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Traveller's Tearoom offers a selection of cupcakes, pastries, muffins, specialty cakes and more. We will deliver a taste of England with our cream tea and catered tea parties.

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Melody Bernhardt

10 October 2018

Wonderful flavor combinations. We’ve done multiple company functions with Traveller’s Tearoom and Erika’s attention to detail has been incredible!


Linda Heiring

9 October 2018

Her desserts are divine, both in taste and style. I love how much Erika worked with me to get the exact style I needed. Five stars!


Jill Hawke

9 October 2018

Traveller's Tearoom made custom cupcakes for our baby gender reveal party. I had requested unusual flavors and the cupcakes exceeded my expectations in both taste and presentation! The cutest little handmade pumpkins topped them, as it was a pumpkin themed party. Absolutely would recommend! More...

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The decorating of cakes is my favorite part of my job. Being a creative person this gives me the greatest avenue to outwork that passion.

I started my business because I wanted to have a way to outwork my passion and it be something that can fit around being stay at home mom.

After researching a lot of bakeries around my area and attending many weddings, I found that there is a lacking in the presentation and taste of cake desserts. I bring rich flavors and gourmet cakes to your special event that will wow your guests.