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Peter Hinds

6 October 2018

Great coaches and a fun community.


Jasper D'haese

6 October 2018

Nice workout environment , good equipment, great coaches


Mary Chris Arena

17 May 2018

Super impressed and surprised in the best of ways... I am so shocked with how much i've enjoyed Crossfit, specifically this location. The first few weeks before starting I was SO nervous. The name "crossfit" was always very intimidating to me, since it seemed to have such a cult-like following. After working out at the facility for only 6 weeks, I have to say, I'm addicted. I totally understand people's obsession with it--the environment is high energy, the instructors are awesome and intense. The really cool thing that has impressed me the most is the availability of different classes and different exercises within each class to accommodate different fitness needs. I've already lost 11lbs in the last 6 weeks working out at the facility and I'm really looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with them! I highly recommend Top Tier Crossfit and their instructors! More...


Alicia Money

19 April 2018

I was apart of the 6 week challenge at Top Tier CrossFit in Winston Salem. Through six weeks I have saw so many changes in my body! I feel stronger and confident than ever before. I reached my weight loss goal and some! They give you all the resources and information you need to lose the weight all you have to do is put forth the effort. I would recommend this gym to everyone! More...


Bria Backman

18 April 2018

Top Tier is an excellent place that not only offers challenging yet rewarding WOD exercises, but also encourages members to think about long term success that incorporates health on the nutritional, physical, and level. I have seen drastic results in a short period of time along with more motivation to reach and exceed goals. More...


David Ryan

13 April 2018

Awesome facility, great staff, great place to drop in for a WOD when traveling. Thanks for having me!


Melanie Andes

18 March 2018

I just completed one of Top Tier's Six Week Challenges, and am amazed at the improvement in my body. I feel, sleep, look, and function better than I have in a long time. The challenge was often difficult, but it was a great exercise in self control and was heartening to see the outcome of the hard work I put into the program.
Top Tier is a world class facility, with great equipment and a clean, modern feel. The most impressive element of Top Tier, by far, are the coaches. Each brings their own expertise and perspective to their classes, and they are genuinely concerned with the quality of your performance at the gym. I have learned an immense amount from them, and trust their knowledge and experience to become stronger, more fit, and avoid injury.
Thank you, Top Tier!


Josh Dalton

10 March 2018

Top Tier is a great facility with excellent coaches and an awesome community of people to work out with. I’ve been a member for two years and thanks to the great coaching at Top Tier, I am seeing improvements in my fitness on a daily basis. I recently completed the Six Week Challenge, where I saw great results by following the nutrition plan, being consistent with my workouts, and using the motivation from the coaches to help me reach my goal! More...


Joey Daoud

2 November 2017

Dropped in. Great class coached by Ashley and friendly group of athletes.


David B Rathbone

22 June 2017

At 45 years old, I was a little anxious about starting a CrossFit program. Luckily I came across Top Tier during my search for a box. Brandon and Mike have been awesome coaches and there for support all the time while I completed my foundations classes and working through my first week of WODs, and the community here is truly exceptional! You won't regret joining and starting on your fitness journey at this box! More...



23 November 2016

Its nice

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