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Kimberly H.

14 May 2019

Jocelyn Rivera at store #6857 was very pleasant and patient with me as I was having  difficulty  finding info from amazon in order to return a very disappointing Garden hose. Nice to have such good customer service.thank you Jocelyn. More...


Lance N.

13 May 2019

I was very amazed and admire how the owner/manager here  takes the time to resolve this issue. After the long phone talk, the store manager offer a full refund for this package.  However, with the trouble i gone through they can only get a 4 stars rating.  ...........................The staffs here definitely need more training on handling shipment to Canada/international The lady who handle my shipment definitely dont have any experience in processing myshipment to Canada and created so much trouble and confusion. She called me and informed that UPS can not clear custom or be an import of record and ask me to pay an extra 45 usd to get the item ship back or find my own broker because they can not deliver to the Canada ddress.  I have to call so many places to get help with clearance than everyone told me to call UPS canada because they can clear the shipment and be the import of record.  After calling UPS Canada they were able to clear the item.... More...


Sunshine M.

26 April 2019

This UPS store is AMAZING. As soon as I walked in I noticed that the store smelled really good. Upon entering Thania greeted me with a smile and asked if I had any questions. She was very friendly and provided outstanding customer service to me. I will be coming back to this UPS store as a loyal customer from now on. Thanks you so much to the owner and the employees for creating a wonderful experience for not only me but other customers. Very satisfied with this store. More...


LinLei T.

6 March 2019

The best customer service I have had in UPS!Thania and Jocelyn they are very friendly and professional. Best wish to them!


Yuxuan L.

6 March 2019

The first time I came to this ups, the store was clean. There are two lovely girls. Their names are Jocelyn and Thania. I prepared my box but it's a little big. Their service is very good. They helped me solve this problem. I'm really satisfied. More...


Johnny K.

21 February 2019

Packaging service is mind-blowing professional and friendly, Ms. Faith was very patient packaging my giant instrument shipping oversea. Highly recommend for anyone who needs to ship fragile item. More...


Cynthia P.

8 January 2019

This UPS store has the best customer service!! I called to see what time they closed and they said 6:30pm but they waited for me so I can pick up my package!! I really appreciated it!! I will be coming back for sure!! More...


Ryan V.

7 January 2019

The service at these places are straight forward but my experience from my last 2 visits have been good. The females that hold down the fort are helpful, patient, and are willing to serve the customer asap when they walk in through the door.


Ysabel B.

12 December 2018

I had a great experience at this UPS Store! They were fast & friendly, especially Jocelyn. She made sure everything went smoothly and really took care of me.


Chantell O.

16 November 2018

Jocelyn was so quick, professional, and a life saver! From the moment I walked in, I received a warm welcome. They open at 8am and I had to be in court before 8:30am. I was literally out of there in 5 minutes. She has great customer service! More...


Claudia P.

15 November 2018

Jocelyn Was so quick went in and was done in a heartbeat and made me feel welcome I completely recommend this location for all your ups needs



9 October 2018

I had to run into this store to do a quick print - I was greeted by the owner immediately! Store was very clean and the girls working at the counter were very polite. Highly recommend this store!


Stephany H.

8 October 2018

Came in on Columbus Day hoping it would be open and turns out it was! The owner, Sako, helped me out with printing some documents from my flash drive and even cleaned it from any viruses. Great and quick service!


Jasmin Z.

28 September 2018

Went in last week to FINALLY drop off my books and I was really happy with the service provided to me by Jocelyn R. She was so nice and made me feel comfortable, I dreaded taking my books even if it was just to drop off cause some people are rude or make people feel stupid and there's almost always a long line but not here or with her. 5 stars for Jocelyn. Thanks!!


Melissa Weber

15 August 2018

I always get quick fast friendly service here in Monrovia and at the store in Duarte. I never use the USPS anymore.


Arelys B.

22 May 2018

Excellent customer service!! I was greeted with a big smile by the lady at the cash register. The owner answered all my questions over the phone and attended me as soon as I got there. He helped me scan and submit my documents. I will definitely be coming back for all of my printing, packaging, shipping, and notary services. They do it all here! Thank you, you guys are great! More...


Elle Q.

10 May 2018

Best customer service I've had in awhile! From phone to store! Called before going in & the woman on the phone was so nice & polite answered my questions. Sako was also so nice & polite! Helped me print out from copy machine which is the most affordable option (I was ready to use a computer which is a bit more pricey) Any other owner would encourage me to use the more expensive option caring only for his profit. Speaks a lot about someone's character. Thanks Sako! Definitely making it my go to ups store! :) More...


Jennifer N.

29 March 2018

I was elated to discover El Monte finally got its own UPS Store, as I highly dislike the one in Rosemead (bad customer service, refused to give me receipts, shook my boxes to "inspect" the packaging, tried to upsell me on unnecessary services, etc.).This new UPS store is in the nook of the Santa Fe Trail Plaza, closer to the Wingstop and Menchie's side. There's ample parking everywhere which is a definite bonus. After parking and entering, the store was immaculately clean and even had a little electronic bell to alert the store when a new customer has entered. There was another customer ahead of me, but he was quickly assisted by who I later learned was the owner.I just needed to drop off an Amazon return, but decided to grab a receipt since I had waited as well. I chatted a bit with the owner (I didn't catch his name, but from the other reviews I presume it's Sako) and he was incredibly friendly. I learned that he also owns other UPS stores, so it's fantastic that this store is managed by someone with a lot of experience and has a steady repertoire with UPS HQ.Overall, I definitely recommend coming to this UPS store for all your shipping and business needs. They are true professionals here. More...

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