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Titan SEO Group is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC & digital marketing. We deliver tangible results by working closely with clients to devise and implement an online marketing strategy that generates attention and revenue.


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11 September 2019

We are so happy with our results from working with Titan SEO group! We started seeing solid growth after just a short time that came directly from the work they did on our campaign. Hands down recommended!

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We love being able to assist business owners such as yourselves to achieve the best results possible and gain clarity with regards to the results that you may expect when working with Titan SEO Group. We believe that every business owner should strive for excellence when it comes to their SEO, which is what will enable you to increase your visibility and dominate your competitors.

We believe that the agency/client relationship is sacred. That is when you sign on with Titan SEO you know you are in good hands. Your win is our win - we are motivated and incentivized for you to succeed. Our agency strives for excellence in every service we offer as well as transparency in our reporting and analytics.

Investing in any web design or SEO project is a big decision for any business owner. There are literally thousands of SEO and web agencies to choose from, and selecting just one provider can be nerve-wracking. We wanted to simplify the whole process and deliver the things that really matter to YOU:

- Accessing New Customers

- Increasing Traffic To Your site

- Increasing Your Brand Awareness

- Building Trust & Credibility

- Receiving Excellent & Measurable ROI

- Receiving Better Value Than Advertising

Other SEO companies use short-term tactics to make you rank (for a little while). We follow SEO best practices, as outlined in Google’s quality guide. This is also known as white hat SEO. By avoiding tricks and manipulation, you will avoid a Google penalty that can hurt your long-term SEO.

We also offer superb branding & web design services. If your site traffic has suffered from a recent penalty we also specialize in penalty recovery and can remove your toxic links.

Something that most businesses don’t realize is that investing in advertising is temporary, like renting an apartment. Investing in SEO is a long term play and a smart one – like purchasing a home it pays off in the long run and pays for itself.

Our goal is to make your site the best it can be, instead of temporarily tricking search engines into thinking it is the best.

The reason we do this is clear. Rankings only matter if they translate into revenue.

By focusing on improving the overall quality of your site, you will gain more customers, clients, and distributors.



The Organic SEO Package provides an on-page and off-page optimization (through a mix of blog outreach, magazine submissions, backlink diversification, and other rank building activities). Ideal for businesses who primarily do business online, compete nationally or do not have actual physical locations.

The Local SEO Packages focus on relevant citation building, effective on-page optimization including local schema implementation, natural link building, methodology-based solutions, and Google Map pack inclusion. Ideal for businesses with actual physical locations and want to build their presence locally. Help your client attain natural local ranking, and drive foot traffic to their stores.

Create World-Class Content High-Quality Content for Your Brand. Our content marketing services drive new customers. Great content and content marketing is vital in growing your business online. What do we mean by content? Anything that can be consumed online, such as the written word, images, pictures, infographics, audio and video. By understanding your target market, and creating useful information for them, it helps both acquire new customers and also retain existing customers.

Quick, Easy Outreach Done For You Get quality link building done for you. Our team helps you gain a new backlink with the anchor text and destination URL of your choice. Simply fill in the quick questionnaire when you make a purchase and we'll update you with your fresh backlink, made from natural outreach. What’s Involved? Our team of experts will evaluate your selected anchor text and destination URL. Once approved, we begin our search for link building opportunities and blogger outreach.

The Paid Advertisement Packages includes packages for Google Adwords. Each product provides a tailored strategy to exceed the goals of the client by leveraging experience, technology, creativity, and our internal methodology.

The Social Media Management Package provides a tailored Social Media strategy which includes creation and boosting of compelling social media posts. Ideal for all types of businesses wanting to establish and maintain their social media presence.

The Brand Design Packages deliver creative designs and concepts produced by our in-house design team. Ideal for businesses looking to build a powerful brand and create trust. Trust is key to maximizing profits and growing your business.

The Website Development Package offers professional website design based on premium WordPress themes. Ideal for businesses who need expert web and IT professionals at their call. Impress clients with fast, SEO-ready websites at a competitive price launched in as little as two weeks.