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Joshua Hughlett

10 June 2019

Working with Roslyn connects you with the right people!


Jada D.

29 January 2019

Travel to do good has been an excellent partner since 2015. As a Travel ambassador of TTDG, My travel group The Global Intent, has reliable heavily on Roslyn and her team to not only travel as a group but also participate in a service project in each countertop. It’s been an amazing experience. With Roslyn’s help we’ve traveled with groups of 15+ to Nicaragua, Colombia, Ghana, and South Africa!!! More...


Jeanneth Castro

22 January 2019

I went to Nicaragua with Travel to Do Good on a health mission. It was a wonderful experience. We worked hard and got the opportunity to meet wonderful students and parents along the trip. It was well organized and they took us to interesting touristic places during our time off during the week. The Medical staff volunteering was very well trained and with a BIG heart. After the fact we became good friends. Roselin the organizer is very organized and proactive. She made the trip worth all the way. I will do it again! More...


Mary Land

21 January 2019

My trip to San Miguel de Allende & Centro Infantil de los Angeles was a perfect mix of culture, community and collaboration. I had a wonderful experience and so grateful for Roslyn’s mission to connect people’s passion with adventure. I can’t wait for the next TTDG trip! More...


Cheryl Davidson

20 January 2019

Great Trip! I Went to Africa, to Johannesburg and Capetown never thought i would ever go to Africa the Trip was welled planned we had great tour guides, i had an opportunity to go on a safari. The trip allowed us to Volunteer at a local orphanage. Wonderful and Educational trip. I would go again thank you Travel to do good. More...


Karen Grey

19 August 2018

I love the idea behind this concept. Travel while doing good and make a vacation of it too. What a novel idea? Voluntourism is a great process, thank you to Roslyn for making it seamless to do both in one motion.


Roberta Jackson

19 August 2018

These are wonderful people doing great things, especially for the children of the world who are in need. Also helping so many people to become aware of the need, open their hearts and respond.

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