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Tootie's Famous Italian Beef specializes in slow roasted meats. Our meat is very tender and packed with flavor. We put it on a bun with cheese and pickled vegetables, wrap it up tight to squeeze some juice into the roll and hand it to you. Lots of customers have said its the best sandwich they have ever eaten.


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Lisa Bowlin

24 August 2019

What a hidden GEM! We stumbled across Tooties looking for an easy, delicious, affordable bite on friday evening without the Carson Street happy hour crowd. Boy did we hit a jack pot! The shop was tended by the owner, Carl. He was friendly and kind, giving us recommendations of their menu's most popular items. We opted for the beef mac and cheese sandwich and the biscuits and gravy. The Italian beef was so tender and flavorful, and it was smothered with creamy mac and cheese. You could taste notes of bacon in the mac and it was DELICIOUS! The biscuits and gravy had a bit of heat to the sausage and the biscuits themselves were like perfect sponges made for the job of souping up the gravy. It was so stinkin good! Carl runs a great biz carrying on his mama's recipes! The restaurant is named after her, and sweet Carl's Mama should be very proud!!! More...


Chardae J.

1 August 2019

I never heard about Tooties but I'm sold. Their pulled chicken sandwiches though are jam packed with flavors. Also their pickled vegetables inside the sandwich is a huge selling point. I now want to figure out how to pickle stuff just for these purposes. This place is tucked away and I feel like everyone should know about it. My boyfriend loves their Mac and cheese. I didn't have a chance to try it but being that he doesn't love Mac and cheese that's a compliment. More...


Chris Hollingsworth

20 July 2019

been in Pittsburgh for a week on business. Hate I found this place on the last day. Best sandwich in Pittsburgh


Christina West

13 July 2019

Food was good....ordered late night to work via Postmates! However each of my two beef sliders had peppers with stems Watch your teeth!!


IG l___auren

9 July 2019

So good


Albert pulice

30 June 2019

Love this place!!! Gotta try this food


tom anderson

22 May 2019

the best italian roast beef sandwich i ever had and same goes for the mac and cheese


Sergio Parks

15 May 2019

I love snacking here. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. It has a nice atmosphere. Menu is like a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.


Theodore Fuller

15 May 2019

one of the best spots in the area. menu is like a cafe in boston i liked.


Andrew Matthew

4 May 2019

Fantastic sandwich, salad and Mac N Cheese - this place is a hidden gem in Pittsburgh. HIGHLY recommend if you are looking for great, homemade food and fast service. 5 stars.


Mark Easton

29 April 2019

Very tasty! This is my kind of sandwich. Thankful to find a Chicago classic done right, here in Pittsburgh!


Brad Uhrin

29 April 2019

Best late night sandwich in the Burgh!!! Forget Primanties... This is the spot but not much seating so if you're good for potentially standing and eating it or a to go order it's great!


Taylor Braun

30 March 2019

Food is soo good but the last 3 times I drove down there 30 minutes from my house just to get a sandwhich, the place was closed everytime. Why do you say you open at 11 on your website when you don’t? I came at 12 & 1 and nobody was there or answered the phone. You should update your website. More...


Dean Huffman

30 March 2019

Staff is always timely even when they have a full house. The service was helpful and kind.


Mary Nestor

13 March 2019

Friends took me here one night. Best decision! I had the chicken Mac and cheese and it was wonderful! Will be back!


Mary N.

11 March 2019

First time trying Tootie's this last weekend. It was amazing! I got the chicken Mac and cheese sandwich and it was delicious! Tootie's is a must go to when you are in the South Side! More...


Melissa K.

2 March 2019

This is a must stop location. If you're any where near Carson Street, you gotta try Tootie's. Had our first taste tonight and it will be  go to place for us for a long time.


Steven Walker

28 February 2019

Beef/chicken Sandwich was good, however their Bacon Mac n Cheese was pronominal!


Mel S.

22 February 2019

I spotted this place while looking for parking and food. What a awesome choice! The Italian beef was awesome. Brownie very chocolaty and the bacon Mac & cheese one of the best I've ever had. The lady behind the counter was extremely helpful. More...


L M.

27 January 2019

Delicious sammies made by a very friendly guy.  We got here right at opening and grabbed one Italian beef and one beef with mac.  They were both phenomenal. I'm not sure which one I would choose over the other.  They were massive so I was very glad for the long walk back afterwards. More...


Gale VanCampen

11 January 2019

Cute tiny place in a historic district in Pittsburgh. The chili was delish!! I also loved the bacon mac & cheese. I will be back next time I’m in town.


Hilary P.

30 December 2018

Got the fat boy soup after a cold winter Steelers game. It was AWESOME! Just the right amount of heat to warm the soul, full flavor and filling. The full size is enough to feed 2 or make 2 meals out of it and it is delicious. Even people who were "not hungry" came for a taste and then seconds because it was so good! The husband got the destroyer and the taste is largely the same. So it is  also excellent but with sweet corn bread and cheese and sausage. Either way EAT HERE! You won't be disappointed.... and they deliver!!! Bonus!!! More...


Colin M.

12 December 2018

Dope sandwiches and amazing bacon mac and cheese. I would eat the giardiniera by itself. Will definitely be back


Joey Martinez

28 November 2018

Anyone know why they are listed as opening at 11am but multiple times I’ve try to walk in at 12 and door is locked open sign is on but no one answers the phone? Not sure if the crackhead working there is getting high in the back or what I just want my Italian beef and my mac & cheese :/ hopefully the owner realizes he’s missing out on a ton of business multiple times in the past 2 weeks has this happened drove down when they are listed as open and waited outside like a moron for 20 minutes no sign nothing thank god Benny Fierro’s is actually open so I could get food More...


Darren Lewis

25 November 2018

The Italian beef sandwich is a chuck roast shoved into a perfect hoagie roll with pickled vegetables. Savory clashes with tangy. It's sopping wet. It's amazing.


Courtney H.

11 November 2018

This is the exact definition of a dive or a whole in the wall restaurant. We stopped by here on a food tour we took on the Southside and this was everyone's agreed favorite spot. All it is is a counter where you get food from. Home style, local cooking. Foodies should definitely give it a try. We tried the Italian beef, shredded chicken, bacon Mac and cheese and chili. Everything was wonderful. Half of us thought the pulled chicken was the best while others thought the Italian beef but everyone had nothing bad to say about anything. You won't regret giving this a try! More...


Hillary Cova

9 November 2018

Just stopped in. Happy accident. It’s delish!


Edie Krofcheck

7 November 2018

The food was very good, I went in with pretty high expectations and they didn’t disappoint. One of the best sausage biscuit and gravy I’ve ever had! The service was fast and friendly. We’re in Southside on a regular basis. Will def be back. More...


Teil U.

5 November 2018

The food here is phenomenal. My fiancé and I both got the chicken and Mac sandwich. The food is seasoned perfectly and the Mac was cooked perfectly. The owner was super chill, friendly, and easy to converse with. We will definitely be coming back. More...


Vince V.

1 November 2018

Chicken Mac is to die for!! There's nothing like this spot in all of Pittsburgh! The food is all so good and there hours are late for a good after hours treat


dan Berg

31 October 2018

A favorite of mine whenever I can get there. Excellent quality food, clearly made by hand and fresh every day. Italian beef is tender, flavorful and the bread is soft and is a perfect compliment to the beef and pickled veggies. Do yourself a favor; order the bacon mac. Simply to die for. Homemade mac and cheese that is sinfully delicious. Awesome place to grab lunch!!! More...


Lyss Z.

22 October 2018

Easily my new favorite place and the best hidden gem in Pittsburgh. I got the beef and Mac and cheese sandwich .. definitely my new go to!


Graycen A.

18 October 2018

Best Mac and cheese I've eaten at a restaurant! The bacon Mac and cheese was perfectly cheesy.


Dianna Wysocki

23 July 2018

Definetly coming back!!! The man behind the counter was great, we sampled a few things and he's definetly the guy you want representing you....keep everything just the way it is....OUTSTANDING!!! More...


Mark Ring

23 July 2018

It was great. The two guys working this morning were great, very nice


Joe Marino

23 July 2018

This is some of the best roast beef I have had anywhere, if Pittsburgh were capable of making good bread this would be one of my favorite sandwiches in the country. Good stuff.


Steve Liptak

23 July 2018

When you need a break from pizza & gyros in Southside, this is the place. Convenient late night hours on weekends. The Italian beef is superb. Tender beef and delicious seasonings. One hell of a manly sandwich. More...


Nick Nartone

23 July 2018

Never had anything like it. I was expecting it to be roast beef. Instead, the beef is shredded, kinda like pulled pork, simmered in a broth of sorts, and served with a vegetable chunk sauce kinda deal. DELICIOUS. Try it.


Michele Svitek

23 July 2018

Omg... Our dinner tonight was fabulous. Every bite. The chili is amazing. The mac and cheese is out of this world. The beef is so freaking good it really should be illegal. Lol!!! Didn't try the brownie yet cause I am so stuffed. See ya tomorrow for another sandwich! Thanks for making the best sandwich in southside! More...


Patrick Grimes

23 July 2018

I was waking in south side, hungry. A wispy hand embodied by the sweet aroma of the Italian beef caused me to float down the side street and into Tootie's. Dumbfounded, mouth a gape, I stuttered until I made my choice. Half a block later, I had but the sweet drippings that came from the glorious beef sandwich. Now only a memory. A beautiful memory. More...


Ronnett Michele

23 July 2018

We drove an hour to go to Tooties after seeing the commercial on our local station. The hospitality was A1 and believe it or not but the food was even better than that. Our only regret is not getting sandwiches and mac and cheese to take home. And that pickled mix on top of the sandwiches is a must!!!! Great job! More...


Ahleigha Rodgers

23 July 2018

Best Italian Beef in town! Perfect location, great staff!


Mike Folker

23 July 2018

Stumbled in after smelling the amazing food from out front of The Rex. The owner helped us with some samples. Everything was delicious. Went with the beef sandwich and chilli. Try that Mac n Cheese too! 24 hours later I'm craving it again... too bad we live in Columbus! We'll be back the next time we're in town. More...


Rae Lewarchik McStay

23 July 2018

Best food!! We make a point to stop every time we see a show at The Rex. Carl is the best!!! Get the chicken Mac.


Susan Houseman

23 July 2018

Good italian beef but they didn't dip it... maybe one has to ask for it "wet" as they do in Chicago. I should've known better. Good Bacon Mac n'cheese. Pasta wasn't smooshy or pasty. Al dente ... perfection. Get a large. The only thing they need is sport peppers. The pickled carrots, cali, and peppers were good. They could give ya 1/2 a scoop more of the meat to cover the bread spread but I would say it was all good. I'll be back. More...


Erin Regan

23 July 2018

I was so lucky to have Tootie's cater my 50 th birthday party! Everyone loved the Italian beef and chicken, the mac n cheese with bacon & the fresh rolls. Such a nice change from the usual party fare. I highly recommend it for your next party...or even for just for a regular dinner night! More...


Chris Snyder

23 July 2018

100% the best cant go wrong with anything on the menu the beef is the best though


Michael West

23 July 2018

Great place! Awesome Italian beef sandwiches, their mac & cheese is top-notch, and treat yourself to their biscuits & gravy! A Pittsburgh gem.


Brian A. Knight

23 July 2018

This is the sand which dreams are made of.
First time was tonight but will not be the last.
Customer for life.
The bread was bomb and the meat piled high was spicy and flavorful dripping with juice.
Awesome eats great host.
Thank You Tootie’s
See ya soon


Nick Aquilante

23 July 2018

Best. Place. Ever!


14 June 2018

I ordered the chicken sub on Uber eats. Amazing sub!!!!! As a Chinese, after eating so many tasteless subs and burgers in US, I finally find somewhere I can satisfy my stomach. Even better than Chinese food. The bread is so tender and the meat is juicy as hell. I love it so much.10/10 More...


Bill McAdams

7 June 2018

Easily one of the best (if not THE best) sandwiches in city! Worth making a trip.


Mark L.

6 June 2018

I have been wanting to try an Italian Beef Sandwich for years but I haven't been to Chicago. Today I got a chance to stop in and get one today at Tootie's. Guy who was working was incredibly friendly and clearly had been working hard on a catering order but took the time to take care of me. Let me tell you this may be the best tasting sandwich I have ever eaten. I'm kicking myself for not getting a second one to take with me only because I live about 35 minutes away. Place is right off Carson St and I partied there in bars for years and never knew this delicious sandwich was just feet away. My stomach is trying to convince me to drive back tomorrow. That's how good it is. Straight addicted More...


Rebecca K.

28 April 2018

Yum! Great for anytime but especially good for late night Saturdays!! Tastes homemade in the best way love it so much. I'll be back (this was my first time).


Ashley Calvimontes

15 February 2018

Tasted amazing, not fast food pricing, I think the pricing is fair. Wish I'd ordered more food!


Mimi F.

1 February 2018

Got a quick to-go order after work. Had the Italian beef sandwich and chopped salad.  Both were delicious and flavorful!  Both servings were very big. The owner was extremely friendly.  Will definitely go there again. More...


Chris Snyder

13 January 2018

The Italian beef is amazing so worth any trip alot of people think its like roast until they have it 5 stars all the way the mac n cheese is great and the chili 5 stars


Kris Boban

11 January 2018

Awesome beef that you will dream about after you have it. Better than you think it will be, makes you want to keep going back for me. The veggies, beef and bread mix is magnificent. More...


Matt Krick

3 January 2018

A fantastic sandwich shop. Italian Beef was wonderful. Space is very limited inside so consider to go orders and delivery.



16 December 2017

Hell of a nook and cranny spot to grab a bite before you hit the bars; great reasonable price; I can understand why someone came back after waiting 15 minutes for more beef to be cooked; because the orgasm on his tounge was worth the wait. More...


Bowen X.

16 November 2017

Great hole-in-the-wall kind of place that serves a fantastic Italian beef sandwich for a cheap price. Make sure to get n extra helping of pickled vegetables to really add an extra kick to it.The sizes seem smaller than they actually are. A junior is definitely enough for a moderate meal. More...


Amber N.

6 November 2017

Came through in a clutch! I'm visiting friends in town, and we had a really early dinner. Sitting in the hotel sipping on some wine, and I get hungry. The snack counter at the hotel I'm in is worse than gas station food. Knowing it was late I looked to see if anything open would deliver. Checked out Tootie's menu, called to place an order and was told it'd be 45 minutes. I was willing to wait, and super hungry. Not only is food super good, they delivered it faster than expected. I highly recommend. More...


Joe S.

17 October 2017

I was driving through Pittsburgh from visiting a friend in West Virginia, when I decide to spot for lunch. That's when I decided to try Tootie's, which was a tough decision when Pittsburgh has so many 4.5-5 star restaurants. My experience can be summarized by saying Tootie's 4 star rating is underrated. I ordered a 4oz Italian beef sandwich and a side of Bacon Mac & Cheese. The Italian beef was juicy, spicy and delicious. I love how the bun soaked up all the flavor. The pickled veggies on top added a crispness and bite to the sandwich, which I loved. The polish guy working when I went was great, he struck up a great conversation. I wish we had a Tootie's in Rochester, NY. I hope one day I'll be able to return. More...


Garrett S.

8 October 2017

One of the few places that deliver to the slopes. Takes a little but of time but the food is coma inducing heavy in a good way. They'll get my business again when I'm drunk and starving. More...


Scott Lang

7 October 2017

Pure deliciousness. I had a craving that nothing else could fill.


Mike Castriota

24 September 2017

Thank you for returning my lost vehicle registration!!!!


Patty D.

19 July 2017

We ordered the food to go, it was hot and arrived to us in a timely manner.  The bacon macaroni and cheese was fabulous.  The almond salad was good and the raspberry dressing was tasty.  The salad was small and only fed two people.  I would recommend this to people. More...


Tim Kelly

3 June 2017

Hole in the wall place. No place to sit and eat. AMAZING ITALIAN BEEF! Very much Chicago-like. Eat it immediately or the bun will disintegrate.


Richard R.

26 May 2017

That hot roast beef hits the spot when I'm hungry at night.  They're always open late and they deliver!  It's getting a bit pricey but it's still worth it.  I don't like the new menu with just descriptions of the sandwiches. The old names were cool.  The Farm is a great name for a sandwich. More...


Keith Ammerman

25 May 2017

Just had my first order, a juicy roast beef and mac n cheese. Too legit.


Lindsey K.

10 May 2017

My hot sausage sandwich was delicious, my Chicago Chop salad tasted great, but wasn't chopped.  My only real issue was my Chili mac.  I ordered a large side, and what showed up was a half filled 6 oz container.  I was super bummed.  The few bites I had were great, I was just really disappointed, and a little shocked that there could be sizes smaller than what I received.***UpdateSuper surprised, but a new large order of chili mac just arrived at my house.  Awesome customer service, and thank you. More...


Chelsea M.

13 April 2017

Delicious and simple. The Italian beef was extremely flavorful as well as the mac & cheese. Rather than a larger roll, the sandwich size difference is the weight of the meat. The smallest is slider size, then junior ect. Their menu is not just itailian beef. They offer other sandwiches like the one with chicken & macaroni & cheese (on a hoagie roll!)I live in south side so I'm sure ill be back. More...


Tyler Vietmeier

9 April 2017

Best hidden gem in Pittsburgh! Pretty sure they the Italian beef on lock �


Jeff S.

31 March 2017

This place is one of my favorites in the country. I'm originally from the west coast but I travel a lot and I love trying new food. When living in the Pittsburgh area I order delivery from here a few times a week. The owner is very nice and the food is always outstanding. My favorite is the classic Italian beef, however every sandwich has seemed to be a knockout. Sliders are a great way to try other sandwiches and the bacon mac & cheese is one of the best mac & cheese's I've ever had... it's an absolute must (as long as you eat bacon). Overall a must try in the Pittsburgh area. More...


Brian C.

17 March 2017

St Patrick's day and had the best corn beef sandwich ever. Great people great place.


Chelsea J.

1 February 2017

It's really hard for me to not give a 5 star review. The food was absolutely delicious. Like....I'm already thinking of when the next time I can order is. The roast beef is delicious and the pickled veggies really add a lot to the sandwich.The mac and cheese is even better than I anticipated. Isn't all mac and cheese delicious? Not. Like. This. Absolutely delicious and soooo flavorful. Another key point is that they deliver to us! We live in Brookline and they deliver all the way over here which is extremely awesome!!!! The two reasons I had to take away a star (sigh..) is because 1) we put a note on our order for GrubHub to have the meat separated from the bread just so it wasn't soggy on the ride here. That did not happen, although we can possibly blame GrubHub (not sure how the ordering system works) Luckily, the bread truly did not sacrifice too much. It wasn't a big deal. BUT we also did not get the two brownies we ordered. Also not a HUGE deal except I was really looking forward to it and especially being pregnant, I wanted that brownie. ;)All in all, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, and order form this place. You will not regret it. That was one of the best sandwiches I've had in a long time. We are very very impressed and plan to spread the word! I'm already dreaming of my next Italian beef sandwich......Update: changed to five stars for amazing service. They definitely made it right and it was completely unexpected. Also, brownies are delicious, too! More...


Jason B.

31 January 2017

Order delivery from here about once a month. Typically get the Nicky T. Combo with the chilli as the side. Combo comes with a delicious homemade brownie (and i am a picky brownie fanatic) and it meets my satisfaction. There mac n chees side is just as good as there chilli side i would say. There meats on there sandwiches are very fresh and the seasoning and flavor is unique and A+ and what really makes your purchase worth the money. I guess the only very small gripe is you wind up spending around 20 bucks for a combo if you order delivery after you calculate in the delivery charge and tip. Which might be a little pricey for some folks factoring it is a meal just for one. But all in all i have enjoyed all my meals and will continue to order from this establishment the future More...


David F.

10 December 2016

Italian beef! If you haven't had authentic Italian beef, you need to try it, and Tooties is the only place I know in pittsburgh to get the good stuff.


Stephanie N.

18 September 2016

Used Tapingo to get tootie's delivered - I didn't have any food in the house and they were the only place besides a pizza joint that offered delivery at the moment so I said "hey, might as well try it!"Driver called me 5 mins before as well as when he arrived which I liked! I got my food, I had only ordered a 6inch Italian beef but the bag also had a container of mac and cheese!! It had bacon and it was actually really good. Pleasantly surprised.As for the sandwich, the bread was super soggy but honestly I should've expected that as my meal was delivered and the beef is basically soaked in broth. I like my meat soaked in broth though so it's good. Probably would've been better on a harder roll, but I'm not sure if Italian beef is traditionally on a soft roll so I won't complain too much. Tooooons of beef on the bun, as well as some veggies. The veggies are why this didn't get a 5 star review, mainly because they seemed frozen or something. Also I'm not a fan of celery or peppers but I can easily pick those off. So, not sure I'll order delivery again because of the soggy bread but if I'm near the brick and mortar location I'll drop by! More...


Hollis L.

14 September 2016

Tooties is awesome. Plain and simple. Stumbled upon this place while going to a concert in the South Side and what an awesome hidden little gem. The food is phenomenal, we loved the Mac n cheese and chicken. The owner couldn't have been more rad. He was kind, gave us samples, told us about his history. He uses family recipes which I think gives the delicious food that awesome little charm. You can also bulk order his food. We loved the chicken so much we bought some to bring home for dinner. Lastly, Tooties delivers...to MANY zip codes! I live in Garfield and they deliver from the South Side which I thought was incredible. Even great to order lunches if you work in Oakland. Not often that you find good food, awesome service, and charm all in one. Thanks Tooties. More...


Amy DeaVer

11 July 2016

Excellent Italian beef. Very flavorful & tender. One of those can't miss spots. Must try!


Mia V.

21 May 2016

I came to Tooties after a night out with my girlfriends. I wasn't planning on getting anything since I eat a strict vegan diet, but I was so happy when the man offered me a sandwich that was totally vegan and INCREDIBLY delicious! He also gave my friend a free birthday brownie out of the kindness of his heart. I love this place! Definitely check it out! All my meat eating friends were raving about their regular sandwiches as well! Yummy and kind, my two favorite things!! More...


Neal Fibonacci Sims

20 May 2016



James L.

18 May 2016

Amazing flavors combine to make your taste buds tingle long after you finish the sandwich.its an amazing place,compact to say the least and I recommend calling in ahead of time,one time when I figured parking might be tight as usual I asked the proprietor if he would please bring it out to the car when I pulled up.outside since I have a hard time getting in and out of car due to hip replacement and he gladly did it,please tip this guy even if he is the owner.we need these little mom and pop places in the burgh,not the chains who claims they are pittsburgh best cause they put fries on yhe sandwich.I hope people realize slaw and fries are cheaper than meat. More...


Angel B.

1 May 2016

Delivered on time! Servings are pretty big and packed with protein. Overall, great food! Will try again!


Cristina G.

1 May 2016

The best food I have ever ordered on delivery in any city ever. Much better than the expensive restaurant at my five star hotel. Had the best mac n' cheese I have ever eaten it my whole life and the shredded famous beef sandwich was also to die for. Amazing how juicy it was given it wasnt the least bit fatty or full of grease. If i lived in Pitt, i would order multiple times a week and weigh 200 lbs. Delivery was super polite and timely. Best delivery food in the USA. More...


Josef B.

18 April 2016

I was not expecting to like this, but dear God, was I wrong. The sandwich I had delivered came with more meat than a Peppi's sandwich, and with flavor to match. The veggies took a backseat to the heroic meat pile stuffed between a bun, and although at first glance it appeared too small to count as a full meal, it was so dense that finishing it became a task. A delicious, food-coma inducing task. That said, this is definitely a "sometimes food." While it's delicious as hell, I wouldn't get one every week. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water though... Don't let the name fool you. Tootie's has its food-game together. Go out of your way to try it. More...


Lars D.

5 April 2016

Ordered the Italian beef sandwich - quite good and really enjoyed it.  I also had the chili, which was also good, not spicy enough for my palette but that is likely a preference/regional thing as I am from the South. Overall, great food - especially for delivery, but the prices do seem a tad steep. More...


Rebecca D.

4 April 2016

Literally just drove into Pittsburgh and our first interaction with the city was the south side and Tootie's and what a great impression! The beef sandwich melted into the bread, amazing. It was spicy but balanced. And yes get the pickled veggies. Just do it. The mac and cheese ain't too bad either. More...


Peak F.

3 April 2016

Excellent flavor.  In fact the Italian Beef is sooo good that I went home amd tried to make it myself. One of my new favorite sandwiches! The place is tiny, 1 table,  so plan on getting your order to go. The dude arrived late that morning so was running a bit behind on food prep so I didn't get to try any sides. It's been a couple weeks since I ate here and have told everyone they absolutely must try it once, you should too! More...


Cecilia B.

5 March 2016

They have the yummiest sandwiches. My boyfriend and I got the beef/chicken sandwich and honestly it was one of the best we've ever had. Plus, the owner is very friendly and welcoming. More...


Raymond Ascencio

24 February 2016

Best food on southside in my opinion. The people are great and the food is amazing. Must try there food if you haven't tried it yet. I can't get enough of it.


Heather H.

27 January 2016

Tootsies is great for both dinner or a late night snack. The menu actually has a ton of options, everything from sandwiches to sides-love the mac on a chick sandwich. I had a hard time deciding what to order but the employees are extremely helpful and friendly. Michael was great at giving recommendations on the menu. It is an extremely small space so waiting for your food can get a little cramped but it's for sure worth it. Great place all around, if definitely recommend checking it out. More...


Alexis B.

15 January 2016

Let me start by saying, the name is a bit different and the names of the sandwiches seem like jokes. Not only does this place give you something to laugh about, but they also give you amazing food. It's all very simple and delicious. Not at all over priced, super low minimum delivery fee. AND THEY'RE OPEN SO LATE. I ordered my food today and from the time I hit send on my grubhub order, it only took 12 minutes for them to get here. If thats not impressive. I don't know what is. More...


Jon B.

13 January 2016

The Tootie's beef sandwich is a perfect cylinder of tastes, requiring neither melted cheese nor ranch dressing, Frank's nor french fries. Pittsburgh, with your gleaming bridges and mobs of blue collar drunks, this should be your signature sandwich. Primanti's is fuckin' dumb.Also I love the pickled veggies. I would eat those alone as a side salad. More...


Colleen S.

4 January 2016

Tootie's is delicious! A bit pricey for a 6-inch sandwich, mine was just under $10, but I would much rather pay for quality over quantity! I had a chicken/beef combo sandwich and I could barely finish the whole thing! It is PACKED with meat and provolone cheese and topped with pickled veggies. The meat was and SO tender and clearly slow-cooked with some love. They also have sausage and the option to put Mac & Cheese on any sandwich. I was quite disappointed the Mac & Cheese had bacon in it since I don't eat pork, but I imagine that will be good news for many others.The place is SMALL, so it is not ideal for groups and honestly is best for take-out because there is only one small table that could fit 2, maybe 3 comfortably. The gentleman serving us was very friendly and nice to chat with! Please never go to Primanti again and eat here instead. You'll get a much better bang for your buck! More...


Michael L.

16 December 2015

Had heard about Tootie's for a while now and finally made my way there on Saturday.  I had my beef "Tootie's style" with cheese and giardiniara, a truly unique touch!  The mac & cheese was very good, too.  Would definitely go back! More...


Erick T.

12 December 2015

I decided to utilize my Eat24 weekend coupon to try out their original Italian beef and their mac n' cheese. It was a busy night at work, so I decided to utilize their delivery service as well. The food quality and flavor was only outdone by a speedy delivery that would rival that of a Jimmy John's driver! The ordering process was seamless, easy to use and accurate. I would add an additional gold feather in their cap, because they even followed the delivery instructions I added to the order to a T! Now, you might be curious as to why all of this good food and great service only elicited a four star review. Andrew Jackson is the reason for that. The portions weren't adequate to burn a 20 dollar bill. Then again, when you're tummy is rumbling and you're stuck on a night shift, no price is too high for quality food fast! More...


Suzanne N.

11 December 2015

Oh my, finally had a chance to try this place and so glad I did!  The employee was awesome,  gave us a sample of the delish bacon mac n cheese. The sandwiches were melt in your mouth heaven! Will definitely be back, they also deliver! More...


Nikki Mcgraw

23 November 2015



Kaitlyn S.

2 November 2015

Umm Bacon Mac and Cheese on awesome sandwiches?!?! It doesn't get much better than this. Mac on a stick . One of the most underrated places around.


Brian C.

21 October 2015

Had their chicken sausage. Was so good. The meat was juicy and so tasty. Ordered it for delivery and didn't take long and was still very warm.


David B.

3 October 2015

Living in Pittsburgh for the month, and trying to find the best places to eat, and Tooties is at the top of the list! The juicy beef, mac and cheese, and chili are OUTRAGEOUS!!!


Brooke N.

29 September 2015

As someone who lives in southside, I've tried quite a few late night options after the bars are closed and I'm on my way home. Tooties, by far, is my favorite. It's right in the middle of all the action, but tucked in a side street enough so there's rarely a wait (like most of the pizza joints at 2am). Highly recommended. More...


Matthew S.

13 September 2015

Been wanting to try Tooties for a long time. Finally got over there to pick up a sandwich. It did not disappoint. Start with the bread. Soft, fluffy, and a little wet. Perfection. Melts in your mouth. Then the pickled veggies and peppercini give it is crunch and a little different flavor. The beef is flavorful and the perfect texture. I'd give it a 4.5 if I could. The only gripe I had was I would have liked to get a bit more of a cheese flavor. I couldn't even detect it in the sandwich. I'll ask for extra next time. Overall awesome sandwich and definitely going to be a regular in my household moving forward. More...


Emma Glenn

12 September 2015

Super delicious food and very friendly service! Definitely going back :)


kambiz d.

8 September 2015

Delicious!!! Make sure get it with the pickled vegetables when they ask you. The beef sandwich is the best. It's slow cooked so it has a lot flavor, and at the same time it is very tender and soft.


Josh Wright

20 August 2015

I love this place, and I try to stop every time I'm in the area! Great Italian beef! Well done, Karl.


Trevor H.

6 June 2015

Alright so I rarely write reviews but I have to for this place.  I absolutely love this food. The sandwiches melt in your mouth. The chili is the best I've ever had from a take out place.  Every time I order tootie's I always get a Nicky T, cup of chili with extra cornbread, a brownie and a san pellegrino.  They are also one of the only places with so many drinks to choose from.  The food is always hot and delicious and they always cater to my silly requests in equally silly and friendly ways.  An all around great establishment with a unique selection of food and a stellar staff.  I eat here pretty much at least once a week. -Trevor More...


Brandon McCarthy

5 June 2015

Got delivery to Bayardstown social club. The Tootie Monster is a phenomenal sandwich, the chili is absolutely great, the mac and cheese is also great, and I love that they serve Cherikee Red, as it's a childhood favorite. Top notch. Will be ordering again and again. More...



25 May 2015

These sammiches are delicious, juicy, messy- authentic. Some reviewers note that the bread gets "soggy". I think that's just the nature of the beast, yinz. I've had their classic, their hot sausage, and one topped with mac + cheese. All were delish, though the classic italian beef was my favorite. It really was a stunner, and I recommend it for your first trip or if you're unsure of which one to choose.I also love that they deliver. I would eat here more often if my budget permitted. More...


Kevin O.

24 April 2015

OMG this is great! Undeniably the best steak sandwich on the Southside. I went with the 6" beef as recommended by the counterman. I ordered 3 so I can share with the critics back at the house. After a 15 minute drive home I tore into this gorgeous,  stacked, steak sandwich piled high with Italian beef and topped with the spiced garden mix and WOW! I think the home crowd may have to get there own! Will be back for sure! More...


Hollie F.

18 April 2015

Great little hole in the wall in South Side right off Carson Street. There's only one table but it's location doesn't require eat-in. I had the chicken with the giardiniera. It was delicious! My husband had the Italian beef with guardiniera.  Perfectly authentic like we were sitting in Chicago. Highly recommended for anyone traveling through the South Side! More...


Kimberly T.

11 April 2015

I frequent the Southside a lot. So I was surprised to find out that this sandwich shop has been there for 2 years and I had never heard if it or noticed it. We tried it for lunch today and really liked it.  We realized that we actually had seen cars with their logo on top. It seems that most of their business is delivery. The place is tiny and there is one table to sit at that seats two. We sat at the table to eat. We talked to a couple of employees and they are all nice. We ordered a 6 inch chicken sandwich, 6 inch beef sandwich, side of chili, and a side of Mac and Cheese. The chicken was incredibly moist. It is cooked for hours and shredded. It is placed on a bun with a small mixture of carrots, cauliflower, and banana peppers. They are pickled so it brings a sour note and a crunch to the sandwich. Very good. The beef is just as good as the beef. There are other types of sandwiches to choose from also. The chili was a little thin even though it had beans and ground beef. It could have used more chili powder in my opinion. It's topped with grated cheese which is a nice touch. The Mac and Cheese was my husband's favorite. It is she'll shaped noodles with a creamy cheese sauce and a bit of bacon thrown in. You can even get it on your sandwich. It's a little place with BIG taste. More...


Sarah L.

5 April 2015

This little hidden gem was such a great find during my trip to Pittsburgh! My friend was raving about the place and really excited to take me here. I can definitely see why! We were lucky that the night we went in the owner was personally serving us. He was extremely friendly and let us sample a few of the meats before we decided what we wanted. I went with a chicken and sausage which was so amazing, didn't realize I basically would get double meat (thought it would be split 50-50) but that's a problem I'll happily deal with, oh nom nom nommmm!I will definitely be looking forward to visiting this place again on my next trip to Pittsburgh! More...


Nicole Renee

14 March 2015

Addicted to this place! Love the beef or the chicken. Or if you're feeling frisky, get them both on one sandwich!


Tony Easton

4 January 2015

I live in Illinois and can't visit Pittsburgh very often. The owner of Tooties was nice enough to send me some seasoning and directions on how to make my own Tooties at home! Now I can get my Tooties fix right here in Illinois! Thank you Karl! More...


Darren H.

21 December 2014

I was hungry and turned to Yelp for ideas. Checked a few filters, sorted by rating, and this place popped up on top. Never heard of them, but decided to give them a try.,OMG! I am *SO* glad I did!I ordered the "Tootie Time #1 Combo" and selected the Hungry Hippy (6" pan fried tofu, teriyaki mushrooms, sauteed onions and green peppers, provolone cheese, marinara sauce.) sandwich and the (8oz) mac n cheese (with bacon!). The Combo also comes with a can of soda (Diet Coke in my case) and a brownie. All for $14.99. (With delivery, tax and tip, my total came to $20.)The sandwich was to die for! The mac n cheese was kind of so-so, but what can help but be better with bacon? And the brownie was a very nice treat as well.And in spite of a 45-60 min delivery estimate, the driver was at my door in just under 30! I haven't had delivery service that quick in I can't remember how long!I am DEFINITELY going to be ordering again.  I'm thinking the Tootie Time #5 Combo(6" Barnyard, 16oz chili, 16oz mac n cheese, 2 sodas, and two brownies.) next time. More...


Brady Weaver

13 December 2014

Absolutely amazing food and service. Owner is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and everything on their menu is exceptional. Will stop back every time i'm in pittsburgh More...


Jeffrey Horn

17 November 2014

Best in the burgh'


Timothy J. Boyle

12 November 2014

Great sandwiches. The Mac n cheese addicting


Riley S.

5 November 2014

When all I can say is wow I think that I might need a sixth star. This place was great. Tooties is located on 16th right off of Carson so as far as location goes it couldn't get much better. The place is slightly bigger than a mouse hole. There is space for the hot line, counter, a cooler and a single table with 3 stools. It's definitely geared toward takeout and delivery. But the space is warm and clean so I like it. The service is awesome too. I stopped in around 10 on a Thursday and the only one there was the owner. He was incredibly friendly and had samples for is without even being asked. Big points in my book. Getting our stuff after ordering took a little while but that was due to the fact that he had to make some of the thing we ordered from scratch. I am more than ok with this. It's nice to see a business put care and effort into their food and I will never complain about waiting for fresh cooked product. Now for the main event: the food. For me great food starts with a great aroma and the scent of slow roasted beef pervades Tooties. Your mouth starts watering as soon as you walk in. The sandwiches are awesome enough to backup the aromatic promise to boot. The beef is succulent and juicy. The bread is soft and chewy and soaks up all the juice. The giardinera is crunchy and tangy and the sandwich as a whole leaves a wonderful spicy sting on the lips for the better part of 20 minutes. I would also suggest the Mac and cheese. It is cheesy and creamy and awesome. They do use bacon in their Mac and cheese which is almost cliched nowadays but come on, bacon. All in all I loved Tooties. I can't wait to go back. They make a Chicago staple that I feel is a welcome companion to our beloved Primanti's in the late night sandwich pantheon. More...


Marc M.

11 October 2014

My wife and I have only been here a couple times but we will definitely continue going. The food is great, huge portioned and well seasoned. The workers have always been pleasant and open to conversation while they make your food. I would definitely recommend this place. More...


Debbie D.

10 October 2014

I am addicted!  Everything I have tried is very good.  Plan to be hungry, the portions are generous.  Came home today to find a menu on my door so now they deliver!  I will have to add an extra workout, but it will be so worth it. More...


John O.

28 September 2014

Great place for a quick beef sandwich. Need to eat it rather quickly as it does get soggy. Guys working are nice and friendly. Great food to fix a hangover


Marsha C.

26 September 2014

Chicken with Mac n cheese is incredible!!!  Great beef and service. The owner is a really nice guy too!


Dawn M.

19 September 2014

My honey stumbled ( literally...lol )  upon this little diamond in the ruff and we stumble ,walk ,run back as often as possible  We LOVE IT !!  Can't say enough...


Wascally W.

8 September 2014

Just stopped in on my way home from a movie at The Waterfront. It was about 20 minutes before they were going to close. I'd hate to have people stop in while I was getting ready to close, and I apologized, but they apologized back for it being a little messy!I had a Groupon for a 6" sub, and they were happy to take it. I don't make it over here that often, and figured I'd stop in since i was nearby. So glad I did. They told me it was good for any 6", but I just HAD to try the Italian Beef. Loved them in Chicago, and I can tell you these are the real deal. Delicious roll stuffed with beef and giardiniera were fantastic, with a great tang. And couldn't believe that the whole thing actually held together better than the wrapper!Can't wait to go back and try something else, but it will be really hard to steal me away from this outstanding combo! Easily as filling as a Subway footlong, but not even in the same taste/quality league! More...


Lionel E.

5 September 2014

I only had enough time and appetite for the beef sandwich. It. Was. Awesome. The owner was very nice too.  Can't wait to get back and try the rest of the menu.


Tara M.

23 August 2014

My boyfriend and I ordered from here tonight and it was delicious!! We both got the Italian beef sandwich and 6" was more than enough to fill his huge appetite. I loved the giardiniera and pepperoncini that came on the sandwich. I love all things pickled and it was a nice surprise on the sandwich.  We did get some chili to split and I only had enough room for a couple of bites, but it tasted like chili mom used to make. We got the food delivered and the food came really quickly and was still hot when it got here. We will definitely be trying the food out in the store very soon. More...


Michael K.

23 August 2014

Good quality, delicious food. Fast and friendly service. Highly recommend stoping in and giving one of their sandwiches a try. A nice unique option when you need something quick. More...


Peggy B.

16 August 2014

Fantastic sandwich. Juicy, little spicy very good value. Both the chicken and beef rock. Beats any Italian beef I've ever had.


Ken Petri

13 June 2014

Beef Me!. Tootie's Beef Sandwich is the tops. The beef is seasoned perfectly, super moist, with piccalilli & onions - topped with provolone. All this deliciousness is put on a hoagie bun and dipped in au jus. It's turns into a delightful mess! This is NOT a walk and talk and eat hoagie - you need to be stationary, over a table. Your best bet, is do like I did, wait for rain, park close, go in and you can rule their one and only table. I was the only person there and I got to chat with Owner Karl and own the table. As previously mentioned, prices are stiff - but in this case you definitely get what you pay for with flavor. I'm not super excited about the prices, but I'm still coming back! More...


Mick Sherry

28 May 2014

Great Chicago Beef!!! I would suggest a sandwich and definitely don't miss the creamiest bacon laden mac and cheese I have ever had the pleasure of eating.


Christian S.

28 May 2014

This food was amazing! Karl, the owner, was super nice and gave is samples of his delicious food while we tried to make up out minds. Highly recommend the mac and cheese, and make your sandwich a need AND chicken! More...


Randell T.

20 May 2014

Carl was way cool and has the best back story... An absolute must part of the sandwich experience!Split a six inch beef sand b/c we were on our way to dinner, but Carl threw in samples of the mac and cheese and turkey chili as well...Next time I'm in the 'burgh, will definitely stop in at Tooties! More...


Rob Siravo

2 May 2014

Great flavor, expensive. The Italian beef sandwich was awesome. High quality, flavorful sandwich. Too bad it's $8 for a 6" way too expensive. Make it a 10" and I'll come back.


Al Wotring

1 May 2014

Hearty as hell


Tim W.

15 April 2014

Why have I waited so long to try this place?!One rare night while partaking in some Carson Street livations I walk by Tootie's and noticed the short line out the door. I though of some of the Yelp reviews of the place and decided to give it a try.Once inside I realized that it was pretty much a take out shop as there really isn't anywhere to sit other than one small table which was already taken. If you can't decide which meat to get you can ask for a free sample to help make up your mind.Your choices are four different types of sandwiches:Famous Italian Beef (Slow-Roasted, Shredded, Seasoned Beef) available in 4, 6 or 12" sizes. Hot Sausage (Uncle Charley's gourmet hot sausage) on a 6" hoagie bun.Tooties Famous Chicken (Slow-Roasted, Shredded, Seasoned Chicken) also available in 4, 6 or 12" sizes. Specialty Sandwiches which are a combination of two or more meats, available in 6 or 12" sizes.Since the place is called Tootie's Famous Italian Beef, that's what I decided to go with. I went with the 6" Juicy Italian Beef hoagie filled with Italian Beef, Giardiniera, and Provolone Cheese. I flew home to eat it as the smell was intoxicating. Let me just say that it was not only the best Italian Beef sandwich I have ever had but, one of the best sandwiches I've ever had period!Tootie's Famous Italian Beef is a great sandwich to help you sober up after a night of bar hopping on Carson Street and is something different than going to Primanti's which everyone does. I highly recommend this place. Five stars! More...


Tony D.

5 April 2014

This place probably fits the definition of "hole in the wall" best out of all the restaurants I've ever been to. I would never have noticed it were it not for the sign pointing me to "hot Italian beef" on Carson. This place basically serves three different types of meats in sandwiches: chicken, beef, and sausage. Each is rather distinct, and the flavoring for all of them is not found elsewhere. One that really struck out was the usage of rosemary in the beef--very interesting. Even more appealing was the presence of all that juice that was still present in the meat and the sandwich; even before picking it up, the juice was just leaking out.The owner there is extremely friendly, and it's obvious that he wants his customers to be satisfied. Also offered us a sample of mac and cheese without any inquiry from us--that was really nice. And checking in on Yelp or FB throws in a soda and chips for a buck more. And the fact that some very solid food is accessible until late into the night is so convenient. Definitely returning. More...


Cait D.

30 March 2014

You walk down the street on the south side and this off the beaten path hidden gem practically calls your name. You walk in and are greeted by a huge wooden counter where all of the magic happens. The sandwiches are piled high with meat and made on fresh rolls. The chili is TO DIE FOR! It comes with I can only describe as a cornbread pancake and cheese sprinkled on top. I have never had anything that I did not like here. This is a must visit on the south side! More...


Lindsay S.

8 February 2014

You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in Katz's? Well, that's the reason why Tootie's only has one table. One bite and your eyes will roll into the back of your head and you'll be making sounds you've never made in your life. These sandwiches are really *THAT* good. Try the Nicky T. - it's the best of both worlds with both chicken and beef. You'll wish you'd ordered at least two, so you may as well just give in.Bonus: Small, family-run business, owned by a genuinely nice guy. More...


Tian Y.

27 December 2013

One smart dude owns this place, piping his delicious smells through a duct toward the outside. Though Tootie's is tucked pretty inconspicuously half a block down a side street, wind carries the aroma pretty far into E. Carson. We were across the street at Local and when we left, the smell made me so hungry all of a sudden. I HAD to have this, but if my school campus has taught me anything, it's that this smell could come from anywhere... whatever it was. My friend was brilliant enough to ask the doorman. He pointed across the street and told us to get chicken and beef.THANK YOU MR. DOORMAN. He must get paid to direct people here or just really love this place. I mean, how can you not? I was actually stuffed from dinner despite being fooled by the delicious scent, so we split the chicken and beef between the 3 of us. It was not cheap though. Almost $9.50 for a 6 inch. But it definitely made up for it in the flavor compartment. Also love that it wasn't just saturated with saltiness. Worth it? Maybe not $10 for a 6 inch. Some of the other items seem a bit cheaper. Ask for extra giardiniera, imo. Theirs is not spicy or acidic enough. The owner's a real chill guy. I'd be happy to support his business again and again. They are open late, so if you've got drunk munchies in the south side, come here instead of pizza (sorry Sal's).  It's goooood. NOTE: SMALL. 1 table, 3 seats, barely standing room. More...


Jaime J.

5 November 2013

A refreshing new addition to Pittsburgh! Nothing else like it in the city!You know when you make soup and the meat gets all tender and fine and bursting with broth? Yeah - that's Tootie's beef and chicken! There is so much flavor infused into it that you don't need anything else on the sandwich besides the cheese and pickled vegetables. Their chili is also fantastic. It's very different from your typical red-sauce chili as Tootie's is more like a thick, hearty soup loaded with meat, beans, veggies, nestled on top of a cornbread "pancake" and topped with a cornbread "pancake". A must-try!Feeling non-committal? No problem, Tooties gives free samples! More...


James C.

4 November 2013

Hands down one of the best sandwichs in Pittsburgh!! They have one flaw and that's pricing. The South Side of Pittsburgh has it share of ritzy comers and goers but consits a lot of poor college students and senior citizens who will often think twice about paying $15 for a footlong sandwhich. The prices are reasonable when you consider that it's just starting up but if they can chef up the 12'' for $7-8 in the future business will boom! More...


Darren W.

31 October 2013

I didn't come to Tootie's Saturday night to have some grub prior to a rendezvous with Orange Goblin and Holy Grail at the Rex Theater. Oh, food was had, namely, The Barnyard, a whammy of a sandwich that consists of shredded, slow-cooked Italian beef with chicken (also slow-cooked and shredded), provolone, diced grilled onions, diced caramelized green peppers, and a link of hot (haute?) sausage inside a luxuriously pillowy, custom-baked 6 inch hoagie roll. The innards are so generously packed inside the cut of spongy bread, a fork is provided for your convenience so that not one iota of this Midwest import can be excusably discarded. No, I came to chat with Karl, the Chicago transplant who brazenly decided to move to Pittsburgh and bring with him to the South Side something most of us here have only seen Guy Fieri devour on television. While I munched on an egregiously toothsome hero in this closet of an eatery (luckily, the one small table in the place was unoccupied), we discussed food, bands, relationships, women, film -- we became friends. Making things especially cordial was the complimentary thimble of turkey chili Karl presented me with to gauge my opinion. "Man, I'm not even nutters over turkey, but I dig this," I said to him as he slowly nodded his head while smiling like a DJ who had found his groove.So yes, Italian Beef is a grand, gorgeous, splendid thing and not at all redundant. Eating it had me full of regret over not having traveled or lived enough. That must change. In the meantime, I have Mr. Horn to thank and his supple, humid, supremely edible grinders to serve as a reminder that Chi-Town awaits me patiently with the porchlight on and an empty seat at the table. More...


Straight Edge D.

2 September 2013

I REALLY enjoyed my experience here!  I had heard a lot of good things about the place and had gotten to speak to the owner one night after working at a bar down the street.  Sadly, he was closed up by that time.I came back a few weeks later and he really bent over backwards to give us a good experience.  Where to begin?  I went there with my wife and two friends.  He set up seating for us outside, gaves us samples of his new chili, gave us samples of the chicken and the beef, the sandwiches were HUGE, and he checked on us regualrly to make sure everything was going well.  I highly recommend this place.  Definitely different than all of the other food offered on East Carson. More...


Adell K.

29 July 2013

This was an epic place! the best italian beef and sausage I've had. Awesome service, they grilled fresh veggies for me rather than give me the ones that had been sitting out, the guy did this on his own without me asking and at 12 am. He was funny and friendly. It made my day. More...


Matt Frano

27 June 2013

Finally had my first sandwich tonight! Wow!!!! I can not wait to eat there again!!!


Brian H.

13 June 2013

Karl "the owner" gave us great hospitality. great sandwich!!


Rachael J.

21 May 2013

Italian beef sandwiches in the south side....heck yeah! Don't wast your time with gyros and pizza...the sandwiches here are amazing...getting it dipped equals out of this world! My bartender introduced this place to me shortly after it opened...and we haven't stopped eating here since. Dude is friendly as heck and I can't say anything bad about food or service. More...


Amanda Feigh

24 February 2013

Amazing sandwich! My husband and I would eat here every day if we could! Carl and Alex are super sweet too. Check this place out!


Stacie C.

19 February 2013

Yes.  That's all I really have to say.  Yes to Tootie's.I stopped by last Saturday after the South Side Soup Contest to take advantage of $1 off sandwiches.  I didn't think I was hungry until I got home and started eating my Italian Beef sandwich.  And then I was sorry I didn't order 2.  The meat was juicy and flavorful and moistened the bread just enough.  If I still lived in the South Side, Tootie's would be seeing me way more often.Tootie's is not very big so don't plan on staying to dine in.  The menu only includes a few items, basically beef or sausage and different sizes depending on your appetite.  Any place that isn't another bar is a welcome addition to the South Side! More...



12 February 2013

Tootie's is basically a carry out shop.  One high table and two stools....that is all there is.  Very tasty italian season beef with perperoncinis on top with a few other veggies including onions.  Tasty, tasty, tasty.  Nice and filling.The only other option on the menu is Sausage or a combo of sausage & beef.  Very friendly service. More...


Joseph F.

27 January 2013

Ever since watching my first Rick Sebak tape, I've made attempts to develop myself into the ultimate Pittsburgh tour guide--not for KDKA, but rather for my friends and family members that came to visit the city. Casually known to my visitors as a place of despair, consistently lame weather, and awful sports fans, I take pride in hearing the variations of "Holy wow, I never realized Pittsburgh was so awesome" at the end of visits.And so, in my quest to spot out everything worth it in Pittsburgh, I stumble in to Tootie's on a Saturday afternoon. Greeted by the owner, he initiates friendly conversation before telling us that this is his mother's beef recipe straight from Chicago. I go ahead and order the smallest option, not expecting too much.Biting into the sandwich was kind of like that part in the Wizard of Oz where all of a sudden everything bursts into vibrant color. Notice that the menu has one option: beef sandwich. Yeah, you can get a sausage, but that's just a small filler on the bottom of the delicious beef sandwich. If you really want (and I am wont to really want), you can add provolone, green pepper, onions, or even marinara sauce (they call it the Benny, named for the guy who runs the Rex and goes wild for the combination of marinara/onion/green pepper). Tootie's is the perfect addition to my Pittsburgh tour. Convenient location, open late, friendly atmosphere, and unbelievable sandwich. Ask for it dipped. You're welcome. More...


Benjamin P.

27 December 2012

Best Italian Beef Sandwich in Pittsburgh.  No one even comes close.  Vegetarians need not enter, nothing for you here.


Michael M.

23 December 2012

Italian beef is a great import for Pittsburgh. It fills a hole which gyros and subs miss. I'll be glad when Carl succeeds sufficiently to add a better location. Good guy, really good sandwich.


Jennifer Nightingale Massart

19 December 2012

OMG! Hubby and I just had the sammies and they are amazing! You must make the trip. It's well worth it!!!


John D.

14 December 2012

This place is awesome. I'm glad that something like this has come to the south side. It is a welcome addition to all of the pizza places.The food here is really great. Don't expect a sit down meal. It is street food. The guy who runs the place is very friendly and the food is awesome. They also take credit cards which is something a lot south side restaurants don't do. I have probably eaten here 5 time since they opened. More...


Kristen M.

12 December 2012

Delish Italian beef!  The recipe was perfected by the owner's mom  -- and it's worth every bite.The menu is simple as is the space. In this case, simple ingredients deliver an awesome sammich. More...



7 December 2012

A well-kept secret , at least for now .... You could easily miss this place as it's located on narrow S. 16th street near Mario's bar (and across the street from that very slick modern house that former Pens player Max Talbot lived in during his tenure here )... Just 2 different types of sandwiches on the menu - the ever popular Chicago Italian-Beef sandwich and Italian sausage sandwiches (with chips & soda as side options.) No tables or seating . Seems to be intended as just a take-out joint for now, I spose. That was fine by me . Had been hearing much about the food and about the Italian Beef sandwiches on the variety of food/cooking tv shows . The owner/cook gave me a sample which would sell anyone on it, i'm sure. I ordered the 6" Italian Beef and ate it as I walked away . He mentioned it's his mom's personal recipe. Very nicely spiced/marinated (for 20 hours he said.) beef brisket/shred with some provolone? cheese melted on top all on a nice Italian hoagie roll / bun . Very very good for the cold weather , i'd have to say ... I wasn't hungry the rest of the day which is saying something for me . I'll definetly be back to try the sausage and more beef ! (again - it's take-out only so, no seating .) More...


Bobby S.

7 December 2012

refreshing new addition to the sea of mediocre pizza & gyro places along Carson .no seating .  across the street from where former Pens player Max Talbot used to live .i'll be back many times.  hope they stay in business . More...



29 November 2012

As good as Chicago!. Simple, quality ingredients. Just beef, peppers, cheese and bread. Make sure you try it dipped!


T P.

29 November 2012

Great Italian beef sandwiches! Italian beef is a Chicago staple, and I got hooked on them while living in the Windy City. Tootie's is as good as anything you'd find in Chicago.Skip the gyro and pizza places that plague the Southside and go for an Italian Beef instead. Make sure you get it dipped! More...

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Our Italian Beef. It is seasoned with 12 herbs and 3 vegetables. The flavor leaves your mouth craving more and the slight spice lingers on your lips.

Our clients typically pick from our standard menu. We are willing to work with clients for some special request.

I love watching people try our food for the first time. Its like a switch turns on and their mind is blown.

My mother, "Tootie". Growing up, I didn't know what a great cook she was. I wanted to honor her by sharing her recipes with everyone (she is still walking and talking).

If you are looking for catering that your guests will talk about how great it was, you need to choose us.



We offer drop-off buffet style catering and limited staffing for large events.