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Establishing your online business is an art, and it takes some finesse and creativity to make it a success. With that said, Torch Designs strives to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We offer Digital Marketing, Website Design, Application Development, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc).


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Andy Johnson

21 August 2019

Torch Designs re-designed my companies website and the difference is remarkable. I had a WIX site. While WIX marketing is great, their sites have gaping holes in its functionality. The website that Torch Designs crafted for me is the full and complete swiss army knife of marketing and money-making! My website is the best employee I have, and I work for myself. 5 Stars! More...


Matthew Brower

8 August 2019

Love them! Great people and get the job done!


Tyler Prescott

1 August 2019

Absolutley amazing work phenomenal websites I’ve seen the effects what aTorch designs website can have for many businesses


Sophia Stuart

5 July 2019

We love working with Torch Designs. They definitely deliver on the high quality work.


Marie Sarah

5 July 2019

Torch Designs is the best ever!


Sarah Lindley Farnsworth

5 July 2019

I highly recommend torch designs for all business marketing and web site needs. They do a great job.


Samuel Thayer

23 May 2019

We love Torch Designs. Kevin, Sarah and Team have been helping us with our Websites and IT solutions for years! They are awesome to work with and provide excellent service. We are so happy to have their expertise in building our website and presence. They have also been instrumental in our success with web sales and advertising! We would recommend them to anyone!Sam Thayer, CEO More...


Patty Jacques

22 May 2019

Torch Design is the best company for professional websites and so much more!!!


joe colavito

22 May 2019

This team is awesome if you are looking to step you website game up or get the phone ringing for more customers call them and get the ball rolling. They are the google advertising gurus. I will say they are one of the best investments I have made in my company. The only problem I have had with using them is I’ve gotten so busy I had to hire more employees. Again thanks Kevin and his team for helping build my future. More...


Rob Westlake

22 May 2019

Kevin is a wealth of knowledge about website design and optimization. But, more importantly, he and Sarah are incredible people and a real asset to our community.


Daphne Tarango

22 May 2019

The Torch Team is top-notch. I have two websites custom-built by them. I've had business cards made by them. And they've designed marketing materials for me on a number of occasions. They respond to my inquiries quickly and have my best interest in mind. They are always fair. I trust them, have recommended them to others, and will continue to do so. More...


Alberta Lindley

22 May 2019

Great work by Christians… The Art is beyond OUTSTANDING.. Torch Designs can have our business ANYTIME...


Sarafiona Leland

22 May 2019

Oh my goodness. I love these guys. Their team is so professional, they handled all of my clients business with ease. We even through them a few curve balls and it was all good. :-) Thanks to them our Internet marketing was perfecto. More...


Vanessa Barfield

22 May 2019

Knowledgeable and super talented in so many areas. Highly recommended.


Joshua Zarandona

29 January 2019

I am in the same BNI group as Kevin. He has earned an excellent reputation as a knowledgeable, skilled professional who builds a quality product. On a more personal note, he has also shown great personal integrity which makes doing business with him a pleasure More...


Milton De La Cruz

24 April 2018

Torch Designs is the company you want on your corner when it comes to helping you with your online advertising. Kevin & Sarah are not only extremely knowledgable on the subject, but they are also local, they are amazing, and they truly care for their customers and their success. I've been with them now for several years and plan on being their customer for life! Milton De La Cruz. More...


Wayne Miles

8 December 2016

Kevin and his team are very experienced and professional. They seem to keep up on all the current internet changes that effect how websites perform. I was also impressed about how well they listen to your needs and work with clients. More...


Amber Kee

14 July 2016

Torch Designs is AMAZING!!!!! They can make user and mobile friendly websites that look great and draw more customers to your business. They can also help with your online presence and even do marketing for you!!! You will not be disappointed if you use Torch designs!!! More...

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