The Willow Creek Inn

The Willow Creek Inn

The Willow Creek Inn locationDaniels, North Carolina

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The Willow Creek Inn Reviews

The Willow Creek Inn Reviews

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Dwight Keller
4 24/06/2018 Dwight Keller

Nice meal, quaint environment, worth the groupon price but not exceptional.

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Darlene R
5 12/06/2018 Darlene R

Always a pleasant atmosphere with a congenial host!

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Monica Emmons
5 02/06/2018 Monica Emmons

This place was utterly amazing, the food was the best I've had anywhere in the state of North Carolina. The accommodations were great, we hosted a rehearsal dinner here and were able to fit everybody in the patio. The service was outstanding. We do not live nearby but when we are back in town we plan to make reservations to have dinner there as often as we can.

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Cyndi Clevenger
1 31/03/2018 Cyndi Clevenger

Spoke to him several times regarding a wedding event, very rude and arrogant on the phone. Said he didn't even know why I wanted to come see the place in person, as he had pictures and all prices listed on his web page. I vetted his wedding web site thoroughly, gathered all pricing info, went to sit down and sign a contract, suddenly there are $20 per hour (min. 14 hours) fees to have someone set up 5 tables and spread 5 tablecloths. $20 per hour for a bar tender to pour drinks (not included in his bar package) So many other hidden fees not listed on his supposedly all inclusive, all informative web site. This is bad faith and a poor business model for a man who doesn't want to discuss anything in person, because he says, it's not necessary. Would not reccomend this to anyone as a wedding venue. Seems really shady

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Diana Swenson
5 07/03/2018 Diana Swenson

Unbelievably good, fresh, tasty dinner. Mansour Zand greeted us at the door setting the stage for a relaxed, enjoyable 'date night' evening. It was a cold rainy night and the cup of beef barley soup with crusty warm bread warmed our souls. Mansour warned us to limit our bread intake as 'there is so much more food to come'. A lovely plate of mixed field greens, tomatoes & cucumbers mostly grown in his greenhouse followed. The white wine had been flowing from the point of our arrival. Next, Mansour brought a refreshing champagne sorbet to clear our palette. My wonderful husband of 45yrs suggested I incorporate this step in our dinner meals at home. All you ladies out there, my response was, I just looked at him and smiled! Our main entrée was fish but not just any fish. Mansour poached the salmon. Between 2 layers of salmon was a delicious filling of minced herbs (grown in his greenhouse). I failed the question posed by him to guess what I thought the filling was made of. It was dark green so the first thing out of my mouth was spinach-wrong. Many fresh herbs were combined some of which I remember were oregano & parsley however I know Mansour listed off others. Fresh sautéed sugar snap peas and a rice casserole (with shredded chicken) accompanied the poached salmon plate. Delicious.. When we didn't think we had anymore room, here comes dessert. A very moist slice of cake sprinkled with powdered sugar. Once again I tried to guess the spices in the cake. I was correct on one of the 5 I listed-nutmeg. Will spend more time sharpening my herb & spice taste buds before we return so I can make Mansour proud that I'm a 'good student' and willing to learn.
My husband & I fully recommend Willow Creek Inn and look forward to returning for some of the future 'signature events'. The biggest question is-which ones?? They all sound so good!!!!

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Brenda Harrington-Ireland
5 09/01/2018 Brenda Harrington-Ireland

Love, LOVE, LOVE this place. Mansour does a great job with the food and the ambiance. I do think that he overbooked himself this past Thanksgiving...but overall, this is a beautiful venus and he is a gracious host. We will go back for his special dinners for sure!!

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Mark Francis
1 04/01/2018 Mark Francis

Twilight Zone is my best description. Before we arrived Monseur called to confirm the registration. I missed the call and called him back later. I was berated for hanging up on him, which I did not do, don't remember talking to him. But he wouldn't let it go and would not allow a response. I just assumed it was his culture. So anyway when we arrived he greeted us at the door, when I told him who I was he immediately got an attitude and again, loudly, let me have it for hanging up on him. I tried to explain again that I was sorry and didn't remember the call. My wife was taken aback and asked Monseur are we good or do we need to leave. He said we were good. From there we were hcompletely ignored by him the rest of the night. He made it a point to talk to the other 6 tables and sit down strangely at each one appearing to interrupt their dinner. He explained to them, very briefly,what they were eating. I asked what the soup was, the waiter said I don't know, Monseur soup. We asked if we could buy wine from the waiter, no, either white or red, again it was called Monseur wine. My wife asked Monseur about the beans, his response was, it's nothing, never told us what we were eating. I asked Monseur about the beef, (your choice is chicken,beef or fish and that's it, that's the description, no menus),he took offense and snapped back that it was tenderloin. We felt really really strange in that place. The waiter and waitress had no idea what they were serving and could not tell you, they referred you too Monseur. The Waitress knew very little English. I was trying to place Monseurs accent and asked where he was from, he again took offense, why do you want to know he said. Just curious, I said. His response was Paris France but I have lived in 111 countries that's why my accent is different. Hmm !.
Desert was delivered and I asked the waiter what it was, he said honestly I have no idea, I will have Monseur tell you, we were tired of Monseur. In a few minutes Monseur showed up, I asked about the desert, he said nothing, I said it looks like mousse, he said whatever you think and walked off. He explained it in detail to the next table, He was very rude, obviously mad about the hang up that I have no recollection of and ruined our night. We drove 45 minutes to be made an example of in front of the dining room. The food was good but not worth it, we tried to be friendly but nothing worked. This place is in the middle of nowhere, it was the Twilight Zone. He finally took our Groupon, never brought a receipt, we waited and waited, we finally just got up to leave. He came to the door and said I hope you had a good evening, which he knew he had ruined, my wife blasted him like he done to us upon arrival and told him he was a mean man.Not recommended and it appears from other reviews he has a bad attitude.

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Mike White
5 22/12/2017 Mike White

Willow Creek Inn represents the "real" meaning of fine dining. Hidden away in Lincoln County where you need a GPS unit to locate this cozy little dining spot, you won't be disappointed on your drive home. The Chef is very authentic and unique... and down to earth, as he will come sit with customers and chat if time permits. It is rumored that he has hosted some of the biggest names around, one being Bill Gates and his wife. Expect to pay a bit more as this is premium dining. I recommend Willow Creek Inn to anyone who truly loves a wonderful, nice, all around fine dining experience.

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Chuck Roads
1 23/11/2017 Chuck Roads

Very disappointed. Reserved table for 330pm seating on Thanksgiving.. Served a cup of soup (more like gravy) that mother in law bit down on what appeared to be aluminium foil.. Buffet style today but we didn't get plates to table until 442pm.. Turkey was good but ham and roast beef were dry.. Side items were OK but were left with scraps at buffet.. No bread at all... We didn't drink alcohol only water and tea as they only offered YellowTail wine (cheap).. Service was average.. Felt rushed to eat as they had another 5pm seating...Total bill for for 3 with no alcohol $175..Very disappointed and will not be back

Review of The Willow Creek Inn by Naseem Matteson
5 29/10/2017 Naseem Matteson

The food was out of this world. The chef made every single item with passion and heavenly and visited with each item on the table, making the whole experience superb.

The Willow Creek Inn

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