ThermoVision Clinical Thermography

ThermoVision Clinical Thermography

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A well rounded Board Certified Naturopath has multiple modalities in her toolbox to assess her clients' Health Risk Factors.
After a Source of Stress in this particular client's body was determined, the protocol for addressing and mostly for preventive measurement will be discussed with the client before implementations.
Assessment tools are: Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging - "sees" the changes in a body before it can be diagnosed by medical tests, such was mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray etc. The Thermal Scans are analyzed by Medical Doctors' trained Thermologists and their written report will be email to the client; 24hr Urine Analysis - reveled a body's toxicity level, macronutrients deficiency or excess, yeast overgrowth and many more.
Sound and Vibration assessment scan; Korean Reflexology assessment; Vacuum Therapy assessment and more.

ThermoVision Clinical Thermography Reviews


Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Abigail Whitcomb Appelt Brown
1 Abigail Whitcomb Appelt Brown

This is NOT Thermography of Indianapolis as Genie has told people. Deceptive practices :-(

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Jenny Lauck
5 Jenny Lauck

Genie is a very talent person. I feel comfortable going to see her !

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Ella Bardo
5 Ella Bardo

I always reccomend thermography to my clients instead of a mammogram.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Tery Bigley
5 Tery Bigley

Genie did a wonderful job. She was insightful and ready to give suggestions for healing. I was impressed with the accuracy of the thermogram. Thanks Genie

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Cindy Aguirre
5 Cindy Aguirre

I send my clients to Genie because she has a very caring and knowledgable presence. I know my clients will be treated with the individual attention they deserve.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Rene Deal
5 Rene Deal

Genie is a highly passionate practitioner for thermography. I did a full body scan and she made me feel very comfortable. Her witty charm will make you fall in love qith her. No more smashing my girls!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Kristina Ako
5 Kristina Ako

This is an amazing technology!
I was impressed with the process as well as the result. Do it if YOU want to know whats going on inside YOUR body. I wanted a reference point to compare myself to myself a year from now.
Thank you Dr.Genie!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Erin McDonald
5 Erin McDonald

Genie is wonderful! Gentle, easy to talk to and you feel that she really cares. She made the process easy and it was great to see the images minutes after they were taken. That allowed me to SEE what I felt in my body. Thanks Genie!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Shonn Piersol
5 Shonn Piersol

Genie at "Thermovision Thermography" is extremely blessed and gifted. She has always had the intuitive nature of a healer along with countless hours of studies. Now she has the technology/camera to make an even bigger impact.

There are other Thermography providers in the area. But none that have Genie available to work with after the images are returned. The camera is a just a tool. The real gift of choosing Genie is what happens AFTER the images are rendered.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Genie Goykhberg
5 Genie Goykhberg

At ThermoVision Clinical Thermography you are treated like the most important person on the Earth! Outstanding Services. The best quality of thermal imaging. Detailed conversation about your Health HX. Appointments are available 7 days a week from 7a to 7p. Option with 3rd party financing. And more!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Karla Reinhardt Elliott
5 Karla Reinhardt Elliott

I recently experienced thermography at Thermovision for the first time and was truly impressed with how insightful Genie was and how comfortable she made me feel during the session. She is a wonderful practitioner with a true heart for educating people about health. If you have not had the opportunity to have a scan conducted, I would encourage you to visit Thermovision - I am glad I did and am sure you will be so, too!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Claire Jackoway
5 Claire Jackoway

I originally went to ThermoVision Clinical Thermography because I was due for a routine mammogram and wanted a more holistic alternative. After consulting with Genie I came to realize the importance of a whole body scan. Although I am pretty healthy, the whole body scan highlighted some issues that I have. They are not serious....yet! With the benefit of early detection that thermography provides I am able to catch my minor physical issues before they become major. Thermography is such an important tool in preventative medical treatment.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Shanika Kimbrough Moran
5 Shanika Kimbrough Moran

My Thermography session with Genie was amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect, and she was very informative, patient, professional, and knowledgeable. The process was smooth, and she helped me to understand everything and made sure that the proper amount of time was spent to educate me with questions that I had. I highly recommend a thermography session with Genie as it revealed truth of what was going on in my body. I am now sold on this process!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Suzanne Drake Quintero
5 Suzanne Drake Quintero

This is an excellent, non-toxic, early detection tool for finding places of dysfunction or inflammation. Should be your first choice for scanning!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Nona Chaille
5 Nona Chaille

This is a great way for early detection in what is being presented in your body and no side effects!! Genie is incredible in her knowledge in this field and beyond.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Hollie Schipper
5 Hollie Schipper

Genie is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how it works. Therefore the thermal imaging process is enlightening and informative. She has a special way of putting you at ease during the process. I highly recommend that everyone gets a full body thermogram done by Genie.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Anne Hinshaw
5 Anne Hinshaw

My friend and I could not have been more pleased with our experience in getting a full body scan and not only were we so very well informed about many things concerning our body and health, but the laughs we shared were therapeutic!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Linda Jo Westrick
5 Linda Jo Westrick

Genie is a very thorough practitioner. She goes above and beyond what is needed or expected.
I didn't realize the health form was so important. Everything you can think of should go on this form, even if you don't think it is important. It will impact the out come of your results!

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Kelly Yvonne
5 Kelly Yvonne

My mom and her friend were considering thermography. I had met Genie virtually through some practioners chats. I enjoyed learning from her and recommended to my mom that she go to ThermoVision and see Genie. I appreciate all the time Genie gave to my mom and her friend. They too were thankful for not only the thoroughness of their thermography exam, but also for the time Genie gave to them talking about how to help support their body in ridding it of unwanted inflammation. Genie was so very pleasant and they laughed a lot - and laughter is so great for body and soul.

Review of ThermoVision Clinical Thermography by Becky Teegarden Runyan
5 Becky Teegarden Runyan

I am so glad that I chose Genie Goykhberg and ThermoVision to do my thermography scan. I was referred to her because of years of pain that I have been worried about. I ended up doing a whole body scan as recommended by Genie. Upon talking we realized that some specific areas may be affecting my pain and health. It is such a relief knowing that besides some inflammation everything appears to be good. The best part of this was meeting Genie. She has a way of knowing, understanding, and connecting with people. She is so knowledgeable and wise and she takes the time to share. She will listen and answer questions as though she has all of the time in the world. She was so wonderful to work with and such a pleasure to meet. I am so happy with her business and I would highly recommend.

ThermoVision Clinical Thermography

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How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

Well... we cannot outrun our fork.
Yet, you can eat the best organic food, if your body is not capable to utilize what you ingested, your body is under huge stress to get rid of what could not be used. Food has no neutrality - it whether works with you or against you.

What do you love most about your job?

Helping people to help themselves. All answers came from within. We must "Know Thyself" or we won't be able to r4ecognize the deviation from norm inner system.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I could not find a place, which could accommodate my wide range of skills and modalities . If I need help myself I only go to Gifted Solo Practitioners

Why should our clients choose you?

Its not about choosing. If there is no synergy between us, we should not work together. It is two-way road. In fact I interview my-clients-to-be to see if I am the correct Practitioner for them.

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The only known test that can detect changes in body Function, all other medical tests can only detect what is already detectable, what is already there.

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Energy Within Us

From February 2007 to present.

Board Certified Naturopath, Advanced Level Digestion Health Specialist, well rounded mentor, educator. She has over 50 different modalities, was trained all around the World. Gifted Physiognomist.

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