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A patent attorney to help refine your idea and guide you through the process to a patentable product.

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Peter Hofmann

22 December 2018

Upstanding ethics and grounded viewpoints in logic, reasoning, and American Law.


Marty Scott

22 December 2018

I contacted Thrasher Associates with a question about trademark law. I received a quick and complete response.


Lani Kamauu Yamasaki

22 December 2018

Steve’s depth of knowledge, legal expertise and upstanding moral character is incomparable. We are beyond pleased with his services!


Stefany Di Manno Ceccato

22 December 2018

I enjoyed working with Steven. He was pleasant, always responded to me quickly and was thorough in his explanations to my questions. I would highly recommend him!


Jamey Kowalski

22 December 2018

Steven is not only an attorney but an educator who communicates simply and clearly. He's transforming the way I view my business through the lens of intellectual property.


Keaton Taira

22 December 2018

Steven has been working with my partners and I in establishing patent protection for our startup. Incredibly prompt, knowledgeable, insightful, and on a personal level, a great guy (with an impeccable work ethic to boot). I’d recommend him for anyone who needs patent/IP work done for their business. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the landscape, and that provides an extra layer of value and perspective during the consultation process. More...


Sky McClure

22 December 2018

I cannot recommend Steve enough. He has been working with our company to provide IP protection and guidance, extending his services and wisdom far beyond what is expected. When you work with Steve, you immediately get the feeling that he cares about you and your goals. Authenticity is hard to find in the legal world, much less expertise, responsiveness, and fair-pricing (which is what he provides). Don’t go to anyone else! More...


Madison McClure

22 December 2018

As a new entrepreneur, I am looking for great, knowledgeable people to work with. Steven Thrasher is definitely that and not only in a professional sense but in a personal sense as well. Mr. Thrasher brings not only IP knowledge to the table but also has his hands in the world of entrepreneurship as well. This man has the heart of a teacher and I cannot recommend him enough! More...

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trademark lawyer dallas, patent lawyer dallas,trademark attorney dallas, dallas trademark attorney, dallas patent lawyer.