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I'm Avigail Berg-Panitz- wellness life coach, holistic therapist and holistic personal and business development consultant. In addition i'm a a social entrepreneur , owner of a startup (TheSoundWell - www.vibro-therapy.com) and a writer.



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I love to dialogue and understand what drains your vitality and fog your mind and together, provide you with pragmatic tools to calm your body, clear your mind and connect you to your spiritual and creative sides.

My business have several sides. From wellness coaching and holistic business development, teaching linkedin to Vibroacoustic therapy equipment (mats, pillows and stuffed animals). The common denominator is that i believe in facilitating and providing tools for people to grow. We all face unbalanced periods in our lives. The question is how to overcome these periods and evolve. I believe i can help in multilevel ways.

I am a multidisciplinary person. In addition to what i wrote about myself , I am a energy healer. I believe i can tap into what bothers you most and provide you with practical tools to overcome obstacles.



My wellness coaching derives from the perception that we need vitality (energy) and dynamic balance to have a clear mind, calm body and perform in an optimal way. You tell me what is your main obstacle and we will go over some practical tools to remove "mind clouds" and plan ways to get better. We observe the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sides that together are the keys to drive life and enjoy the journey. Learn more about my wellness life coaching perception: https://avigaili.wixsite.com/avigailbergpanitz/wellness-wellbeing-coaching

LinkedIn is the best platform for personal and business development. On Zoom or Skype we will go over practical ways to expand your clients and partners database.

I will show you how to use writing as a powerful tool to reflect what is going on in your life. Expressive writing as a journal, poems or short stories may assist letting out unsolved problems and clean subconscious from garbage and self destructive believe system.

As a person who found my second husband in OnLine Dating and as a life coach - i can help you with tips on how to create your profile and find the love of your life. This is a great opportunity to reflect: 1. How you observe yourself 2. How you wish your potential significant other perceive you 3. How you wish to filter the right match for you

There are several ways to adopt new positive habits to reduce stress. Let me show you how easy they are: different types of meditation walking meditation intuitive dancing

We are all pipes of energy. We use energy (vitality) first to survive and the rest to evolve. Let me show you how to balance bodymindspirit and clean, clear your pipe so that you can utilize your energy to boost the bond between wellness-health- wellbeing