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Richmond, Virginia

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Richmond, Virginia



At Touchstone Counseling Services, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working, together, towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfill their potential.


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Angela Royal

17 July 2019

Im looking to develop personally and professionally, talking with Alva Kershaw allowed me to shed layers of heaviness and leave her office light and free.


Thomas Stacey

15 July 2019

It was no accident that I heard someone say, “EVERYONE NEEDS A THERAPIST!” If not everyone; for sure THIS ONE! I’ve said in the past, “I think I need to see a Therapist.” I had not seeked out a therapist until I met Sheila Battle and through a short conversation; she referred Alva Kershaw. Professional, knowledgeable, patient, kind and so real with her welcoming that you no longer worry about vulnerability or what will she think of you. Seeking help from her in dealing with grief and being me has taught me, the woman that says, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH that; it’s alright to really do all three. It’s alright to seek counseling, to cry and laugh. It’s alright to be ME. It’s alright to love my mom that I loss and celebrate and be grateful for her instead of living with grief. I have people to be thankful for and Alva Kershaw is one of them. When someone speaks of needing help; I will not hesitate in speaking her name. More...


Shanti Pelham

6 June 2019

My first session with Ms. Kershaw exceeded my expectations.


Jessica Carter

5 June 2019

Beyond grateful to have a GOOD therapist. My first session was more than successful. I highly recommend Ms.Kershaw!! Can’t wait for my next session. #journeytohealingandwholeness #firstofmanysessions #mentalhealthmatters More...


Wayne Mason

3 February 2019

I started service with Ms. Kershaw over ten years ago, when she was working with veterans. During my time in individual, group, and marital therapy with her, I was informed, enlightened, encouraged, and empowered to “un-become” all that was not a part of who I could become. She helped me look at and lose the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that kept me stumbling and struggling regarding [negative] people, places, and things. Today, although I still have issues that I work on, I’m thankful that she pointed me to the path that helped me get my life back on track. Her counseling is mixed with healthy doses of hard work, empathy, humor, healing, and hope. Exceptionally competent, capable, and compassionate, Alva seemingly has an endless repository of resources and references, which she aptly applies as appropriate. I highly recommended Touchstone Counseling Services, without hesitation or reservation, to anyone who wants to grow and become healthier mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. More...


Verenda K Cobbs

1 February 2019

Alva is patient, compassionate and dedicated to helping you learn, grow and heal. Her space is a place where you will transform and heal at the same time.

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