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Jenny B.

2 November 2018

Marin County's Best Personal Trainer! Working with Amie has dramatically improved my body, my health and my outlook on life. Because of Amie, I have lost weight and I am in the best shape of my life. I feel strong, confident, and have a positive can-do attitude.  Honestly, hiring Amie is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, and I am extremely thankful to her for working with me. Amie really took the time to understand me, my weaknesses and strengths, and then customized a program for my success. As a highly experienced, educated and certified fitness and nutrition professional, I absolutely trust Amie's expertise. In a short time, she transformed my body from couch potato to kick-ass strong and fit! My only regret is not finding Amie sooner, I am a happier, healthier person because of her. trainwithaim.com More...


V T.

11 July 2017

I started working with Amie this year.  I was looking for a personal trainer who I could work with outside of a gym.  Right away I found Amie's energy infectious.  She is dedicated to and excited for your success.  I feel like she not just professionally, but is personally involved in my progress and that support motivates me to want to achieve more and do better every day. We meet twice a week and we check in almost every day via email or text, even if its just a "how are you doing" check in.  I love that we meet at local parks and areas around Novato. She arrives fully equip with everything we need for the session.  Not only has it gotten me out of the house to enjoy this awesome city, it has really opened my eyes to all the different ways you can include fitness into your life without joining a gym.  The workouts are challenging, but I always feel like a success after it is done. Even in the few months we have been working together I have already seen improvements in my muscle definition and strength.I started working with Amie for fitness, but her input on nutrition has been invaluable.  Since we started working together I have overhauled my diet with her recommendations and feel confident to make good food choices that will help me improve and reach my goals.If you are looking for a local personal trainer, who isn't tied to a gym and who really cares about your success you could not pick a better trainer than Amie. More...


Rebecca W.

5 May 2017

Amie is the best personal trainer I've ever had. She learns what works for my body, considers nutrition and keeps me motivated by encouraging me to hold to my commitments. Don't bother with other trainers ... just hire Amie! More...


Erik B.

20 December 2016

Amie is professional, supportive and invested in her clients, and she has helped me transform my life. Her holistic approach has helped me put my health (nutritional, physical and emotional well being) first. AKA 80lbs of weight loss, 50% reduction of BP Medication, elimination of cholesterol medication--All in 10 months. I'm more confident, less stressed and much happier in life. Lets face it --not much beats that. More...


Jean L.

23 April 2015

I have benefited in SO many ways from working with Amie! She has been right there for me throughout our first series of sessions together, with genuine caring and attention on my strengths and weak areas. Amie helps me to learn and understand how to truly take care of myself with clear nutrition training and accountability. She's always there to dialog and answer questions - it's amazing how she seems to recall every detail about my health and progress through the questions she asks about my day or recent week. Amie brings real, sincere support to my life!I'm nearly 60 and already "know" a lot about nutrition, but this youthful, vibrant, accepting, and intuitive woman Amie, has lovingly directed me towards a way of actively being far healthier in practice throughout each day. I hold the highest regard and appreciation both for her professionalism and her personal interest in my aims, supporting me to lose weight and regain physical well-being. I definitely recommend Amie and Train with Aim! More...


miriam m.

21 September 2014

I have been working with Amie for over a year, this is the longest I have ever stuck with any food/exercise program; this is a great testament to Amie.We work together through E-mail, text and phone, which work great for me.I find it hard to believe myself, but I started jogging at 50! Amie planted the seed, I was not interested, but found myself awake early one morning and went for my first plod/fast walk. I can now run for over 3 miles without stopping and have never been fitter. I don't enjoy jogging, but love the felling when I'm finished.I am an emotional eater, I lost two loved ones this year and am about to sent my baby to college.... still manages to lose almost 30lbs.  I love that Amie is consistently upbeat, and supportive. I do not feel guilt or shame when I'm not making the best choices, and I am making good choices the majority of the time. Eating clean simply makes me feel good. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have Amie's support and motivation. More...


allison b.

1 September 2014

Amie is the best! She is attentive and extremely knowledgeable. She helped me understand portion size, the necessity of snacks, and the power of protein in my diet. She truly cares about her clients, as evident by her willingness to email at all hours of the night! Thank you, Amie! More...


Heidi T.

26 August 2014

Amie is fantastic!  Very motivating, very up-beat and knows the right balance of pushing vs. pushing too much.  She is so thorough, always follows up with me after a session and is extremely knowledgable on nutrition.  I have been working with her for about 3 years now and I couldn't be happier with her or the results! More...


Sara V.

26 August 2014

Amie is amazing!   She has completely changed the way I think about nutrition and has given me the tools to eat healthy, not to be on a diet.She constantly has a positive attitude and isn't judgemental.   However, she is still highly motivational and helps you hit your goals. More...


Anastacia M.

25 August 2014

From Boot Camp style training to Nutrition management and training- Amie is the BEST.  She is positive and makes you truly feel like you can do it even when the little voice in you tells you to quit.  She keeps you on track and you are destined for success if you follow what she teaches.  Above and beyond all of that- she can laugh with you and she really makes working on yourself FUN!  Fun and with amazing results- what more can you ask for?  I highly recommend Amie and have to many friends and colleagues and they have all had the same positive results.  I just wish she could live with me and make all the amazing recipes she sends out :) More...


Darby T.

25 August 2014

Amie is AWEsome. I was old tired fat and lazy. Amie inspired me to just try and get stronger. It worked. I'm still old and lazy but now when I walk I don't  feel like I will fall!!  Also I take the stairs instead if the elevator and often use her wonderful recipe suggestions. She knows how to inspire and get u started. Well worth it!! More...


Erin L.

24 August 2014

Amie is an amazing trainer.  I've been working with her for over a year now and really appreciate her incredibly positive attitude and tenacity.  She pushes me hard during workouts and then follows up with me between sessions to ensure I'm making healthy choices.  She sends encouraging emails, healthy recipes and is always available for questions and support.  I have worked with Amie on my diet and nutrition and found her to be incredibly knowledgeable.  She's helped me enormously in refining my diet and empowering me to make better choices.  I also really look forward to workouts with her.  I'm not someone who naturally loves to exercise, but after a training session with Amie, I feel more energized and inspired to stay active all week.  My overall fitness level has definitely improved since I started working with Amie.Amie is the best!  I can't recommend her enough. More...


Nilu r.

14 May 2008

Amie Osborn has changed my life.First of all, this woman has the most positive attitude ever... and it is infectious. You cant help but feel that anything is possible, even when you sit in front of her and agree that you will stop eating sugar.  I mean seriously, who can stop eating sugar?  Well, after being on her program, not only did I learn to eat right for my body type, but I have able to kick the sugar habit.  I never thought that it would be so easy to eat totally clean...Amie has helped me find the discipline that I thought I lacked within myself. Amie is knowledgeable, professional, motivational, sweet and just an amazing coach.  I have recommended her to my own clients and friends. More...