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With over 35 years of Production, I truly enjoy every shoot, be it large or small. Each client is treated with the same amount of effort and passion for their Marketing needs. My skills shine in how I approach each unique project.... customizing each one with the specific knowledge drawn from meeting and conversing with you, my client.


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Cynthia Bragdon

2 May 2019

Tim is very knowledgeable about all aspects of photography and a really nice person to work with.


Kevin Loos

4 December 2018

Tim was awesome. He showed up on time, brought a lot of enthusiasm, and was extremely professional. I would highly recommend using his services.

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Timing, lighting, composition .... strong mix of the technical needs to make a photo, but with people, always allow the moment to unfold naturally... then click!

What is the Market we are shooting the images for ?What is the story you are wanting to tell, marketing wise ? Do you have a creative direction in mind? Specifically, how many shots in what context. ie: Location ( where ), studio.

Providing Professional, high quality images for my clients is my driving force. For over 35 yrs, I have enjoyed meeting and working with a wide variety of clientele. The diversity of my clients allows me to utilize my light hearted, but focused communication skills as we together produce their image Library. Be serious about the work, but seriously enjoy the process - with Humor!

Learning the process of film to darkroom to print to publishing was my first inspiration. Directing people, and allowing them to be themselves on camera was a skill that came very naturally to me. The fun of being on set drive me to become a pro.... great fun.

My 35 + yrs of experience covers the wide variety of clients needs - from Exec Portraits, to the Lifestyle of their Ad Campaigns, to Architecture of the Companies' space, and the products they make. I have the photographic skills, needed for todays extensive landscape of image needs for all clientele. A highly regarded Pro in the Bay Area since 1990.


We also shoot Video of all levels and budgets of projects