being witness to their healing. Being able to offer help and hope to others is an incredible privilege that I have and I never want to take that for granted.

In a nutshell, I'd wanted to be a social worker since I was 5 years old. Life had has offered me a unique journey with significant challenges that allow me to have insight into others' struggles. Starting my own business is the natural progression for me as I have a desire to help others. As a business owner I'm able to set my own schedule which I find allows me to be more available to those I can help.

I have a unique life journey to this point that include a lot of personal struggles that allow me to have a perspective that might not be found elsewhere. I have experience in raising children with special needs, adoption issues, mental health issues, complex trauma, and more. I have a specialty in working with trauma and extra training in specific trauma treatments that have had clients surprised at how much relief they have been able to have.